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    Weapon Evolution Script Request

  3. Seven Sinners Story / Setting / Purpose: In our Modern Times, the massive amounts of sin we partake in daily has lead to a corruption of our souls. Corrupt Souls are sent to Hell, where they are tormented with the objective of purification, so that the soul may be sent onward to Heaven. But because there is so many of us, and our souls are so corrupted, Hell is growing out of control. It all collapses in on itself, and Seven Realms (based on the Seven Deadly Sins) merge into one. The former Seven Lords who ruled over each realm must now try to set it all back to normal. After restoring Hell to it's proper form, the adventure continues on Earth, where the escaped souls are now threatening Creation. Assistance must be gathered from Heaven and various mythologies. Character Bios: Luu- The Fallen Angel, the Demon of Pride, and our main character, after being cast out of Heaven, he longs to return, but his pride and anger keep him firmly bound to Hell. Asmura-The Succubus, the Demon of Lust, her fiery attitude and passionate lusting nature make her as dangerous as any. Iramon-The Wraith, the Demon of Wrath, he is anger without limit, everything pisses him off, and he likes nothing more than killing anything that crosses his path. Mamavari-The Jinn, Demon of Greed, his powers let him grant the wishes of others, inevitably leading them down the path of greed. He desires to keep everything for himself. Bealis-The Lord of Flies, Demon of Gluttony, her insatiable hunger leaves most to believe her a simpleton, but her command over insects lets her infect her foes with inumerable horrors. Than'Via-The Leviathan, Demon of Envy, The Great Beast thought to be bound beneath the waves, he takes the appearance of an old man to lure his enemies in close, than evicerates them with an endless flurry of claw and fang. Fegor-The Muse, Demon of Sloth, a Muse cast out of Heaven for inspiring wickedness in mortals. Now his time in Hell leaves him interested in nothing, caring only to sleep and laze about. Credits: Script Additions Yanfly Core Engine Yanfly Battle Engine Yanfly Victory Aftermath Script Testers Neil Rachel Sean Forum Help-This represents several forums, not just this one. light487, HumanNinjaToo, Shaz, Andar Edgar ksjp17 CRBeam Todd and of course the makers of RPG Maker VX Ace. enterbrain Special thanks goes to my Webmaster throughout this, and friend Neil. Screenshots: Edit- A video and playable demo can also be found at www.mahase.com/~spyles Features: Being demons stripped of most of their power, they usually take a human form, but by gathering Dark Energy they can temporarily resume their Demonic Forms, doubling their power, and revealing new, deadly techniques