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  1. _Pacman_16

    Character's custom display name

    Cheers that worked perfectly. Thanks for the help. - Pacman
  2. _Pacman_16

    Character's custom display name

    It works, but as it counts as a dialogue box, the player actually has to close the dialogue box before being able to move so it seems a bit strange. If there is a way to auto-close the dialogue box that would be helpful. - Pacman
  3. _Pacman_16

    Character's custom display name

    I am not very keen on scripts at the moment until I get my head around them, and if there was a script to show the player's name in the display name I would appreciate if someone told me it. For now, I'll leave it at "Your home". Thanks for the help. - Pacman
  4. _Pacman_16

    Character's custom display name

    I have tried that and when I enter the room it just says "\N[001]" I don't know how to change that. On the map properties where it says "Display Name" it shows up in the top left hand corner of the screen.