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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from KaylieMarie in Voting is over   
    I'm glad to hear that you get excited when you see this project! I'm excited to make it! (I'm working on it right now actually, just stopped by to check up on the scripts. Lol!) I'd love all the input you want to give me!
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to ZombieBear in Voting is over   
    I have an unhealthy love for nyan cat, so every time I see this project I get super excited. Now I have to come up with some input!
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Saiffu in Character Sneak Peeks   
    We would fix those errors which you have noticed. Thank you for pointing them out.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Dark Influence in Character Sneak Peeks   
    Char 1 - Cloth looks a bit strange in places around the arm.
    Char 2 - There's a short brown line extending out of the collar on the right side - Character's right side.
    Char 3 - The left shoulder looks a bit cut up - Character's left side.
    Other than that these are pretty good, nice work.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to KaylieMarie in Nyan Cat: A Grand Nyanventure   
    I'm pretty excited to play this game! I'm following all your updates on facebook, blogger, google+, youtube, and your site!
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from KaylieMarie in Nyan Cat: A Grand Nyanventure   
    Really? Lol! What sparked the idea?
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Darkanine in Nyan Cat: A Grand Nyanventure   
    Thanks to this game,I thought of a great way to make scene transitions <3
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