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    Portugal :33
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    I love watching Anime and play video games...
    Just started parallax mapping so... yeah... xD
  1. ElNeko

    Hi! ^/////^

    Ahah, feeling good received right now! ^w^ Ty Darkanine and ty too Kotori-chan! :33 EDIT: Ty Cadh20000 xD
  2. ElNeko

    Hi! ^/////^

    Hi guys! ^w^ I'm ElNeko (Or Sam), from Portugal, a little shy but I'm always happy! :DD Just wanted to introduce myself to this awesome community and meet new friends! Work in Rpg Maker for about one year I think, recently discovered "Parallax Mapping" so yeah... xD Hope I'll be good received here :33 See ya around!~ ;33 (As you can see, I like smiles too!~~ xD)
  3. ElNeko

    HK Animated Title v1 Translated to Ace

    OMG! This is perfect! *-----* Love it! Thanks for display it!
  4. Hi there Alex! ^^ I have seen these AWESOME game and.... I love it! :33 If you need some help and ideas I could help ;3 And you are a lucky guy! I have some ideas xD And if Ventus fight with Vanitas like the final battle of BBS in the Dive to the Heart? :33 Or If Armored Ventus Nightmare appears again to fight with Ventus? Xehanort Reports or something like that on the game... Oh well I don't know... xD Keep this AWESOME game man! ;33 Bye! :33 (Sorry for the Bad English x-x )