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    Let's play a 'Let's Play'

    Looks pretty good. I'll get started as soon as I can.
  2. Very deep in game design, hoping my game turns out as good as I hope it will.

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      Best of luck,whats your current progress.

  3. TasteTheCrainbow

    Battle System idea/question

    I have a question about a battle system idea, that I'm not sure is possible or practical to implement, but I'd like to try to use it in my game if it is. If anyone is familiar with Vandal Hearts or Fire Emblem, I'd like to try to make a battle system similar to that. It's a turned based battle system where the player's party moves one character at a time, and attacks/uses items, then the opposing party moves and attacks. Terrain, class and other factors determine damage, hit chance, etc. I mostly just want the turn based movement/attack to implement. This is due to my game having several scenes in which the player is facing large forces and/or allied with large forces, and neither the default battle system nor an action battle system really suit my preferences. Here's a video of one of the battles from the game, Vandal Hearts Obviously the rotating camera/terrain differences wouldn't be possible exactly. But to make a single small map into the battle area with several units being moved around and commanded in turn. Would something like this be possible through scripting or some very intricate eventing? I've been curious about it for a while, and wanted to see the opinions on it.
  4. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    Point made. Opinion appreciated. Testing out the first few scenes, I too have grown tired of the scrolling text, and for my purposes I put in a "Do you want to skip the intro?" choice at the beginning of the game. After doing it, I sort of thought about leaving it in with the game, so people interested in it can see the introduction/back story, and those who don't can skip it. What are the opinions on handling it that way?
  5. Long, complex evented opening conversation are difficult and boring to create, but are great when you get them done :D

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      Sometimes it takes so much to script something that seems simple. Feels good to get it done though. :D

  6. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    Yeah, I obviously don't want to spoil the story too much so that everyone already knows how the game is going to play out, but expect a lot more explaining within the game. I'm not sure when I'll have a demo, even a short one, but it will hopefully be the hook to get people interested in seeing the rest of the game.
  7. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    I do like the idea of leading the player into the story like that, it's just not my strong-suit in my experience writing stories, for games or otherwise. I'll try your suggestion once I get a more developed portion of the game, so I can see how leaking in the back story feels in the conversation, and I'll have the opening text as a backup plan if it seems too awkward. I appreciate the input, thanks for pointing out the potential loss of interest in that text crawl, as you put it. By the way, to everyone reading, I made a huge update to some backstory ideas, and put it into a spoiler. It's rather long, and I didn't want to cram up the page with my rambling to those who don't want to read it. It has a lot more about the Immortals and the way they work.
  8. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    I did a brief search for some synonyms of Immortal, and plugged it into Google Translate to see it in other languages, and didn't find anything worthwhile. I could just imagine up my own word, but I'd rather use something that already has the meaning I'm looking for. Seventhsanctum.com has a heap of name generators I might try if that doesn't pan out. Though for anyone reading this, the invitation is open for anyone to lay out some suggestions for these long-living, powerful, previously mortal deities that sort of guide and protect the mortal world.
  9. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    I have actually been thinking the same thing. The term doesn't quite fit, but being the opposite of mortal, it also does. The mortals and Immortals are the same in appearance, but opposite in power, longevity, and personality- or at least that's how I'm trying to make it out. I want to emphasize the contrast between them despite being so similar. They are both jealous of the traits that make each unique from the other, and so naming them that way made sense. I am, though, looking for some other name(s) to call them, so we won't have that confusion. Thanks for the tip.
  10. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    I definitely appreciate the input, very great ideas, I agree with all of them. Thanks for pointing out that awkwardness. I tweaked that text quite a few times to make it both seem fluid and sensible, but also had to work with wording and spacing it so that it filled the text box without leaving large spaces at the end of the lines, because that bothers me. I agree that the phrase is awkward, but I definitely want to make it clear that the mortals are living to maybe 80-100 years tops, while Immortals live upwards of 1000. I'm going to play around with some ideas and scenes/eventing and see how it looks. I'll try to update the progress when I have something solid.
  11. TasteTheCrainbow

