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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Cait for a blog entry, New tilles, gothic   
    I've decided to push myself further than I have before and create "gothic" edits. I admit that the hardest thing to create will be the couch and maybe walls, plus the rug. I've already finished the bed and one of the dressers. I'll have to do a lot of research and plenty of edits later. Too many gothic graphics go the way of pitch black and not dark tones. ^.^ unless I challenge myself I won't improve.
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from KaylieMarie for a blog entry, Vote for levels!   
    If you have been following the updates via facebook, youtube, google+, blogger, or the Official SircleSoft Studios website, than you already know that I am getting a demo ready for release. But how many levels are going to be in this release? That's where you come in. Vote how many levels you'd like to see in Nyan Cat: A Grand Nyanventure!
    Check out any of the above links to learn more about the game. Voting ends September 18th so get it in fast! I'd love the communities input!
    (For reference, you can vote anywhere from 1 to 100 levels.)

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