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  1. Any fun turned-based RPGs I can get the lead developer of my game into? He won't make games with me unless the battle is action, but that's too much for us. Thanks!

    1. Tigerbite


      Not many on the PC. The Last Remnant and Dragon Age?

    2. Miss-Strawberrii


      I don't want JUST PC RPGs. Any console would work. Dragon Age would be just as hard!

    3. morewordsfaster


      Do you mean excluding ATB? Earthbound, Lunar, DQ8 just to name a few off the top of my head. Or you could get a new lead developer :P

  2. Hello all! I wanted to update everyone on several things - and get opinions. About the Demo: Believe it or not the demo the was RUSHED. We wanted to put something PLAYABLE out there to show that we were really working on this game, and to get feedback. We weren't really getting much before, and it really made us sad-pandas. A lot of people mentioned the same things when playing it - things Big Boss (Star) already knew. We realize that the menus/title screen looks like crap, because we never worked on them. Please note, that I did work on the menu recently to fix this issue. Someone mentioned the character's names - people were not originally supposed to see them. It was for us. But you guys asked for a menu, and we just left it enabled. During the flashback it would be disabled. o.o The battle system is slow due to the events being used to control mostly everything. Star was working on porting the events to scripts, actually to make it run MUCH faster. The Voice-Acting: At first I personally was weary about this, but Star INSISTED we add it. He wanted this game to be similar to Star Ocean or the Tales of series. I cannot get a hold of Kyran's voice actor, so we may have to just be done away with it. D= We've been playing Secret of Mana, which has a very similar battle system to our game, and they had no voice acting and did just fine! So maybe we can just do away with it all. I'd feel bad for the voice actors, though... Poor them. ;_; A Tutorial and Issues: We had many people state they were confused by the battle system. It makes sense! We just through you into it, etc. Star devised a tutorial to take place before the entire demo featuring a single character and all the features he planned on having. The issues the header is referring to is the graphics. We NEED certain things that the RTP does not have - geysers, snow ruins, etc. So we thought, "hey, let's make our own!" Yeah, Star is having trouble with that. He almost wanted to give up. I would love to help him, but making graphics is hard for me! Ending Thoughts: To be honest, our motivation is kind of slim right now. We thought of just turning Ghost Shards into a comic instead, but even then we're scared to do that. I don't want to this to turn into our last game, Celestial Sphere. We had put effort into that, so many scenes, the battle system, and just gave up. In truth, I miss that game. Sometimes I wish we could re-visit it and just be like... BAM. LOOK AT OUR FIRST GAME: The menu. IT HAD A MENU! CUSTOM GRAPHICS. Sprites I was working on!
  3. Did you get any errors while trying to playing it? It might be that you need the RPG Maker XP RTP to play. o.o Thanks for your interest!
  4. I feel like by editing the VX/Ace portraits I'll learn how to color digitally on my own.

    1. Vincent


      That's a good place to start. The RTP portraits have easily distinguishable shading.

    2. Cecillia


      RTP is so difficult for me (._.;;) I always draw them in my style lol

    3. Miss-Strawberrii


      I'm surprised I was able to edit my own portrait actually. o.o It was a good learning process.

  5. Haiiii~ I'm new here, though not in the "RM Community"! :D

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    2. Ocedic


      Feels like a lot of RMW people are migrating over. Welcome!

    3. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      I wonder if RMW went through some sort of black hole phase, like we did.


      Or it must be my illustrious presence.

    4. Ratty524


      Oh it's Strawberrii. Hi.

  6. CHECK OUT THE DEMO HERE: http://rapidshare.com/files/3140345646/Ghost Shards V1.2.exe You may need the RPG Maker XP RTP to play. Download that here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package (Make sure you click on “for RPG MAKER XP") Here’s a patch for Ghost Shards that fixes some script errors. All you do is put it in the same folder as the Audio folder and Game.exe. http://rapidshare.com/files/1595937808/Data.rar We apologize for the lack of sprite graphics during the attacking animations for the battle system. When the character turns a certain color, it means they have run out of "stamina" and must wait a few seconds before attacking again. KEY D = Defend ENTER = Attack or C SKILLS = Q, W, A, or S Thank you for trying out the demo! We welcome all feedback! **** XALE is a world governed by the eight Divinities of the elements: Ashe, Rayne, Glacia, Terrin, Starr, Luna, Silva, and Tempess. They keep the world protected and regulated. Over time, these goddesses have been mysteriously falling asleep, affecting the seasons in catastrophic ways. As a result of their slumber, lyrical priestesses known as Stonesingers, are convinced by the Crusaders to make a pilgrimage across Xale to awaken all eight Divinities to prevent further calamity. But how will the heroes avoid the deadly wrath of the goddesses? Understanding the mystery of ghost shards may be the key to victory. Narie Tearwyn Age: 19 | Race: M'vyr | Weapon: Sword Narie is a short-tempered, headstrong young woman and the twin sister of Sarie. She has a strong sense of justice, vowing to protect her loved ones with her life. Knowing the danger Sarie must face, she travels with her sister. Sarie Tearwyn Age: 19 | Race: M'vyr | Weapon: Staff Despite being the older twin, Sarie is actually much more frail than Narie. She is a peaceful-loving girl, preferring the art of speechcraft over physical fighting. Sarie is currently engaged to Kyran, her true love. Kyran Sage Age: 21 | Race: Human | Weapon: Twin-blades The self-claimed protector of the Tearwyn twins, Kyran is cocky and very optmistic. Nothing seems to bring him down, even as he faces death in the face. He is currently in love with Sarie and is her fiance. * Action Battle System with Allies * Voice Acting * Custom Artwork DEVELOPMENT, ARTWORK, AND WRITING Nerd Bomb Studios (Star | Strawberrii | Princess_Klutz | Ninja_Slap | Catfire321) GRAPHICS Enterbrain (RTP) Wyatt (Various tiles) Thutmose (Cloud autotile) Venetia (Various tiles) XMO (Logos) SCRIPTS Pathfinding (RPG aka Cowlol) Auto-Scroll (Sephiroth Spawn) XAS and Addons (Moghunter and Xiderowg) Ccoa (Universal Message System) Enemy Detection (Gubid) Follow us on Tumblr! http://ghost-shards.tumblr.com/ Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/GhostShards ****