    Beginnings of a Story

    So I'm working on my game, trying not to overload on ideas and get so confused and tangled up that I can't make anything out. I've just finished a "background story" that is going to be the grounds for the game, and I wanted to get some opinions on it and a few other ideas as well. Here's the background, which is going to be displayed at the beginning of the game: "Long ago, mortals and their Immortal creators lived alongside one another in quiet peace. The Immortals provided fruitful harvests, remedied plagues, and protected the mortals from evil creatures. The mortals, in return, payed tribute to the Immortal by means of innovation, and displays of their worth. Celebrations were frequent and long-lasting, with feasts of harvests, and treats from the Immortals to feed the masses. This peace and friendship lasted centuries. However, the passing of time brought on a stark realization. The mortals, dying of old age at only eighty years old, envied the millenia-long lives of Immortals, and searched to find a way to mimic it. The Immortals despised the mortals jealousy and greed, but they too were jealous of the one thing that made the mortals unique- a Soul. Soon, all out war was waged. The mortals, through the power of their Souls, were able to exploit the weakness of the Immortals. It wasn't long until the Immortals numbered only twelve. Despite their numbers, the mortals were frail, and the Immortals used their combined power to bring an end to the war. With both sides beaten, a truce was negotiated. The Immortals were slowly fading away, and the remaining mortals still relied on them to bless the crops and heal their sick and injured. Thus a pact was made for a lasting peace. The pact ensured the Immortals would survive to guide the mortals, and that the mortals would never again rebel against their creators out of greed for their power. Every one thousand years, the Immortals would choose twelve mortals to succeed them, to maintain the peace, and ensure a mutual relationship without conflict. Three thousand years passed in peace and harmony, but the Immortals, nearing the end of their time, are on edge as a civil conflict among the mortals has erupted, and their existence may be in jeopardy." Afterwards, it will jump to a conversation between the twelve current Immortals discussing the dilemma. They will mention the main character, who is unknowingly one of the twelve chosen to become an Immortal, and the rebellious son of the King of one side of the civil war being waged, and then it will jump to him. I'm undecided how I want to introduce him and begin play. I could do the seemingly traditional "wake-up-and-adventure" beginning, but I was considering just beginning the character in the middle of leading a battle against the opposing army. I would appreciate any ideas, questions, concerns that anyone has. HUGE EDIT: warning, it's quite long That's what I've got for now, opinions and suggestions more than welcome, especially if you can come up with some ideas on personalities and motives among the Immortals I haven't yet developed. I'm working on the opening sequence and beginning portion of the game (introducing the player, other important characters, etc.) and will try to update on progress.
  12. TasteTheCrainbow

    Let's play a 'Let's Play'

    Let's Play I've got nothing better to do, so I'm looking for some games to Let's Play. I'm new to it, so I'd like to just get my feet wet. It'll give me a chance to review your game, and see the best (or worst) of RPG Maker games. Guidelines I'm indifferent to genre, game length, battle system, difficulty (although if it's too hard to play, it will be difficult to review). Just post a link to your game topic, and include some small snippet of information to tell me what kind of game I'm going to be looking at. First come, first served, I'll at least try any game posted here, but whether I finish it or not depends on the quality. Fair warning, I'm going to be completely honest and forthcoming about my first impressions of the game, as well as the final take after I finish, or attempt to finish the game. If I think it's no good, I'm going to tell you, and tell you why I think that. The biggest pet peeve for me is grammar/spelling errors. I lose sleep over those kinds of things But, go ahead and send me some links and I'll see what I can do for you.
  13. TasteTheCrainbow

    To use the sample map, or not to use the sample map?

    That's how I thought too. But I'm a biased opinion, and it's hard to gauge the quality/suspense/surprise of a story I'm writing. So I'll try to find an acceptable middle ground for the maps. I've a few of my own, but the default tilesets leave few options. What's the general consensus on not having a "world" map in your game? To just flow the maps together, if you get what I'm saying.