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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Galv in Galv's Message Busts   
    Awesome! Now I just need to make some bust images. Lol! Great wok here (: I'll post if I come across any errors.
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Galv in Galv's Character Animations   
    I love adding little things like this to my games. Makes them feel so much better! Thank you for the post!
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Animebryan in RPG Maker 2003 Enemy Battlers for MV   
    As you said, while they don't look as good as the MV RTP battlers, you still did a good job! Thanks for sharing with the community! (:
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Galv in Galv's Move Route Extras   
    Move Route Extras - Version 1.1
    RPG Maker MV Plugin
    I felt MV could use the same extra move route commands as Ace did. So my first plugin is creating an MV version.


    This script was written to fill some gaps the move route commands left out.
    Script commands can be used in move routes (for events and player) to:
    – Jump forward x spaces
    – Jump to an event or x,y position
    – step toward/away from event or x,y
    – turn toward/away from event or x,y
    – turn on/off self switches
    – fade opacity in/out
    – move random only on chosen regions
    – wait a random amount of time
    – repeat commands a number of times
    – play ballons/animations
    – change graphic to a chosen charset frame

    How to Use
    - Copy the "GALV_MoveRouteExtras.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder.
    - Activate it using the 'Plugin Manager'
    - Read the 'HELP' documentation (also found in plugin manager) to view available move route 'Script' commands.

    Get it here

    Credit and Thanks
    - Galv

    Free to use in any RPG Maker MV project including commercial. Please credit "Galv".

    2015-11-05 - Version 1.1 - Added ability to set a character's graphic to a certain frame of a characterset
    2015-10-23 - Version 1.0 - Release
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Tsukihime in Level Up Events   
    Ever wanted to have something happen when your actors level up? Maybe you wanted to fully recover their HP and MP, and any negative states removed Maybe you wanted to give them some bonus items and equipment Maybe you wanted to play a cut-scene Or anything else that you can think of.

    With this plugin, now you can accomplish anything you want when your actors level up! Every actor can have their own unique level up event, allowing you to tailor the events to each actors’ needs.
    More information and downloads are available at HimeWorks
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Seriel in Newbie needs help with mapping.   
    Lol! Well I'm glad that it makes sense to you now. Don't worry, we all learn the same way, trial and error! That's what this community is here for!
    Good luck with your future mapping, and if you have any more questions about any aspect of the editor (I've been using RPG Maker for over 13 years now.) Just PM me and I'll get you an answer.
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Coolie in Customized Map Names 1.04   
    This is a pretty great script! I love how much you can change about it. Kudos William C!
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Allusion in The Photo Booth- show your face people!   
    Guess since I've got some updated pictures, I'll upload them!
    Pic 1 (Selfie)

    Pic 2 (Me x 5)
    Pic 3 (Myself, Ray William Johnson, and Julian Smith)
    Pic 4 (If you play League Of Legends, this is what I'll look like. Lol!)

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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from lpmga24 in Arc Engine - Realistic platform system   
    Khas no longer supports his scripts on this site. I posted a link to the script on the previous page, but HERE IT IS so you don't have to go looking for it. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help! (I'm kinda like Khas's representative here on this post. Lol!)
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Wren in Field Abilities   
    I'm gonna have to give this a try and let you know what I think. But based on your incredible scripts posted in the past, I'd imagine it'll be AMAZING!! Lol
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Wren in Field Abilities   
    I'm gonna have to give this a try and let you know what I think. But based on your incredible scripts posted in the past, I'd imagine it'll be AMAZING!! Lol
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to TheoAllen in Theo - Command Remover   
    Theo - Command Remover
    Type : Menu Addon
    Version : 1.0
    Original Post : Theolized RGSS3
    Introduction :
    This script simply temporary remove command and re-enable it using switch. It's useful when your game needs some commands to be completely removed instead of disabled.
    Feature :
    Temporary remove command
    Screenshots :

    Download :
    Click here
    Terms of Use :
    Credit me, TheoAllen. You are free to edit this script by your own. As long as you don't claim it yours. For commercial purpose, don't forget to give me a free copy of the game.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Wren in Theo - Command Remover   
    Lolz, you must not quit game.  Play until I say so!
    Cool stuff.  Might be useful for specific purposes.
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Biwy in [XP/VX/Ace] ItemMax   
    I can see situations where this would be REALLY handy. Great work! I love it!
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Evgenij in One Hero Menu   
    One Hero Menu
    Version: 1.0
    Changes the look of the main menu to only show one actor

