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  1. Thanks for your reply. With this way the walking animation framerate is also increased. I want to increase the walk speed but without increasing the walking animation speed.
  2. Thanks for your reply. This script has nothing to do with the player's walking animation, it's for changing the number of pixels a character moves with one step. What I want to achieve is the let the actor move at 2× or 4× the original speed, but without changing the walking animation framerate.
  3. Hello, I want to make the actor in my game move 2× or 4× the normal speed, but without changing the walking animation speed. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  4. What is SandÄ? SandÄ is an absolutely fully free RPG-game. Go on an epic journey with Roselina and Jake! Fight cool battles, gather resources, and increase your powers in your adventure to save the kingdom in SandÄ! SandÄ means thunder in Japanese. Genre: RPG Average Game Time: Around 3 hours Trailer Story The game is about the legendary Spark Crystals. Crystals so powerful, all combined means ultimate power, and ultimate destruction in the wrong hands... Go on an adventure with Roselina and Jake to collect all the Spark Crystals before evil does it and save SandÄ from doom! Characters Roselina Roselina is a 19 year old girl in possession of magical powers. She's energetic, powerful, and not easily frightened, she loves a good adventure. Nobody knows her origin, even she don't know. Jake Jake is a 21 year old boy, he's the boyfriend of Roselina. Also he's an experienced fighter, and capable of knocking down a monster with only his bare hands. Credits Screenshots Updates Of course the game will have updates, things that fix bugs and even add new features! You can find more information about updating on the official main download page. Bugs Despite the game is playtested multiple times it is very likely that there are still bugs present in the game. If you spot a bug it would be awesome if you reported it by sending me an email (contact@hierisingo.nl) or you can even Tweet me (@HereisIngo) if you like. I'm aware that the game can have grammar mistakes in it, I'm sorry for that. Download Ready for it? Here you go! *By downloading and using you agree to the terms of use. Note: Google Chrome will give an unjustified warning when the download is complete because the file is not common downloaded. The game just released and the site of the game did never host any other public downloadable file, it's safe to ignore the warning. Links Official main download page Official Facebook page Official Steam group Developer's Twitter
  5. Dragonthunder

    Text Color Quick Reference

    This is helpful, thanks!
  6. Dragonthunder

    Don't show mapname when transfering player

    Thanks for the effort But you're right, it's a pain creating a new variable for every new map.
  7. Dragonthunder

    Don't show mapname when transfering player

    Thanks! Yes, what I want is that the mapname is only displayed when to player really reached a new map, not by being transferred on the same map or at the end of the event.
  8. Working on my game! Will be finished quite soon, I hope...

  9. Dragonthunder

    Don't show mapname when transfering player

    Thanks for the reply. But like I said in the topic, when it turns on again the mapname displays again.
  10. Dragonthunder

    Is it allowed to make a custom .zip file?

    Ah, that's wonderful. I wasn't planning to edit the source code anyway, so that's no problem. Thanks for the reply!
  11. Dragonthunder

    Change map position in list

    Oh, that's too bad. But thanks for telling.
  12. Dragonthunder

    (Verry) little question

    Yeah! Thanks! Thanks, but I'm using Paint.NET, sometimes I use Photoshop but mostly not for sprites.
  13. Dragonthunder

    Basic Enemy HP Bars

    Yeah, the MP-bar function makes it even more awesome!
  14. Dragonthunder

    Can't scroll

    Thanks for the replay. When I use a newer mouse scrolling in the map list works but still not on large maps.
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