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  1. Veethree

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    I love it! Though if I had to make a critique, I'd say the pauses in the cutscenes are way too long.
  2. If all the non-magic characters can do is attack, then make their "Attack" the most fun and effective Attack in the game. Maybe give them multiple hits, or status procs, or maybe even their own meter and combat mechanics. In Devil Survivor 2, there's an entire build strategy that focuses on enhancing the "Normal Attack" command!
  3. Veethree

    Making Guard Skill useful/disarable?

    If guarding isn't a core mechanic in your game, I don't think you should worry too much about balancing it. Take Dragon Quest, for example. The 'Defend' command is just as useless as you have described: it just reduces damage without healing, dealing damage or generating any momentum for your party whatsoever. Same goes for Etrian Odyssey, another great JRPG series. 'Guard' is often treated as a sub-optimal option for a character about to die, and players don't really mind. There would be a balancing issue if guarding were the core mechanic of a specific class, and players find it hard to justify keeping an unproductive "guard" class in their party.
  4. Veethree

    Keeping potions useful

    I don't think it's necessarily bad game design when potions become obsolete. Players feel great when they can finally move up to Hi-potions and later to X-potions. My favorite item balancing system is from the SMT series. Shin Megami Tensei IV and SMTIV Apocalypse gave you limited space in your bag for the powerful restoratives (like 'fully heal entire party' or 'restore tons of MP to party'). This encourages the player to keep using these items throughout the game, instead of hoarding them for the final boss or something.
  5. Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with RPG Maker ever since VX came out (and even got a couples of demos out here and there), and I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full game! I’d really love your feedback for this first ‘real’ project. ABSTRACT: Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul is a role-playing game that focuses on sharp writing and streamlined gameplay. SCREENSHOTS: GENRE: The game is a Fantasy solo RPG. GAME PROGRESSION: 20% - There are no more major gameplay overhauls to be made, or game-breaking technical issues to be adressed. From here on it's just getting down and dirty with designing dungeons, coding events, and writing dialogue. - Right now, I'm actually on leave from school, so you can bet I'm making the most of my time with this hobby of mine. Who knows, RPG making might even be my true calling. CREDITS: - Yanfly for all the plugins I’ve used. - IAmGyrowolf for some of the music. (his soundcloud is -> https://soundcloud.com/gyrowolf) RECRUITING: - Artists for a custom portrait and spritesheet for the protagonist. DEMO TIME: - It's only half an hour long, but I bet you'll like it DOWNLOAD (220 MB): - Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcaszu81dyxsfse/Hailey%20Comet.zip?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STORY/CHARACTER BIO: The protagonist is a member of the royal Comet family. A century past, the prince of Comet used his royal magic to seal the Dark Lord Eul in the evil king’s own tower. He fortified this seal by awakening the magic within the other magic Towers across the land. With Eul defeated, the kingdom enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity. Hailey is a skilled adventurer, herself, and does all she can to live up to her family’s reputation. However, the royal magic protecting the seal has begun to falter, and Eul’s influence is beginning to corrupt the Towers and the lands surrounding them. Monsters have begun to appear, leaving the kingdom in danger of suffering under dark ages anew. The current heir to the throne, Hailey Comet, is tasked with undoing Eul’s corruption and putting a stop to his scheming. Will she succeed? GAMEPLAY: The player progresses through the plot by completing quests, bite-sized scenarios scattered across the map. Each quest offers a different gameplay experience for the player. Monsters and rivals are fought in a conventional turn-based system that has been hyper-compressed for a light, yet engaging experience. - Before she can restore the magic of the four Towers, Hailey must complete all of the Quests on the current map. Each Quest drops you right into the action onto a small ‘board’. The player will have to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and commune with the locals to complete the objective. - Combat has been streamlined from the default battle system to a unique, but easy-to-learn system. The player’s primary options are [Attack] and [Defend]. Attacking consecutively builds up your Heat; the more Heat the character has, the stronger they’ll be and the more bonuses they’ll have. You’ll be dealing pitiful amounts of damage until you can build up a decent amount. Defending reduces damage and restores your HP, but also drops all of your Heat. It’s up to the player whether they should continue to attack to build up Heat or to fall back and start anew when it’s safe. Features specific to the Special Demo Edition: - The first two Quests take place in a cellar, and a bandit hideout. The cellar will have you searching for pests in a basement, while the hideout will have Hailey sneaking past guards to reach the boss. - The first Tower, the Tower of Gales, is played as a platforming puzzle. - The third quest takes place in the run-down, crime-ridden city of Crimeya. The player must explore the town in order to find a way to enter the base of operations of the Blacktooth syndicate. - This special demo version also features a bonus boss. A mysterious boy from another world has been sighted around the Isles of Ire. Could he know anything about the Towers? KNOWN ISSUES: - A lot of the programming during battle is done through common events, so you might run into some bugs. For example, the player character will continue to use "follow-up skills" even on a KO'd opponent.
  6. Thank you! I'll be sure to work out the bug/s (I'm surprised there was only one) for my next release
  7. When I pick up this project again I'm going to use parallaxes to make it more like that
  8. Veethree

