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  1. Dakao

    Why should I finish my game?

    I find quite enjoyable the process. I love when every event/switch/script works the way I want. I also love to make graphics/mapping for my game (which is a bit harder in Ace than XP for some reason...) If you get discouraged, just take a break. It helps clearing your thoughts a bit.
  2. Dakao

    Just a few opinions

    The colors make it very unique. It can work in certain places/games... so why not? (Black spiders are pretty generic...) Just make the colors a bit more less saturated. Overall, the spider doesn't look threatening at all... Try making it more "pointy, sharp". The legs look fluffy and soft (like a yarn plushie). Make them black with pointy ends (also a pointy black fang would help). You could try taking off the fluffy hair from the head and legs like: (Sorry for the sketchiness but I want to show my point)
  3. Dakao

    Pokemon Sprites - Opinions appreciated

    I like the idea but it doesn't look like a pokemon. Try leaving some spots out of fire or even adding something unique like big paws or a bigger tail, because technically it's just a squirrel on fire. (but well, it's not like the first 150 pokemon are that original either... so w/e) Also, use real pokemon as references for coloring the fire. Use ponyta or moltres, for example.
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