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  1. Krelian

    List of My Scripts

    Hello there, I was wondering how are your terms of use. I mean, I don't plan on doing anything commercial with now (I guess) but is always nice to know. Because I have a Skill Demo that has some scripts and snippets, some are from other people, like Yanfly or Kread-Ex, but other are yours, and others are just nameless, and can't even tell who's the author. So basically that, sorry to bother.
  2. I can't really translate all Mogs's scripts because there are a lot, but you can ask me some things. I don't speak portuguese, but I'm native spanish speaker and portuguese and spanish are quite similar, so I can pretty much understand the scripts without problems.
  3. You can check this script...or if you want to modify it, start from this one. http://www.mundo-maker.com/t9987-pantalla-de-titulo-estilo-ff-xiii Edit: Forgot to mention that the demo version is outdated, use the one placed below the mega Link.
  4. Krelian

    Healing only active Party Members

    Maybe you don't want to use a Script, but have you seen this one? Maybe it helps you, I use it, it's simple and effective. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/28459-menu-battle-member-restriction/
  5. Krelian

    Doctor/Nurse Sprite Request

    Oks, I made you 2 sprites trying to follow Mack's style and based on yours, looks a little cuter/kawaii than yours lol. Anyway, I hope you like them. Since I asume you use Mack sprites for other characters I hope this matchs good enough.
  6. Krelian

    Projectiles, Projectiles Everywhere!

    Doesn't the script allow you to set the functionality of the event spawner to be determinated by a switch? Can't you manually turn it of once you beated or defeated and enemy spawner event so it will stop? Sorry if my english is lame.
  7. Krelian

    The Color Quiz [Take Me!]

    It looks black with a white back ground like the one the forum uses. But click on the image and with a dark grey tone it looks dark pink. So I guess it depends on how yo plan to use it. Though I guess that doesn't help too much =p
  8. Krelian

    Tactics Ogre MP Regeneration Battle

    I'm using Mog's ATB with Schala ATB Gauge. What I ment with that the enemies follow the same rule is that they also start with zero MP. I created a dummy with 2 skills. One regular attack with priority 1 and one skill with priority 10 and 20 MP cost. With your script, the enemy will hit and spend turns until his MP reached 20 and right away use the skill, because, obviosly has a lot more of priority. Without your skill, it will just use the skill, because he won't start with empty MP. I was just wondering if it's posible to let the enemy free of the MP system and let him a skill at first turn if he wants to, without needing to make him skills with no cost. Though is not something that important, I'm just asking if it's possible. Not big deal really but i noticed and pointed out. Anyway, hope to see more, soon. Adiós.
  9. Krelian

    Tactics Ogre MP Regeneration Battle

    Hi, I really like this script, and I'm really thinking on using it on a project, and here i am asking some dumb questions, maybe. First. Is there a way to make this MP cost to not have effect on enemies? It seems that they follow the same rules, and I don't really like enemies with infinite MP or with 0MP cost Skills, so I was wondering if it's possible to change it and I'm not seeing it. And second. Is there a way to make that each characters MP charges when it's his/her turn? I mean, I use ATB system, and the MP of the whole party charges after one single character turn, or even if it's the enemy's turn. This complicates the MP gain when you are 1v1 for example, but if you are playing 4v4 the MP might charge too fast. Or maybe it was ment to be that way... i'm just asking. Anyway, I know it's just an alpha, as the script says, but still wanted to ask. Bye, for now, and sorry if my english is kind of lame =p.
  10. Krelian

    Animated battler for frontal view

    You can set the location of your invisible characters in most of side battle systems, I believe, at least TSBS let's you...So I recomend you to do it with a graphic to guide you, even if its a blue circle, set the location of each character on screen with that blue circle, and then you change it for the 1x1 transparent pixels again. Then the characters will be placed where you want them to, and the enemies will move towards them, if you set them to do that, of course..
  11. Krelian

    Animated battler for frontal view

    Have you tried Theolized Sideview Battle System? You may tell me you use normal frontal Battle system, yet you want enemies animated by frames, and that's one of the things TSBS does. You could simply create transparent image of 1x1 pixels for the party members and use the frames for the enemies battlers. That way, their size won't be even 1kb. Then you can make your animations for your enemies (I'm guessing you use custom battlers or somethig like that) to have a idle stance and to remains still while they attack, (Because it will ask you to, but I said, you can just make the attack sequence to do nothing) also change their stance if they HP is low. Maybe it's a huge script for something like that. But I guess that method could work with any other animated battle system.
  12. Thanks, now works like a charm. And i can make some blue magic too, now that I know how to make different sequence from a single skill.
  13. Hi there, Theo, I have a little question. It's a simple question... All characters share the same "ITEM" sequence? because I was trying to make a custom for a particular character one and didn't really work: That's, i just wanted to know that... to know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's like that on the script.
  14. Krelian

    TSBS Dev Journal #19 Battle Camera! (part 2)

    Awesome. Looks just awesome. I need this, specially for the looks of my battle system it would come in handy. (Still need to try it before saying looks cool on my game, however did I say it's awesome?) Now We would just need to make bigger Battle backs. I have no problem with that since I'm using some custom ones I make... Though actually I only made one and I don't like it too much, so if this camera awesomeness looks good on my system, I'll have a good excuse to re-do it, and don't play lazy. =p Besides... Bravely Default music makes it even cooler, lol.
  15. Oh, sorry about the blue =p. About the Cover skill I don't really know how could be done. Maybe if the skill is on, since it's a state, work as a taunt for the enemy that takes action before they actually attack with a string with something like ":move_to_target" but the target being your party members so he stands in front of them. I'm not sure. I know it's a complex skill since you have to control the effect over three characters of the battle. The enemy, the covered and the... coverer? =p And about the sequence... Well, it goes something like this. "[:pose...] (Lots of poses) [:proj_afimage], [:proj_setup, :middle, :head], [:projectile,0,8,15,110,12], [:wait, 10], [:if,"target.result.hit?", [:target_slide, -15, 0, 3, 10]], [:wait, 20]," Using the string ":target_slide" it does take effect only when target is hitted, that's why I thought that with "[:if,"target.result.hit?", [:show_anim]]," would work the same way.