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  1. eatorl

    Two Characters Mana Shield

  2. eatorl

    Two Characters Mana Shield

    Hello there. Right now I am trying to figure out how to implement a simple mechanic: Character A (Support Class) casts "Mana Shield" on Character B. Character B enters X State. Whenever character B will take HP Damage while on X State, Character A takes half of it as MP Damage and Character B takes the other half as HP Damage instead. Its pretty much this plugin but with the feature of splitting damage across two or more characters. Any ideas?
  3. eatorl

    Yanfly's Enemy A.I. - Taunt

    Sure I want coffee. Bump.
  4. eatorl

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    You are a hat maker. Every day there will be an amazing new hat for you to obtain through daily quests and boring interface choices, you will have to choose between making powerful hats for wizards and adventurers or craft the finest of high class hats for the excentric aristocracy of your fantastic city. The game is an ode to grinding and farming so you log in every day in that mobile game of hats you love to punch critters and swing sticks in the air so you can make your ultra awesome hats. In fact, in the adventure mode you get to be the hat of the haterer wich must save the hat style of the hatering people of Hatrendos, wich is the most hatered city in hall Haterland. Every character you play is a hat wearing a hat and you can customize your hat by making a new hat for the hat or even getting a new hat for replacing your hatered hat. In this farmville style of game you will spend the most glorious hours of your life in a game that gives you nothing but hats, the icons and windows are all hats and the characters and items are all hats, the font is made by a guy wearing a hat and all the developers do wear hats during breakfast. There is even an internal joke that says that Larry from human resources is mexican. Hilarious. The only downside is that the game itself is not really about hats. It is about religious tolerance and racial aceptance in teenagers between 12 and 17 years old in the United Kingdom. When I am alone in my house with my hat I dream of a game about the importance of scottish historians in the first half of the XX century. Oh please. (20th Century) Edit: fixed lot of little errors haha, 4 am writing xd
  5. eatorl

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    Ok, so in this game you are an abnormal human who plays Skyrim. The problem is that you must get to actually play the game, something that is not happening because the human can't stop installing mods. Your objetive then is to STOP INSTALLING MODS AND GET TO PLAY ALREADY. You have to go through various -mod installing panic attacks-. From multiple texture replacements to heavily scripted "immersive immersion" mods. The game is lost when the human sell his car to buy 2 Nvidia GTX TITAN X and a Marilyn Monroe waxwork replica. Every night I dream of a game about being a Blizzard Entertainment's employee.
  6. eatorl

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    Santa Viking Claus hunting whales in the Arctic Ocean. It is in fact an Action RPG hack n' slash christmas madness. Your first follower is Michael Bubble and he will sing the tutorial for you in a chilly smoothly christmas fashion. Your objetive is to survive the different waves of frenzy whales until the final Killer whale of each level. You reach the point where you are fighting HP Lovecraft's gods in a God of War boss fight style with a recurrent Hans Zimmer drama as background music. For sure you can buy the DLC followers Jack Frost, Dora the Explorer or Christina Aguilera for just a ridiculous amount of money. Your currency is Christmas Presents, you use it to buy artillery and pretty skins in the store. For $9.99 you can buy them anyway and smash the little content the game brings with itself because any other piece of content you want a part from the initial 5 levels is in the store for just $9.99 each. The Merry Consumerism Christmas and the Sea may be the title but the game is in Alpha right now so.. Oh! oops, "we released it already" *they say and laugh hitting their knee* And can you do a game about Zombies and Cookies?
  7. eatorl

    dainiri.art 12 Days to 2016 - Mission Complete

    Hey man! Those are great You can relax if you miss one day or something, at least for me there is no problem haha I am enjoying the content very much, thanks!
  8. eatorl

    Yanfly's Enemy A.I. - Taunt

  9. There is a japanese guy in my room dying from too much mexican food. #Everydaylife

  10. eatorl

    2015 Winter Holidays MV giveaway

    Its time to use my saltiness hearthstone power for good! (and suscribe to your youtube channel haha)
  11. eatorl

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    Turns out Math.random() works in Damage Formula: if(Math.random()<0.5)a.addBuff(paramId, turns); 100 Here you have a 50% chance to add the Buff, I guess you can control that with a variable or even control the chance with a parameter such as luck, etc. if(Math.random()*100<(10 + a.luk))a.addBuff(paramId, turns); 100 If your luck values goes from 10 to 70 or something like that you could use a formula like that to "balance" that randomness, I guess. Or use a game variable. I think it is with \v[id] or something, correct me if I am wrong. Have a good one.
  12. eatorl

    dainiri.art 12 Days to 2016 - Mission Complete

    Day 1: The battler is super interesting! I really like it, and the Game Over Screens are so bloody and dark and D: I don't know If I would use them but they are great for some cruel sadistic games haha. Do you have terms of use of those? I should credit you I guess Thank you
  13. eatorl

    How to start writing VG music?

    Hey! It sounds great! I like the theme and how you play with the voices at 0:23 and 0:55. As shiggy said, it doesn't sound too hyped or action like for a battle theme but I believe that can be solved with doubling the beat at some moments (like those sweet 0:23 and 0:55) giving the hi-hat some sixteenths or double the kick time. (Sorry if my english is not clear haha) Cheers!
  14. eatorl

    Yanfly's Enemy A.I. - Taunt

    Hello, I need a little help making this work: ENEMY A is at 10% health. ALMOST DEAD. ENEMY B is at 50% health. ENEMY B can TAUNT. ENEMY B enters a TAUNT STATE so -ENEMY A- WON’T GET HIT and WON'T DIE. that is the same as: if (any OTHER battler is at <X% HP and THIS battler HP is higher than THAT OTHER battler HP) {THIS battler CAST TAUNT} Plugins I'm using: Yanfly's Battle A.I. http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/19/yep-16-battle-a-i-core/ Yanfly's Taunt http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/31/yep-23-taunt/ And Yanfly himself seems to don't understand the question. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  15. Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.

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