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  1. KayDgirl91

    Gold Window/Variable Window

    Just wondering if anyone knew of a Gold and or Variable window plugin for MV. I'm looking to be able to show the player their current gold, and possibly even a few variables. Knowing these values and having them on screen will be very important to the gameplay of my project. Thanks in advance! (:
  2. KayDgirl91

    Galv's Character Animations

    I love adding little things like this to my games. Makes them feel so much better! Thank you for the post!
  3. Oh thank goodness, I was hoping for this one! (: Thank you so much!!
  4. KayDgirl91

    Galv's Message Busts

    Awesome! Now I just need to make some bust images. Lol! Great wok here (: I'll post if I come across any errors.
  5. KayDgirl91

    If someone converted this to MV would anyone use this

    I think these resources would work really well if someone had purchased the DLC packs - High Fantasy or High Fantasy 2 - they would blend with those really well. Nice work! (:
  6. KayDgirl91

    RPG Maker 2003 Enemy Battlers for MV

    As you said, while they don't look as good as the MV RTP battlers, you still did a good job! Thanks for sharing with the community! (:
  7. KayDgirl91

    Level Up Events

    So much more simple than having a common event constantly pulling and checking for variable updates. This is awesome! Thanks Tsukihime! So glad to see you scripting for MV. I love your work! (:
  8. KayDgirl91

    No Item Categories

    Very nice option to have. Thanks a billion! (:
  9. Yes, that has been asked, and no it is not possible. I've tried a few times Sorry.
  10. KayDgirl91

    Arc Engine Script Calls

    He must have recently come back, because last I heard he was designing his own engine. The question still stands here, but I have also tried reaching out to him again.
  11. KayDgirl91

    Simple Gold Hud

    I apologize for reviving this topic as I can see it has been dead for over a year now... But I am encountering a problem that seems to have been brought up earlier in this thread, but never resolved. Even after I activate the control switch, the window doesn't appear until the menu is opened and closed. Does anyone know why this is happening? And it doesn't have to just be the menu. The character naming window, or F9 window can be activated and then closed to make the hud appear. (After the switch is on of course.)
  12. KayDgirl91

    Simple HUD

    This is pretty sleek looking. Way to go on this one!
  13. @AzureFlame1997: Due to me being pretty busy lately I don't have time to read back about the "previous problem" I was having with the script. Which problem is it that you're referring to? @FTG64: Eventing would probably be the best solution to making a jump graphic for your character. I'll have to think on the issues for a bit though. I know that I have done something to fix the press and hold issue for another thing I did in the past. It would involve a variable or two and a couple switches if I remember right. I'd have to go back into the previous project and look at how I did it. But then I could post i and let you know. As far as the wait time to change the graphic... I'd have to think about that one. Off the top of my head I can't think of any solution to that problem. But I'll be brainstorming and if something comes to mind I'll comment when I add the way fix the press and hold problem. @lazzyydogg1212: I'm not sure if there is a script call to be able to permanently change the jump height. I know there's the script call to make the player jump higher when they're on a spring. Maybe that could somehow work with a bit of eventing? You'd just need to play around with it a bit. Just so you don't have to go looking for it, here is the script call to make the player jump f = (Input.press?(:X) ? 1200 : 700) $game_player.apply_yforce(f*-1)
  14. @Elfman: Those are all some amazing ideas to add into this script! But sadly, there are a few variables that are keeping that from happening. First off, the creator has left the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, and this website. He is developing his own engine to make games on. So he will no longer be adding things to the engine Second, the way this script works, most of those things would be impossible to add without a complete script rewrite. Sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing anything like this, with features like that added unless another developer takes the time to make a whole new script. Which, with that being said I LOVE it if that happened!! I'm just not sure if anyone will take the time to actually do that. @LaMulana: I'm so glad that you found those videos helpful If you need help explaining anything else with the system (or RPG Maker in general) I'm more than willing to help where I can Also, glad you like the look of the Nyan Cat game. I kind of hit a block with that one, due to a lack of time. But I'd love to finish it some day.
  15. @FTG64 There is a simple way to do this. Simply go into your database, and go to the chipset that you are using on the map and make sure that the tiles you're using on the map are passable. When you open up the in-game editor again to set custom passable tiles then they're all be clear, and you can make whatever you'd like impassable to be impassable. (Hope that makes sense) If not, I am going to be making tutorial videos and uploading them to YouTube. You can follow me there (I'll edit this post with a link to the first video when it's up) and hopefully any questions you have about the engine will be explained. @zte791 I am going to be messaging Khas about the link. I know he gave RPG Maker up to work on his own custom engine, so I'll see if I can upload the engine to my dropbox and provide a download link to the public. I'll get back to you on that asap.
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