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  1. Jonath4nC

    Resource Request Ideas

    Hello (it's been such a good while since I've been here and always great to come back). I'm wondering if any of you have ideas of what assets people want or need for their projects and games? Perhaps it might be better to ask what do YOU want or need for your own project? That is tilesets sprites and items etc. Like are there any extra assets that you feel are missing from the base set and feel it would be nice to have? Or just any assets that you would like to see that maybe you haven't found anywhere before?
  2. Jonath4nC

    Display Gold

    Hello! Wow it's been a loooong time since I have been here! Um so I was just wondering how to get the gold window to continuously display during gameplay with the option to turn the visibility on and off. I assume this is already somewhere, but I can't seem to find it except for this old post here - "How to continuously have the Gold window opened?" And since I'm not yet script savvy I found this somewhat confusing lol. I also found that Yanfly has a plugin for it, but the site confused me a little and it looks like everything costs now which is totally fair enough, but I thought I should come here first :). Please help mee, thank you so much!
  3. Hi all, So there's a really cool script here that allows you to scale actor's and event's size. I want to see if I can give my game a depth perspective, so I'm wondering, is there a way to alter the actor's scale depending on his/her y axis along individual pixels (not by grid)? So the further up the actor is on the map, the smaller he/she gets and the lower the actor is, the larger he/she gets. Again, the script is found here - Aramis Sprite Zoom I was also thinking that the speed of the actor would appear slower the further away he/she is (take longer to get from one side to the other on the x axis), so I'm wondering if there is also a way to change the actor's speed according to their y axis as well? (I did notice though, when you did this through events, the animation is slower which is not what I want haha. So if the actor could be slower, but keep the same frame-rate?) Thanks!
  4. Jonath4nC

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    (I can't believe I haven't posted anything on this site in over a year now.) I just thought I'd pop by and thank you for posting all your art. It's a real inspiration towards the game I'm developing at the moment actually! (not the one in my banner lol) ...so yea, keep at it and if you have the time, I think you should totally upload more of your art time lapse videos! and I have to totally agree with Shaddow's comment right there!
  5. Jonath4nC

    multi engine Jonnaz Resources

    Hey, yea I'm full time volunteering for stuff in Thailand at the moment. Just a bit of a complete change in my life for six months haha. I would really want to help, but I won't be able to find any time for you, I'm sorry :/ Good luck none the less, I hope you find someone to help you out!
  6. Jonath4nC

    sprites Jonnaz MV Resources

    hahaa thanks! lol you're name changed... and you're face.... and you've upgraded to NPC status... unless you were already that before
  7. Jonath4nC

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    This is so cool! I really shouldn't sign up with how busy I am and how I have some major life choices to make real soon that will effect EVERYTHING.... buuut with it being ANYTHING, I think I have to enter Is submitting an animation all good? EDIT: actually, don't sign me up haha,
  8. Jonath4nC

    Art Competition Discussion

    Yes art competitions would be awesome! Even if there were no prizes, if it were every week, I'd be happy. I seem to always miss out on these, but I guess that's because I can never find the time to enter any... First Question - Personally I like digital, but it would be cool to see it being mixed up every so often. Pixel art is what I'm most into, but again having a mixed genre would be coooool. Second Question - YES badges would be awesome, but personally I can never be bothered with steam keys, I have way too many games already XD. Third Question - I'm interested in entering, I just wouldn't be able to enter at any random time in the year, so if it were more frequent, I'd be happy . I think I would enter anything digital, but not physical. Although I am interested in seeing people's physical art as well haha.
  9. Jonath4nC

    Pathway: Desire Resources

    Please don't tell me these were made in a week?? Whether they were or not, they're pretty epic! How long did these take you really? haha I especially like those battlers, nice work!
  10. Jonath4nC

    zombie Jonnaz Drawings

    Pahaaa thaaaanks! UPDATE: I just kinda finished a Kirito sprite from Sword Art Online. I got lazy and couldn't be bothered doing the diagonal frames :/. I was originally planning on doing all the different versions of him, but in the end I've only done the version of him when he faces off against Kayaba.
  11. Jonath4nC

    sprites Jonnaz MV Resources

    You only saw him once. Maybe you're talking about my sprite. There was another person who made one too, but I don't remember the name now. I think it was Kaneshon. And yeah, Nintendo sucks a lot sometimes. Ohh ok, well here's the 2nd... or 3rd Kirito I got a tad lazy and didn't end up doing the diagonal sprite. Man I didn't realize how many different clothes he wears, it's crazy. This is the version of him while he's fighting Kayaba. I wish I had time to draw all the versions and all the characters, diagonal and all... but oh well :/ I actually found this one quite difficult with how he just wears black haha
  12. Jonath4nC

    Indie in a Week 5!

    @@gurisha Just sent ya a message I was trying to think of ideas to at least share, but i think im too tired haha... I do like that block of cheese idea tho XD
  13. Jonath4nC

    Indie in a Week 5!

    T^T I wish I had time to join in. I've had heeaaaps of time for the past few months, but now work in the kitchen has started up again till the end of the year :/. Does anyone out there want to move to New Zealand and take my job for me? My boss isn't letting me go hahaha. Oh well, good luck to all of yous! I'll be looking out for the next one, maybe I'll have more time then!
  14. Jonath4nC

    sprites Jonnaz MV Resources

    how did i not see this reply? ...huh, i hadn't been following my topic :|. For some reason I thought I automatically followed my own topics, ah well. I think I'll start off with the Kirito sprite even tho he's been done like a million times before... although, I've only seen him once as MV so far. I may end up actually doing all the versions of him and make some character generator parts of him too . I don't reeeaally want to do Mario and Luigi as they were originally created as sprites aaaand it's nintendo who I think I've heard have been famous for cracking down on people with this sort of thing? And then here's me making vx Pokemon sprites hahaha what a contradiction :/. ..but I guess we'll see. Maybe someone will convince me otherwise. As for Takamaru and Samus, I'll chuck them on the maybe list . Thanks for the requests ...I may take a while
  15. Jonath4nC

    sprites Jonnaz MV Resources

    ahh someone replied! thankyou! hahaha, I'll have to post more up, but not sure what else to do. Anyone got any requests at all?
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