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  1. thanx Fbu your already in my credits
  2. Roach

    Hi all

  3. as long as ur not charging people your free to do w/e you want with gfx lol I just think you should ask or atleast give credit nice job on keeping up with the gfx I could add tons more futuristic tileset's if wanted lol
  4. Roach

    Hello all, Roach is here

    thanx and matters a fact I am going to be setting up shop and will take request (Credit mainly and maybe make some tips along the way) lol doubt it tho, I mostly do it to help others anyway just pm me details of what youd like: info on the image,the Words you'd like ,Able to have my tag?, Sizes(height, Width) and ill get to work
  5. Roach

    Hello all, Roach is here

    thanx all and im not a bug lol wrong type of roach haha But ty all I specialize in everything not to brag, if anyone need title gfx just let me know. when I find the dimensions of everything I will be making more. Plus right now im working on a more advanced database for people that love to auto select everything lol more info later on
  6. Hello all, just gotta say other then stuff not being in english, from using all the other rpg maker's in the past, Ace has major improvements which I understand them. Allowing you to truely make your game and trying to give it as less limits as possible Ive been on the other forums but never really talked much I just wanted to say that will change glad to be here. -Roach
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