    If you have some suggestions or need some changes feel free to say.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Lord_Krynn in Hack And Slash .NET (A Character Set Splitter)   
    Affirmative. However, it is for exclusively Charactersets—or in other words Images that have 96*128 charactersets nested within a single image but you want them separated to individual pictures.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to TheoAllen in Picture transitions   
    For simple fade, you can do it manually using show pic and start it with 0 opacity.
    Use move pic for the next command. Set the opacity to 255 and the time duration.
    I haven't tried it yet. But I'm sure it will works
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    KayDgirl91 got a reaction from Dekita in $D13x - Item Tracker   
    Could be a cool feature to add. Great script!
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Victor Sant in VE - Light Effects   
    Victor Engine - Light Effects



    This scripts allow to add varied light effects to the maps. But it works different from other scripts with this function.
    Normally, light effect scripts add images above the events, and then the screen is tone is changed, with the images staying bellow the darker layer.
    This script add an new darkened layer, and apply the light effect images on this layer.
    VIctor Engine - Light Effects
    Author: Victor Sant
    Terms of Use
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Tsukihime in Item Affix Rarity   
    This script is an add-on for Item Rarity. It allows equips to inherit rarity from any affixes.
    For example, if an item has a rarity level of 1, but then has a prefix with rarity level 4 added, the item’s rarity is now increased to 4 because of the prefix.
    Get it at Hime Works!
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Vlue in Event Position: Fine Tuning   
    Isn't it? Anywho, updated to v2.0 which grants mirror, rotation, zoom, hue, and flash effects that you can apply!~
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to efeberk in Treasure Chests   
    Treasure Chests
    by efeberk


    This script will allow player open a treasure chest and get item which hidden in the treasure chest after won battle. 




    Script : 


    Please post any error & trouble & request.
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Abscond in XAS ACE   
    XAS - Xiderowg Action System for RMVX ACE
    I did not make this! Only posting in here.
    If anyone has used RMXP before, you would know what XAS is. It's one of the best ABS for XP. But now, it's officially for VXA! Just released yesterday by Moghunter on his site.
    Now, we can make epic games with disastrous skills with ease thanks to the powerful engine of XAS.

    Swords (You can use charged attacks) Bows Shield Bombs Hookshot Skills Ability to create well defined enemies with a great AI Epic bosses SCREENSHOTS
    Unfortunately, there's only one screen shot for the moment. But it pretty much shows you what the whole engine is about.

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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Raizen in Sliding Puzzle Mini-game   
    Sliding Block Puzzle
    Compatible with: RMVXAce
    Compatibility :excelent
    Difficulty to use: easy
    Processing demand?: low
    Using condition
    Portuguese user? Portuguese Script link
      Can be modified and advertise, but keep credits to me
    Script Usage and Features
      The script adds the famous sliding Panel mini-game, it can be added anytime during game development.
    Features are:
    - Any size of picture
    - Any size of puzzle(3x3, 3x4, 7x4, 10x10)
    - Easy and fast configuration.
    Demo if needed: Download
    raw script: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=HTqH2vbx
    Videos and Images



     Credits and stuff
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    KayDgirl91 reacted to Coolie in Final Fantasy Styled Battle Log v2.05 [Updated 03-02-2020]   
    Final Fantasy Styled Battle Log v2.05
    By William Couillard
    This script changes the default behavior and aesthetics of Window_BattleLog to resemble the way the Battle Log window would look in a Final Fantasy game.

    - 1.00: Customizable opacity for the Battle Log window.
    - 1.00: Define skills that will not show up in the Battle Log window (i.e. normal attacks, defending, etc.).
    - 1.01: Updated to include options to change the Battle Log window width and alignment.
    - 1.01: Updated to include option to show Actor/Enemy names prior to skill message or not.
    - 1:02: Bugfixes.
    - 1.03: Bugfixes.
    - 1.04: Updated to allow different windowskins for actor and enemy attacks.
    - 2.00: Rewrote script. Needless features removed. Icons in skill and item names showing now. Possible to use different fonts for enemy and ally skills.
    - 2.01: Forgot to include an overwritten method in v2.00. Updated to reflect that change (this should also stop the 'blank window' issue).
    - 2.02: Fixed a bug where changing the Y offset would only move the window's position, and not the skill/item icon and text.
    - 2.03: Fixed a bug where default battle sounds like recovery and evasion weren't playing with skills or items.
    - 2.04: Bugfix for default battle system, correcting an error where enemies wouldn't collapse when they die.
    - 2.05: Streamlined the ignored skills code to automatically omit any skills that do not contain a "use" message. Cleaned up redundant code.


    How to Use
    Simply paste the script ABOVE Main and BELOW "Materials" section. It is a good idea to post this script BELOW any scripts which have had compatibility patches added.
    This script almost completely rewrites the way Window_BattleLog functions, so it's a good idea to place this script BELOW any script which also overwrites methods from Window_BattleLog.
    Pastebin Link: http://pastebin.com/i1uXe2NN

    Credit and Thanks
    - Swish, for the idea.
    - Keith Brewer, for some coding help.
    - KilloZapIt (Kayzee), for some coding help.
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