    Community game project idea

    I haven't actually seen any community projects or gotten involved while they were development, so I'm not sure how sound your plan is. I think it's interesting, and I'll be sure to watch this thread.
  9. Cool stuff. I know a few "ghost detective" games by the big companies and even some indie ones, but never with a fantasy background (the Soul Forge, that is)
  10. Veethree

    My story idea "The Nobody"

    I think the background is well thought out. I'd like to see how these kingdoms would interact with the lead character, and with each other. As for game mechanics or game progression, what do you have in mind?
  11. It might alienate some players who aren't familiar with Vocaloid or who aren't big fans of the style.
  12. Veethree

    Shapeshifting in Battle

    It's a really cool mechanic that I've never seen done poorly in video games.
  13. Veethree

    The Deed

    This game was really fun! I'm a fan of these short-and-sweet kind of games
  14. I'm having a hard time deciding on that. - It...might kill the open-endedness of the game if I gave Yuth a fixed gender (probably male) - There would be unfortunate implications in tying each of the Storytelling Cards to a gender for Yuth - There are a few gender-sensitive relationships for Yuth, so it might double the development time if I let the player choose.
  15. If this idea ever comes to fruition, I worry I'd run into this problem as well. There are 13 Storytelling Cardsâ„¢, named after classic fantasy jobs: - The Novice - The Black Mage - The White Mage - The Princess - The Knight - The Sage - The Muse - The Fighter - The Paladin - The Monk - The Oracle - The Red Mage - The Rogue - The Domina At certain points in the game, the Cosmic storyteller asks the player for their input on the story thus far. They must select one of the cards to influence those major aspects of his/her life. For example: That was an example of one of the minor decisions the player has to make. Although it has no real lasting effect on the story, it does 'reveal' one thing about Yuth: it determines what Yuth's first skill will be in the playthrough: Black Mage gives him a low-level fire skill, while White Mage gives him a low-level heal. A more important decision after that reveals something with a much larger impact on the story: the guiding force that shaped Yuth's childhood. For example: The game then elaborates on Yuth's childhood via an interactive flashback sequence. In the case of The Princess, a flashback shows Yuth's biological parents (The king and queen of a neighboring country) being assassinated, and Princess Gueneveve and her head knight (who also represents The Knight card) saving Yuth from the same fate. Yuth will then start the game with Princess Gueneveve in their party, and starts with relatively high-level armor to reflect his background. Each other storytelling card will give Yuth different backstories and 'loadouts' for the game. Black Mage: Yuth is an ordinary citizen who is best friends with an energetic troublemaker (The Black Mage) and a soft-spoken girl (The White Mage). He joins your party early, but his stats quickly fall behind yours. He eventually leaves your party when you set out for a grander quest. White Mage: Yuth pairs up primarily with the soft-spoken girl instead (The White Mage). Her stats also eventually lag behind Yuth's, and he can opt to drop her from the party to 'make room' for more powerful allies in his grand quest. The Sage: When Yuth's parents (ordinary citizens) are killed in a bandit raid, the palace sage takes in Yuth and decides to take him as his apprentice. Depending on Yuth's outlook on his apprenticeship, the sage will either: - Hand down his book of his most dangerous spells before he dies of illness, confident that Yuth will be responsible enough to attempt them only when he is ready. A book will be placed in the player's inventory, which Yuth will open near the end of the game to learn a unique magic spell. - Refuse to teach Yuth the spell, out of fear for Yuth's life; he dies of illness and brings his secrets with him. Yuth will attempt to muscle learning the spell on his own; he eventually learns the powerful, unique spell early, but his MP is permanently damaged.
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