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  1. Cyanic

    TF2 Style Weapon System

    I was thinking more of a system where each weapon adds different skills, that way it would work in a turn based RPG. I have looked at making an action RPG but it just feels clunky and limited since the engine wasn't designed for it and there aren't enough animations out there to make it work. As for ATB, I never bothered trying to understand how it works but AFAIK you can miss your chance to attack if you aren't quick enough, right? Thanks for the advice, though.
  2. So I was thinking of making a sort of TF2 style weapon system for my game using the Add skill property. By that I mean no weapon is objectively better than another, they just have different stats and add different skills. I think this would bring an interesting twist to the way equipping normally works but I am slightly concerned about the fact that it may take some progression away from the game. The same could be done for 'secondary weapons' as well as armour and things using Yanfly's custom equip script. Still, it may cause some issues with progression. What do you guys think?
  3. Cyanic

    Clariuski's Stuff [07/21/2015]

    Wow, these are really nice!
  4. Cyanic

    BGM Music

    You need to make sure you're setting the battle BGM before the battle is initiated. I generally try to avoid setting it in the troop and just do it before each encounter provided they're linear events that lead to a battle. I'm no scripter but I believe RPG maker won't change the battle music mid-battle unless you explicitly tell it to after it starts, meaning it may just be ignoring your command. I'm not 100% on this one so don't take what I say as true
  5. Cyanic

    Skills dealing damage.

    I would advise against making a new project as we know it will work and that doesn't help solve the issue. Instead, set your player starting location to a test room and create a random encounter. If it then works, it's probably a script using a variable for switching between HP and MP. If not, keep the test room and remove each of your scripts one by one until the skills work. Then obviously test after removing each one and you can tell which is causing the issue. Just a side note, have you modified the default scripts in any way?
  6. Cyanic

    Game Help (In a rutt)

    Depending on how you want your story to play out, I would recommend either leaving it as a player choice like Intocabille said or, given their different personalities, the main character and his sister could disagree over the matter, leading them to get captured at which point they argue more and end up separating / coming to reason and working together to escape depending on the characters and plot. I'd look at this as an important moment for character development as it could show how your characters act in a tricky situation. In that respect, a player choice would not be the best option although it is also cool to be able to have that strategic "How should I approach this?" element. It's completely up to you.
  7. Cyanic

    Actors and Events

    So tell me if I'm not getting this right. You want to reference specific actors in the party? If so, it shouldn't matter where in the party the actor is unless you are doing some sort of graphical effect. Given this, the easiest way to do it would be to check if each of your classes is in the party and apply the effect if they are. This can be done with the "Actor x exists" part of the conditional branch statement. For example: Conditional branch (Actor 1 exists): //Code Conditional branch (Actor 2 exists): //Code ...And so on If you have more than one actor for each of your classes in the party then to apply the effect to only one you should put the second conditional branch in the "Else" of the first, and the third in the "Else" of the second etc. This is the closest RPG Maker gets to a case statement. However, if you really do want to reference specific party slots (As in the actor in formation slot #1, as you said) then it would have to be done through scripting as I am fairly certain none of the event commands let you reference party slot game data. Yanfly may have something for you if that is the case. (http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/) Hope this helps.