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  1. Thanks for the nice comments posted since my last update! January has come and gone by this point, and I'm reluctant to say that there's more than a slight delay for Chapter 2. I want this game to be as top-notch as I can get it, but that doesn't come without its hurdles. Work is progressing, art has been made, maps have been... mapped, but there's still a lot to do before I'm happy with its release. However, I am incredibly happy to say that I found an easier way to make the Skill Trees work, and I've reintegrated them into the game for release in Chapter 2! I felt so disappointed with that, as I really wanted something beyond simple learn-skills-via-levelling. I played with other systems, such as discovering skills through exploration, learning them at certain story points, or having skills connected to armor and weapons, but ultimately a skill tree - or Skill Line in this case - was what I felt was most appropriate. Please enjoy this video showcasing Black Harbor and some of the additions coming with Chapter 2.
  2. Apparently there's a new nasty virus going around called CryptoLocker, so this is a reminder to back up your games onto a flash drive, cloud storage, and external HDDs whenever you think about it! There's nothing worse than losing your game after hours of work.

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    2. philteredkhaos


      Regarding CryptoLocker, does anyone know if it is possible to just reformat the drive and wipe out the virus, or is it like, your hard drive is DEAD! I heard some hackers showed a method to physically kill a hard drive remotely, and just slightly concerned it is part of the package

    3. Whiona


      The thing about CryptoLocker is that it encrypts all your personal files and, before the tool came out, the only way to unencrypt them was to pay the criminals who made the virus. If you wipe out the virus, your files are still encrypted.

    4. philteredkhaos


      Yeah, I formatting drive would wipe out all of the hard drive's data anyways. I keep a disk image of my drive for backup, but I thought I had heard of a virus that locked the harddrive from the logic board itself, rendering the drive mostly useless.

  3. flarify

    game work without ace

    When you're finished with your project, you can share it using the "Compress Game Data" command under the File menu. It will bring up a small dialog for you to choose where you're going to put the compressed project and a few options. If you don't want your friends to edit your game, keep "Create Encrypted Archive" checked. Then, since your friends don't have VX Ace, check "Include RTP". This will make sure all default resources are included in the package so that anyone can play it without having to download anything extra. However, be warned: the RTP is very large and will add an extra 200 MB to your game.
  4. flarify

    Move During Messages by PK8

    I haven't personally tried it, but Galv has a script that seems to work like the one you're looking for.
  5. flarify

    Move During Messages by PK8

    You have to make an account on that site to access their resources. It doesn't return as a 404 for me.
  6. Got it, sorry I misunderstood. It looks like this thread may be useful, but that's all I can pull up regarding this specific subject. Best of luck on your search.
  7. So you're wanting a state that changes the calculation of the Attack command from, say [a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2] to [a.mat * 4 - b.mdf * 2] and the Heavy Strike skill [a.atk * 8 - b.def * 2] to [a.mat * 8 - b.mdf * 2] when under its effect? You could try looking through Yanfly's Lunatic States and its many addons. Lunatic Parameters looks like it may be able to be used in this matter, but I don't have any hands-on-experience with it. Alternately, you could simply use some detailed formulas in the physical skills that you want the state to effect. If state 10 is your Magical Infusion state, then put this formula: [if a.state?(10);a.mat*4-b.mdf*2;else;a.atk*4-b.def*2;end] to the skills you want it to affect, and alter the magical and attack formula to your whim. Yes, it makes the formulas a bit more convoluted, but it works, and that's what's important. If that's not what you're looking for, please describe your problem in more detail. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, I'm just trying to help.
  8. I'm confused - are you wanting these as a charset - as in they move around on the map - or do you want them as a battler, for use in the battle scene? They're two different graphics, and have their roots in two different folders. As a battler, your image works fine. As a charset, it would get cut off and look really strange. Charsets need to have, minimum, a 3x4 grid with each point of movement taking up one square on the grid. The program automatically divides charsets into a 3x4 grid for a file with $ before the name, and a 12x8 grid for all other files. I've formatted your image as though it was a charset to give you an idea. This was achieved by resizing the canvas (not the image, as that would distort the image) 300% horizontally and 400% vertically. Remember, if you use this version rather than a larger 12x8 grid, you'll need to put a $ before the name in the characters folder. Ideally, you would go back to your original, uncrowded sprite and bring in the different sprites for each step and add them in near-identical locations in each point in the grid, to simulate walking when you move with this charset. EDIT: Ohhh I just got what you meant by visual battlers - and the point still stands; you need to have a working charset for the visual battlers to work correctly.
  9. One of these new busts of mine is turning out to look quite a bit like Brienne of Tarth...

  10. Yes! All you have to do is create a new state (or edit a new one) and in the Features of the state, you tell it to change your Attack Element to whatever element you want it to be besides physical.
  11. flarify

    help with door and keys

    The best way I can figure out how to do this is to have a variable - say, KeyCount - increase by one each time you pick up a key. Put in a conditional branch in the character or door that is blocking the way that requires KeyCount to be greater or equal to four to allow the party to pass.
  12. flarify


    It was intentionally left vague, but in hindsight I would have wanted to give the player a more emotional attachment to both the Darkness and to Mercy, and make it a little more clear what exactly was going on. I fear that I may not have made things "personal" enough to make any of the decisions difficult. But perhaps that's just the way Mercy operates - very little emotional attachment. And sorry about the flutes, ahaha! Glad you enjoyed it, Tharis!
  13. flarify

    Using in-game tutorials

    I tend to do in-universe tutorials for things that may not be obvious to the average RM player - combo attacks, skill growth - but I find that most default RM stuff tends to be fairly intuitive to the average player. Anything else - hints, tips and tricks - I explain via cats.
  14. @Shuji : That's an impressive room! I like how it isn't obviously tiled, how it has the glyphs and symbols spanning entire rooms. Reminds me of a sci-fi magical R&D lab or something. I can't help but feel the statues seem out of place, though. I think it's that if you were to darken them to just a smidge lighter than the ceiling tiles, it would blend a lot more - unless if they're supposed to stand out in a weird sort of way, like they're really monsters in hibernation who are guarding the lab! @RaZzi : I really like the overall feel of this screen - the colors are nicely saturated as is the artwork, making it clear that they come from the same piece. Sometimes additional art can feel out of place when compared to the overall graphical feel of the rest of the game. Your parallaxing is also top notch. However, I think the bottles near his ear need a bit more shadow, right now they feel as though they're hanging from a tree or from the wing of the airship. New screen from The Last Pirate Queen, where you regroup with all of your allies after a particularly harrowing episode...
  15. flarify

    My apologies... -Solved!-

    Apart from what you see in the system tab, music is largely controlled by either Events or Maps. For your case, you'll want to make a map to act as your overworld and then set the BGM from there! You get there by right-clicking on your map in your project list, and then clicking on "Map Properties". (you set it using the Auto-Change BGM and then selecting the music)