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  1. Amazing to see things like this only using eventing it shows how powerful eventing really is. I'm looking forward to see this implemented in your game.
  2. Thex, your eventing systems are rate A so I'm definitely looking forward to this game. You should check out Khas sidescroller system for vx ace its actually pretty customizable and it would allow for ducking ext.
  3. colll78

    Mech-Based RPG Ideas

    For the healing issue how about the ability to take your Mecha to a garage and get it repaired/upgraded. Or even the ability to buy repair kits to fix the Mecha. As for the battle system, many people cannot stand the build in battle system myself included so I advise you use either a side view system or a strategy based battle system.
  4. colll78

    How to do....

    As for question 3 you might need a bit of scripting. Or if you don't know how to use ruby yet check out some of the side view battle systems as most of them have AOE attacks.
  5. A good model for your game is the rpg maker game "To the moon". On another note I personally cant stand playing a weak main character. I suppose its because I like playing rpg's because I get to be a badass/hero. I mean its fine if you don't include combat but making it a point to show that the main character is a weakling just wouldn't appeal to any audience. Who wants to play someone inferior to them.
  6. colll78

    [RMVXA Poll] Poll about idea's

    Great ideas, although I think having a single player storyline will mean you need to put much more work into developing the main character.
  7. colll78

    Battle System idea/question

    I don't think there are many battle systems of this style. But I do know Galv has a script that might help you. Its an "army management" script allowing you to order around your army and preform various tasks.
  8. colll78

    Magic and Technology

    This can be easily accomplished through eventing. No scripts necessary, just watch a few tutorials or message me for help.
  9. There's nothing wrong with this type of game. But please make sure you are not just doing this to make the game unique and that this system is built into your plot. If you want to have a plot/puzzle based game go for it!
  10. I really like the idea, although I think that much info in one of your first games is a bit to much to handle. I personally think you should hold off on this project until you have a bit more experience in the bag.
  11. colll78

    Script for Making a 4-Directional Shooter?

    Believe me, your idea is not hard to produce at all. Check out Falcao's ABS, it has everything your looking for. Script: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8809-falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-update-v2/
  12. Hey, would you mind helping me with my plot and such. I have a general idea I would like to take but the details are holding me back. If you ever have time add me on skype "Kolll789" and I'll show you what I have.
  13. colll78

    Thex Character Creation

    I have used so many of your events and all I can say is your eventing skills are insane. This one is pretty sick but your grapple hook system was just unbelievable. So thanks a lot!
  14. The Crescents Rising The Crescents Rising is a 2d action adventure style role playing game made by Philip DiSarro. Controls: Arrow keys for movement A to attack D to change active ability S to cast active ability WARNING: Do not cast Teleport or God's Grace abilities in game, cast them in the menu. And please leave feedback. The Plot: The plot is set in a fantasy world ruled by three kings, In this world was a man given the title of god by the people of this world. Although he wasn't a god as could die. He was given this title because of his unmatched magical powers. The three kings of this world saw his power as a threat and created an alliance to kill their "god", thus began the great sage war. After a war lasting 17 years "god" was killed by the eldest king and the war was over. That day was known as The Crescent's Descent because the god was worshiped as "Crescent". Those born on the day of his death were imbued with the essence of "gods" soul and were given the title of "Shards". The kings saw the Shards as a threat to their power as well, so they issued laws ordering the death of all born on that day. To in force those laws they created the "Shard Hunters" a group of the worlds most powerful known warriors. The Shard hunters went from village to village killing and consuming shards. The more shards one has the more power they gain. Eventually their power became so great even the most fearless of warriors bowed at their presents. Our main character, is a shard on the run from the Shard Hunters with but a single goal. Collect all the shards and become "god", the game is built on a morals system allowing the player to choose his own path. How the player collects the shards is up to him. You could try and be a knight in shinning armor or a flaming demon murdering all who stand in your path. The story line adapts and changes depending on how you play. Done: Fishing system Woodcutting system Mining system Action Battle System (credits to Khas) Edited version of Sapphire Several Cutscenes Boss fight 5-10 Quests 1 Town with many npcs Story which changes depending on your actions. Many new items with special effects ex: stun, knockback and poison Complex but easy to follow storyline. Some custom tiles Errand System (running errands for villagers) Many enemies with different sprites and lots of diversity in the fights Spells/Abilities Day/Night Cycle Moral Values System Teleport scrolls and abilities Team: -Inazuma the Lightning -Trifold Music -Strauss02 Credits: -Khas -Celianna - Enterbrain - Mack - Davias - Smithygcn - Moghunter Demo RTP included: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssuf1vris9v9s7h/The%20Crescents%20Descent%20with%20RTP.exe Demo RTP excluded: https://www.dropbox.com/s/no1a3h2jlcmvdwl/The%20Crescents%20Descent%20without%20RTP.exe
  15. colll78

    Quest Log | The easiest way possible

    Wow, I just made this account to thank you for the guide =D it was really helpful.
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