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  1. Very solid cast and a really cool genesis. I also really like the essence equip menu you have. There is nothing wrong with using the default blue screen if you like it, but it's always better to try and find a theme that fits your game. I use a custom menu that is black with white text, because my game has a dark feel to it, for example.
  2. ximenia

    Battle system idea

    I don't like the idea of combat being so luck based and not strategy or skill. However I think this would be great for maybe one character to have as a special skill or something.
  3. I was wondering what the community's thoughts are on battle tutorials? Are they necessary? I know from personal experience that in many RPGs I find battle tutorials annoying, I've played plenty of games and I can figure it out on my own pretty easily, and a lot faster than it takes to go through the tutorial. (Unless it's some weird complex battle system) However, I know from a dev standpoint you should always assume the player doesn't know what they're doing and you should hold their hand through the beginning stages of the game. What do you guys think?