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    Initialize actors when added through script!

    next unless actor_id $game_actors[actor_id].setup(actor_id) $game_party.add_actor(actor_id) unless $game_party.actors.include?(actor_id) Just like that?? it didnt do the trick
  2. Another road block in my game development blehh...

    1. Cadh20000


      Unfortunately, they are many. Fortunately, most of them have a work-around.

    2. Holder


      Road block is just another learning curve spike.

  3. Don't let people down talk you on fan games, It sounds like it will be cool!
  4. nickfitzgerald3

    Random Enemies in each Troop

    what do you mean by that? Try putting the script below all your other battle system-modifying scripts in the script editor. Just tested this because I found it interesting and wow TheoAllen, wonderful script and easy as hell! yeah still not doin it, the script doesnt work where any notetags are used for enemies, maybe needs to be written into the script to carry over note section?? if possible
  5. nickfitzgerald3

    Random Enemies in each Troop

    what do you mean by that?
  6. nickfitzgerald3

    Random Enemies in each Troop

    for the most part that worked but I'm using galvs animated battlers and other scripts that require note tagging on the enemies, but your script doesn't seem to carry over the note tags for the enemy, because I'm using a script that sets the enemy levels by a variable, that give me all sorts of weird reaults with your script, and the animated battlers don't show up just the default enemy image
  7. nickfitzgerald3

    Enemy Levels by set variable

    wow you are awesome for that, that was quick, lots of people I found on the internet have looked for this so you've done the community a great deed
  8. nickfitzgerald3

    Battle Test, Error? Cache module line 88?

    Yeah I had this thread going on another forum and it was pretty much an unsolved mystery, I ended up finding out it was the script made for me on here I got rid of it and made the same effect using events and parallel processing, So I suppose this is fixed, sort of lol
  9. nickfitzgerald3

    Actor in Party Reliant on Item in Inventory

    hey so this does work but I found now that for whatever reason your script gives me this error only when I try to run a Battle Test Script 'Cache' line 88 :NoMethodError occured Undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass Wow, I prefered to script it but since i ran into that problem, The parralel process works a lot better, never thought to do that
  10. what is going on with my battle test! lol help em out in the script support thread!

  11. nickfitzgerald3

    Actor in Party Reliant on Item in Inventory

    That script works well, but It doesnt really work for my situation, I need it to add the actor just by being present in your inventory, and removes actor when you sell it, the need to equip conflicts with my current set up
  12. nickfitzgerald3

    Futurama Sprite Concepts

    Haha! These are cool, bender for sure the best tho!
  13. nickfitzgerald3

    Huge amount of resources feedback much appreciated

    That white bats animation is really good, smooth up some of the others like him maybe but other than that this is great work well done
  14. nickfitzgerald3

    Crossover Game Cutscene Animation Attacks

    I have a theory and development page on the game if your interested in seeing more http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/23989-crossover-fighter-card-collecting/
  15. nickfitzgerald3

    Variable equal to 1st party member's Level

    Awesome! thanks so much
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