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  1. Playing with MV and three.js : promising !

    1. Tsukihime
    2. philteredkhaos


      Here's my wallet! When can you finish this?!?!


  2. The map with the buildings was made with RMXP, using the H-mode7 script. I made an tool to export HM7 maps from RMXP to RMVX Ace some years ago (HERE), but you need both RMXP and RMVX Ace.
  3. MGC

    Mode7 difference to Airship and land 3D

    Firstly, you should upgrade your version of the script (V.1.7 available - link on this page) . The MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE constant in the "Mode 7 Ace" part is the default tilt angle for maps. The MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE_AIRSHIP constant in the "Mode 7 Ace Addon Airship" part is the tilt angle when boarding the airship and in that case it overrides the MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE value. So setting MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE = 30 and MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE_AIRSHIP = 50 should do the trick.
  4. Similar feature as the one in the Neo Mode 7 for RMXP : http://www.rgss-factory.net/2013/10/26/ace-mode-7-ace-v-1-7/
  5. MGC

    3D script

    That's not in my TODO list currently. As Tsukihime wrote, the Ace tilesets/mapping system is not suited for an easy portage of the HM7 script. That would require an external map editor, hence the tool to export RMXP HM7 maps to Ace. I don't know if another scripter is working on a system like this currently.
  6. MGC

    Understanding "near_the_screen"

    You're right, 32 is the tile size. Graphics.width and height are in px, whereas display_x and x are in tiles. So Graphics.width / 32 is in tiles. ax is the distance in tiles between the event and the center of the screen. That's similar for ay. Here's a diagram for ax :
  7. MGC

    mode 7 error

    In attachment there is the "Sprite_character" script I get when I create a new project. Sprite_Character.TXT You should compare it with your version.
  8. MGC

    mode 7 error

    It seems that your script has been modified... If it wasn't done on purpose, replace your "Sprite_Character" script by one generated with a new project. Otherwise try and add the function I wrote above in "Sprite_Character".
  9. MGC

    mode 7 error

    The missing method normally exists within the native scripts. In "Sprite_Character", line 145, do you have this fonction ? def move_animation(dx, dy) if @animation && @animation.position != 3 @ani_ox += dx @ani_oy += dy @ani_sprites.each do |sprite| sprite.x += dx sprite.y += dy end end end
  10. Hi, Modifying the "mode 7 ace" script so that terrain tags allow you to draw standing up tiles would require a certain amount of work. I don't have the time to do that for the moment (priority to GubiD's TBS), but as I still have some bugs to fix in the "mode 7 ace" script, I'll probably take a look at this problem in the future. I hadn't heard of this one.
  11. MGC


    I managed to get this type of error, but not exactly with your configuration. Could you test if you still have the error with the v.1.2 ?
  12. MGC


    About this error, could you give the values of all the configuration constants, and the dimensions of your map ?
  13. MGC


    First, download the V.1.1 : LINK Then remove the addon "Mode 7 Ace Addon Airship" because you don't want the mode7 to be automatically applied when boarding an airship. Like Chaos17 wrote, add your Worldmap id in MODE7_MAPS_ID (MODE7_MAPS_ID = [1] : it's useless to put '0'). And choose the default angle : MODE7_DEFAULT_ANGLE = 50, or whatever you want.