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  1. Posted a resource thread of title screens - I'm even willing to modify them on request.

  2. Back, maybe for a few days.

  3. Hi Drew, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. When I got your message today, I immediately downloaded and played through DWMS. It really was a snarky, affectionate parody, and I actually laughed out loud at some of the dialogue. I'm glad that the combat wasn't overly difficult, as well, because it made it possible for me to just focus on the story. A very nice little story, by the way. It was amazing how many references and locations you fit into this game! Just wanted to say that I loved: Thank you for sharing this great gaming experience, and congratulations on the release! ~ Dreamer
  4. Starting a non-tutorial-based sequel to The Ring of Storms. What can I say, I'm a dedicated fangirl.

  5. Artemis_Dreamer

    The Ring of Storms

    The Ring of Storms A fluffy Avengers AU love story – plus combat. Genre: Romance, Adventure, Humor Average Game Time: Typically runs 45 mins to 1 hour. Please understand that this is a fan game featuring licensed characters from the Marvel universe. It also has the potential for a romantic homosexual relationship, and references to said relationship throughout. Story / Setting: The Ring of Storms tells the story of a vaguely familiar character named Tony Stark, who for reasons later revealed is currently travelling the Northern Isles region of Cimoc as a sort of travelling mercenary hero. He encounters Loki, an aloof spellcaster with a quest for him to complete. In Loki’s own words, “retrieve a powerful artifact, and use it to slay an even more powerful demon, against which I have a grudge." Romance may blossom between them on their quest, but there is potential for another romance, between Tony Stark and his much-overlooked assistant. Character Bios: Tony Stark – the notorious Iron Man, who has fallen from grace but not lost his snarky attitude. Pepper Potts – the assistant to Tony, still faithfully by his side despite the constant aggrivation. Loki Laufeyson – a mage who provides the titular quest, and does not initially admit his true intentions. Natasha Romanov – a runaway spy that is met during an offshoot quest; she may be an ally. Credits: Screenshots: Features: This game has an Active Battle System (courtesy of Victor), the TP system has been eliminated, and there are no random encounters - all battles are represented on the map screen. There’s a working pause system, and there are several long and detailed cutscene events that convey emotional depth between characters. The choices that you make also influence which of two endings that you receive. Download: (no RTP) http://www.mediafire.com/download/41p7t4a1d55sxwa/Tutorial+Project.exe Known Issues: None right now, but this game has only been Beta tested by three people. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs while playing, so I can update the download file. (I hope there won’t be any problems, but you never know.) This is a project that I made for my closest friend, and I will be giving it to her on her birthday. I'd like it to be as good as possible, so if anyone would like to play this and let me know what they think, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Artemis_Dreamer

    My First-Ever Partially-Finished Game... Freezes

    Hi, Thank you everyone for your help. I've found that the freezing error is in fact a script one (sorry), and it occurs when more than one "show text" screen is used consecutively during a battle under Victor's Active Battle System. The workaround, for anyone that needs it, is to place a "wait" of about 30+ frames after each show text. It's not a real fix, but it prevents the freezing. (Fix credit goes to Dark Horseman.) Anyway, this can be closed now. Sorry to have bugged you. ~ Ella (PS: I fixed the error that Cecillia found, as well.)
  7. Artemis_Dreamer

    My First-Ever Partially-Finished Game... Freezes

    Okay! Thank you for letting me know how it happened; now I just need to replicate it. xP
  8. Artemis_Dreamer

    My First-Ever Partially-Finished Game... Freezes

    ... Oh yay. More errors. I've never had that one before. Looks like I'm going to have to check for the error, re-compress and re-upload. Thank you for finding that, even though I'm not quite sure what that is.
  9. Artemis_Dreamer

    My First-Ever Partially-Finished Game... Freezes

    Thank you for replying, Cecillia, but it doesn't seem to be an eventing issue. The battle will run to the halfway point, when an enemy text box is displayed. After the text box closes, the game freezes, and needs to be restarted. So, I don't think it's events; it's not really a clean freeze, either; parts of the screen flicker in and out. It doesn't LOOK like an auto run freeze. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Artemis_Dreamer

    Storage for Specific Item Types

    Another BUMP, if you all don't mind. I've come back to the project, and still am in dire need of this script. Merry Christmas! ~ Ella
  11. Back after a short break, and yet I’m still insanely tired.

  12. Anyone else watch Family Feud? I tune in for a minute, and I'm already laughing like crazy.

  13. Artemis_Dreamer

    Going commercial - Dangerous?

    Hi - mind if I put in my two cents? I don't feel that there's anything at all "dangerous" about going commercial. It can seem very daunting or difficult, yes, but provided that you legally own all your creation software and ensure that you have creator approval for to use their outside resources... Well, there's nothing dangerous involved. I can't speak for others, but I'm a fairly average user (young adult), and I have obtained all my software 100% legitimately. If the issue is cost of programs, freeware (such as photomanipulation program Gimp) is usually able to give comparable results to paid programs. If the issue is whether all the resources can be used commercially, just remember to CHECK FIRST, and keep a running list of credits to those whose materials you have used. However, if this is ACTUALLY about using pirated software to maximize game profit... I'm sorry, I don't have any advice other than to consider the morality of your actions. Releasing a game commercially is a risk to take, yes. However, the more effort is invested in it, the more likely it is to be successful. Just remember that first and foremost, your game should be a labor of love. All the best, ~ Ella
  14. Artemis_Dreamer

    Stylistic Choices and Changes

    Hi, Just wanted to start by saying that ALL of the styles are uniquely appealing. My vote would have to be with New Style 2, though. It's a very crisp style, and considerably different from most portrait art I've seen. It also seems much clearer, possibly due to a higher resolution, and the facial features are quite well-balanced. So, my vote's with New Style 2. Best of luck deciding things! ~ Ella
  15. Artemis_Dreamer

    -Z-'s Artwork that took some COURAGE to show.

    Hi, Let me just say that I'm glad you mustered up the courage to post your artwork - it looks very promising. My only real suggestion would be to perhaps try to use more fluid lines in depicting her hair - the current ones are a bit choppy. Other than that, though, she's quite pretty. I love the unique design of her necklace, and wonder if it's related to the plot of your story idea. My advice moving forward is to keep on drawing, and not let the critics get you down. Cheers, ~ Ella
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