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  1. I'm hating making interior. -_-

  2. Someone pinch me on the butt so I can get this game done!! >.<

  3. Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin RPG Coming Soon!

    1. TBWCS


      looks neat,I thought of making one myself however, hmmm :D

    2. Wawa


      Thanks! You should consider it! :D

  4. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser

    I use some RTP audio tracks. They are .ogg files. Each around 2mb. Thank you, though!
  5. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser

    Most of the data is from the BGM that's used in the game. More than half of the memory, actually. And anything that I remove in the Graphics area wouldn't make much dent to the size. I'll see what I can do.
  6. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser

    Is it really a big file size? It's actually my first time compressin it manually (not including all RTP in the compression). It's started much smaller but I had to add in stuff that I forgot to add that was needed in the game. lol
  7. Hope people get to try my game today. Happy thanksgiving to all!

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    2. Fooder
    3. Blu


      Okay, I started playing your game... and it is tougher than expected.Will finish in a couple of days and post on the thread :3

    4. Wawa


      Hey guys! Damn! I just saw this! Didn't know there's no notification when someone replies here.

      Thank you all for trying out my game! Hope it was a short, fun experience for everyone! :D

  8. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser

    Turkey Chaser! A Seasonal Game For Thanksgiving Abstract: A quick, short, time-attack game. Genre: Arcade, fantasy, puzzle Average Game Time: 10 - 30 minutes ____________________ Setting: Tersho, a boy summoned by the spirit of Thanksgiving, is assigned the task to save thanksgiving. ____________________ Character Bios: Tersho - A young boy with expertise of catching, hunting, chasing down turkeys. Spirit of Thanksgiving - A spirit of what is celebrated once a year be many Americans. ___________________ Credits: - Turkey design made by Laurent Déry - All other assets RTP ___________________ Screenshots: _______________________ Video: Trailer: ___________________ Features: - No battle system - Time attack - 20+ small platform levels - Gets very challenging - Watch out for troll turkeys __________________ Dowload Link: - https://app.box.com/s/od752bst8vhjxw50wz75 (50MB) __________________ Known Issues: - None so far
  9. Wawa

    Terrible Witch v.1.0 (Complete Game)

    This is a pretty solid game. I finished it and I had some fun playing it. The story is good and straightforward. With a short game like this, there's no need to make the story more complicated and that's exactly what this game is. The battle system could use more flexibility. I ended up with everyone equipped with a sword as magic atk spells didn't seem worth the mana. I used it more for healing the entire game I kinda didn't like the fact that it's impossible to tell how each character will level up along the way. I had one character who I buffed up only to end up with her only having 1MP the entire game rendering the spells I added to her useless. The game also felt like it was stingy with exp but this might be just a personal thing. Some characters could use more unique personalities as weill but I understand that this is a free game so you may do that if you do a game with commercial release. Overall, not a bad game at all! Bravo!
  10. still getting used to dithering.. so hard! T_T

  11. Wawa

    Hey guys!

    Thanks! I'll be around. The sprite is based of an anime character. It's a popular series right now.
  12. Wawa

    Hey guys!

    Thanks! The dogs name is Sadaharu and i'm pretty sure he's helped me more than once in the past. =)) The game I made is indeed finished already but I'm not sure if it's worthy of it's own post. It's about 10-30 minutes long and everything used there is stock. I might just make one for future releases which should have influences from forum members.
  13. Wawa

    Hey guys!

    What is up, guys? I'm Wawa and I am new here! I recently just bought RPG Maker VX Ace when it went on sale on steam just recently. I have to say that i'm pretty happy with my purchase. Since I bought, I spent about less than 40 hours on it and got to finish my first game! (Well, very basic game. But, still! I made a game! yey!) Right now, I am trying to learn how to draw pixel art for my next game which will be a fan game for a series. I'll attach a pic of one of the characters and let's see if anyone can guess. http://i.imgur.com/zDQnYeJ.png I plan on making three games this year. One of them will be licensed. Anyways, hope you guys wish me luck. You'll be seeing me here lurking in the forums for the rest of the year. If anyone wants to try my first game, please do so! It's only 10-30 minutes long and even though it's basic, I think it's ok. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to do this but here's a link to it: https://app.box.com/s/pgfqpf76fkge9jodmnqy Here's a link to a video I made on it: And that's it! Thanks for taking the time to read all this! Looking forward to meeting amazing people here to get me LEARNED! <3 <3 <3 - Wawa