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  1. Saiffu

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the community! Hope ya get to release your game ^^
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    Haiia Guys

    Can't wait to see you to develop your game. Good luck and welcome to the community!
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community!
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    Welcome to RPG Maker Central! Hope you could be able to share your creativity with us as well. We'll be looking forward for the games you'll make! :)
  5. This game looks promising! amazing art! The way you present your story is extraordinary and the battle system is dope! Hope you get to finish this game. Have high hopes for you! Keep up the good work :)
  6. Hello, it seems like you've got no audience yet. I would try out the game and post as soon as I get enough opinions about the demo. Experienced a similar situation so, yeah, I know how it feels.
  7. Saiffu


    I played your game and made a review.
  8. Saiffu

    Akage |Saif Ü Reviews|

    Game Title: Akage Author: Scaptonyx Topic Link Gameplay The Gameplay for Akage is about how the sexy and charming lady who is named 'Akage', slash her way to the culprit who burned her whole village, and her beloved house. Basically, the game showcases the battle system of Sapphire. The game is then spiced up with a system wherein you may enchant mana stones into your equipment. There are various Mana Stones which raises a certain type of attribute. The game also emphasizes on the use of potions to withstand hard battles. My only suggestion would be, maybe add a hotkey wherein you may link items which you would want to use there. I had to open and close the menu to use a potion in my inventory whenever there would be a boss battle. The game also offers several weapons and scrolls, which I found entertaining since picking up such items made me feel rewarded from all the killing Akage has done. I felt stronger and stronger everytime I encountered an item stronger than what I had. Story The story is simple, The Bad Guy burns her house and she chases after the Bad Guy. There were no complications or such which was made. The story was straightforward, considering it was a short game. Resources Used No additional resources was used, background music and system interfaces stay the same and not that much customization. The only additional resource which I spotted are the use of the characters Bust Shots. I say that it was a good idea adding those in the game. It added to the feel of the game and the art which Akage had has charmed me since it is simply how art was like on the olden days. Good job Overall I think the game was made just for experimenting purposes. Overall, the game would be satisfactory for a short game, but lacks a lot, so I'll give it a 6.5/10. That's all I have to say and happy game developing.
  9. I was playing the game and I encountered an error when I was about to enter a battle with a monster in the canyon where the rogue's thinking place is located. And please do create two more parts if you can, I am playing the game right now and I can say that the storyline for the game is quite interesting. I got hooked up and loved the story in other words.
  10. Saiffu

    Red Hand Of Doom |Saif Ü Reviews|

    Here you go EDIT: I just found out it's not the buff's fault. it's on that stage itself. take a look.
  11. Saiffu

    Red Hand Of Doom |Saif Ü Reviews|

    I finally got far enough in the game, have beaten everything in the cave which had a lot of zombies except the boss. my only problem now is that the game won't accept how powerful I already am!!! HAHAHA. just kidding. The game cannot seem to compute the amount of damage I have stacked upon the buffs which I had made. See the screenshot below. I prepared myself very well for the opponent which I am about to face, and so this happened The error which appears now is the KDEA:StatCalc error. oh and I found another bug, the skill of the bard wherein competency is raised, it makes the game crash. Another bug would be when the shrink person is used, and the duration ends, the character's sprite who had the buff would be 100% transparent. I enjoyed the game so much and I have already used so much time just to determine the right combination of classes and I can say that I could even play this 24 hours straight. The game is very addictive, so please! fix the errors quickly
  12. That moment when you feel embarrassed for someone else. -.-

    1. RavenBlueIndigo


      That moment when you find out that the woman you have been married to for 5 years is literally a llama. *Sighs.*

    2. Kayzee


      Why sighing? That sounds awesome! Llama's make the best brides.

  13. Saiffu

    Red Hand Of Doom |Saif Ü Reviews|

    The ogre part would have just the right difficulty, but I think it had become harder because I could not use some of the status inflicting skills onto the ogre. The wizards and sorcerers/sorceress had just the right mana pool but the clerics had such a pityful amount. What I think is needed too are additional skills/options to restore mana pool as resting in camp takes too much time, an alternative maybe? And the shop with the weird looking lizard could offer potions/scrolls for medium and critical wounds. And also for the gems which are picked up on the treasure boxes, do they hold any important value? you may define it in the item description I also think the whole demo before the actual story contains too much battles, a lot of hard ones at that, I think the accuracy rate is too low at some times. Some suggestions, I find it weird that the fighter's and barbarian's are the ones which could learn Finesse Wielding, as their attributes scales on Strength mainly, while the Rogue's scale a lot on dexterity but does not have the right to learn Finesse Wielding right away, so I had to get a hybrid of fighter or barbarian. The range of the skills of spellcasters are a bit small? it's just one tile away, I bet spellcasters don't need to get that near to their comrades just to buff or heal them up, maybe widen the range a little bit? I also think 1-8 healing for the light wounds is strange, 3-8 would be better. just my opinion. That's all and I'll try to play the game again to find more bugs.
  14. Saiffu


    Are all four chapters present in the game?
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