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  1. I'm in the Wind...

    1. SpookyMothman


      S-Stay out of my room... ; 3;

    2. Kayzee


      Bah, why did the game have to end on a bad country song?

  2. I'm in love? Let's friend zone it!

    1. TBWCS


      Oh hey you're back :D

  3. I don't know what's on my minid right now.

    1. Atleast6char


      The shallowness of my comment.

    2. Powtley
  4. sanggameboy

    Dear RED

    A game for 2014 Indie Game Development contest Not really scary, not really love... just the disturbance in her mind. Title: Dear RED Author: Lee Sang Genre: Visual Novel, RPG, Horror, Puzzle Duration: 30 - 40 minutes Story Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he always mentioned those words although she couldn't stand watching and being overwhelmed by the old memories all the time. Now that he's dead, it doesn't have to be so anymore... Gameplay You are Red, a young girl whose mother was murdered by a man. In your right hand is a kitchen knife, and that's your weapon to kill the man, but only if you want to. You can leave, let the man lives, and the game will end. The playtime could be longer, or shorter, it all depends on you and your choices. Screenshot Credit Download Download on RMN (~ 34.7 mb)
  5. sanggameboy

    rmvx Slenderman's Army

    I'm not Slender fan but this game looks amazing Can't wait for it to scare me out XD PS: I can't download it Can you upload it to mediafire or Mega?
  6. sanggameboy


    Thank you a lot I have been waiting for this
  7. sanggameboy

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    That was awesome I think that is the best battle in RMVXACE btw, I love this pic
  8. sanggameboy

    XS - Message System

    Ha ha, I love this script. First look is really nice:
  9. sanggameboy

    NerdiGaming - Title Menu | Version 1.2

    A little simple but really nice
  10. sanggameboy

    Simple Title

    Well... This is so not good. @@ When I choose "Load", it's below title picture. Sorry for my English but can you help me to fix this error?
  11. sanggameboy

    Left-Side Currency Symbol/Icon

    It's beautiful ! Font make it look better
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