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  1. tlbearer

    RPG Questionnaire

    Personal Questions How old are you? 25 What is your gender? Female SInce when do you play videogames? I have played videogames for as long as I can remember. How much time do you play games on average every week? Not as much as I would love to as I have a full time job, go to college, make video games and do youtube. What genres do you mostly play? RPGs Please name some of your favourite games. Suikoden Series because they are not your typical good vs evil games and if you really get into the lore,world, and characters it is sometimes hard to see your character truly the good guy so to speak. Final Fantasy as I grew up with the series and I can't wait for 15 in November. RPG's What is the most important thing in an RPG for you? (Art, Storyline, Originality, etc.) The storyline, world, and lore are important to me because I want to connect to the characters and get lost in the world. Some of the best rpgs I have ever played didn't have the best graphics but a memorable storyline and characters. Do you like Side Quests, and if so, do you like games as TES5: Skyrim where most of the available quests are Side Quests? I like side quests so long as they add more to the story/world/lore or teach me more about the characters. Skyrim was ok for me but there was too much to do to truly feel like I was advancing in the game because I would get more lost in doing side quests and never getting back to the actual story of the game. Do you prefer Real Time Battle or Turn-Based? I actually like both systems, it just depends on what the game is trying to give me. Suikoden and Final Fantasy are Turn-Based for the most part and it works for them but games like the Tales Series work better with a Real Time Battle system. Do you prefer Tilesets or hand-drawn scenery? (Pokémon games and Final Fantasy VII for example) Again this is completely depend on the type of game for me. Tilesets work well for games like Pokemon but for a game like Okami the hand-drawn was definitely the way to go with the story they were trying to tell. It all depends on what aesthetic the game developer wants the game to have. Do you like a large (optional) lore or don't you really care? (You read every book in Skyrim and talk to every NPC or just rush through the game) I love lore and learning more about the world/lore/characters and such but I hate it when it seems to take away from the game. Suikoden made me want to learn more about everything in that world but Skyrim never really did because there was what seemed like too much lore to learn. World Building Do you prefer a "unique" universe over a more simple one? (Zendikar from MTG, Spira from FF X, etc. are more unique worlds due to the strange creatures living there and weird geological locations. A world like Golden Sun's where you can battle normal bears and spiders are somewhat more simple.) This is dependent on the game for me because if it is set in a very fantasy world like Final Fantasy then I want something very unique but if it is something like Dragon Age where spiders make sense then I'm fine with it. It depends on what I am supposed to feel about the world, its inhabited and what they are facing. Do you like original, made-up languages or do they just confuse you? For some games original languages make sense, like with Skyrim because of the multitude of races that probably all speak a different language just like people of different races do normally. If a game mainly or only has humans in it then I see no point in anything but maybe the language the game developer speaks and is planning on releasing it it. Do you like it when a game has multiple different endings or is one solid ending good enough? Again this depends on the game. I loved the multiple ending of the Dragon Age Series or even the two different ending of Suikoden 5, but Mass Effect could have done it better. It depends on the game.
  2. tlbearer

    Of Man and Machine

    This project is staying a VX Ace project and I'm working on it along with Suikoden Ace as Demon Seals really just needs some polishing before I release it in December. I also have a new position at work that has also freed up some of my time to work on them both.
  3. tlbearer

    Suikoden Ace

    Alright so a few updates: 1. Demon Seals is coming out in December for sure. 2. Started back working on this project and got some awesome people helping me out. 3. Will be putting up another demo this weekend that should have many things fixed. 4. I have a new position so I have more time to work on this and Of Man and Machine. 5. Also the sprites are going to be custom as I now have a sprite, right now just the main character is done but there will be more to come.
  4. tlbearer

    Play Testers Needed

    I am going to be in need of play testers for my game, Demon Seals as it is almost complete. Please PM me if you are willing to do this. I will need some by the end of the month. Please keep in mind when playtesting that the maps are not final as I'm working with a parallax mapper and neither is the music, but everything else is and I need to make sure that their are no bugs and that the dailogue makes sense.
  5. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Demo up)

    Working on finishing up the dailogue and the last bit of events. Then I will need serious play testers for this.
  6. So I have been trying to decide if I truly want to convert one of my projects from VX Ace to MV for a bit now. I like the database for MV better along with the stacking on the maps, but I have done so much already with the said project in VX Ace. Below are screen shots, the first few from VX Ace and the others from MV, don't worry they are labeled. Just based off of the screen shots, which do you like better? Also all of the maps were made with the same tile sets. VX Ace ​ ​MV ​
  7. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Demo up)

    This game will be done in December. I have finished all of the rough mapping myself, my parallax mapper has already finished 21 out of the 130 maps and my composer is working on the music.
  8. tlbearer

    Of Man and Machine

    I am currently working on redoing all of the events in MV as I have finished converting all of the graphics, I'm also working on the database.
  9. Status Update: Demon Seals is very close to being done completely and will be released in December. I am helping out another person on the forums with facesets for a project that they are working on, I will not say who or what project until they let me know if they like my art style. Below is what is going on with my three projects that are up on the forums. I will be updating my status biweekly at the least to keep everyone informed. Demon Seals: --Rough mapping done --Composer is working...

    1. lianderson


      Congrats on finishing your game soon! I will pray to the bug god for you. May your game be without insects. Raidmen.

  10. tlbearer


    I'm not sure where to put this topic so I'm going to put it here for the time being, unless the moderators move it. I have an idea/story but I don't really have the time needed to make a game from it because of the 3 other projects I'm working on along with a 45hr a week job. What I want is for someone (or maybe even a few different people) to take the idea and make it into a fully fledged game. Below, in the quote is the journal entry from the main character, a princess. She is at least 16 or older but as for her looks, name, etc that is up to the person/people that take this idea. Other than her and what I have laid out as the races of the world and somewhat to where they live it will be up to the person/people what the world looks like. I only ask in return for a tiny bit of credit and a copy of the game. Please message me if you want more info and I will give it to you. I do truly mean that the idea will be yours to do with what you will. I only have a few things figured out and no time to start another game and I have 3 I'm working on right now.
  11. tlbearer

    Suikoden Ace

    I was wondering how many of you would be interested in me trying to convert this to MV? If so would anyone be willing to help with scripting?
  12. tlbearer

    Of Man and Machine

    I am going to slowly work on converting this to MV.
  13. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Demo up)

    New demo with first boss fight working.
  14. So while I attempt to fix the black screening of my one game I started on another small project for a class. In the game there are jobs which the player can change from time to time during gameplay but there is also a shop that the player owns so they can sell what they make/find in the game. I'm not sure on how to go about making that kinda shop. I got the idea from Hometown Story for the shop and I wanted something like that and as for the job idea I got it from Fantasy Life. I'm not really sure how to do either correctly. The jobs for instance, one is a blacksmith so the player could make tools, weapons, etc with the correct gathered material and as they make stuff the level for that job increases but I'm not sure how to do that. Any help on either subject would be great.
  15. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Demo up)

    New update to demo.
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