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    I am a writer and artist by profession, and love to create in-depth stories, and art to go along with them. So what better then to use RPG Maker? I am new to this community but I love to get involved.

    If you need help with the writing aspect of your game, or with tilesets and custom portraits/facesets, send me a private message.

    Don't be shy, I'm very sociable <3

    P.S. I put my skype in here if anyone wants to chat, about anything really :D

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  1. Neverward

    Style Feedback

    Hey there! I think those sprites are simple adorable, the movement is unique and so is the style! I like that they lack an outline, actually. I think the problem with the picture Bunni posted is that the background is composed of the characters colors. In games no one making their own custom tiles creates color scheme that make their characters blend into the background, and I think you can easily avoid that issue with good color choices in the creation of your game though granted I'm not sure what tile-sets you use or if you make your own hehe. Maybe you could try having the outside pixels be just a tiny shade darker at the edges, and even the outline isn't a bad idea depending on the game, but I like them as is too :3 As to the sprites individually, they have a ton of character! I like the laid back blinking (kinda stoned looking) face of the blonde girl, and the redhead with the pigtails is my favorite! I have one thing I noticed that bothered me (and I had to look hard to find anything I didn't like ;P) is the girl on the bottom left, when facing forward her head looks like it shrinks compared to the sideveiw.
  2. Neverward

    Respawning and scaling enemys.

    I haven't found anything that specifically deals with respawning in the lists of scripts out there, but I ran across a few helpful tools for making the system a little less limited. It's not exactly what you're asking for but I hope that if you don't find your solution these will help you ^^ Since I'm not sure what you're going for I'll give you a flurry of links:
  3. My work is winding down, and soon it will be shown in an upcoming Demo :D very excited to show what I'v been up to!

    1. Galv


      We're excited to see!

    2. seriouscat


      So excited to seee!!!

    3. Allusion


      Can't wait! QAQ

  4. Hey there welcome to the forums! That's very useful, even if you don't make games! We love having makers and users both
  5. Neverward

    Greetings, ladies and gentlemans.

    Hey there, welcome to the community we're happy to have you!
  6. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    Here's another little photoshop tutorial, mostly useful for busy textures, or for trying to get a DS feeling out of some tiles. Click on this image to see it full size If your curious which one I chose, I used the one with 12 colors. Also I used this to create my own DS-style tiles out of the RTP tiles for a quick way to mix resources, which would be a fun way to practice this method!
  7. Neverward

    Let's Draw... Male vs. Female Anatomy

    Absolutely awesome 8D I will be practicing my men now hehe! These are some very awesome tips and they gave me a lot of insight into the mysterious realm of drawing men... maybe they will come out less womanly now. The tips about estrogen and facial structure are spot on!
  8. Neverward

    Player Turn & Move

    Hey this is a really fantastic script, I think it adds a lot to the immersion in a game. I always hate when I coast around if I just want to turn and look in a certain direction at a certain location. I have one question, maybe even a suggestion if it's not already a part of the script Can I have it so that if I'm already turned in a certain direction, hitting the key won't delay? It will only delay if I'm turning in a direction I'm not facing? So I can quickly turn and then take a single step foreword just by tapping?
  9. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    Heck yeah I'd love to see. It's to each their own I hope the tips in here help anyway, it's not just for cell shaders! And here's a new tutorial everyone, it's really simple and easy but I was asked this question and I thought it would help. Ever wondered how people make perfectly looping tiles? Well now you can too.
  10. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    Haha I honestly don't care if we have a conversation in this topic as long as it's centered around art! I might post little tutorials like that bald guy one once in a while, hear suggestions and I'm also happy to help out if someone has questions about digital art. (and chat lawl) I have always drawn women because I just find their figures more interesting to draw xD men are flat all over (unless they're well muscled) and women are bubbly. I <3 bubbly I wish someone would come out with some really good tutorials on drawing men, but I'll probably just have to take an art class on drawing anatomy or something to really learn it. Bicicles are not easy to draw but it's fun to try! Monkeys are adorable and surprisingly the only animal I can manage to draw well (probably because they're the most human-looking)
  11. Absolutely lovely collection of tutorials I learned a ton from every one of them, and I feel like this will definitely improve my shoddy spriting skills, so it's time to practice hehe~ I like to see how everyone does grass tiles differently, your method looks really nice ^^ I noticed you didn't mention anywhere in this tutorial (that I saw) using the tool offset in photoshop to make seamless tiles, and was wondering if you know about that or if you left it out on purpose. Thanks for making these and sharing them!
  12. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    I made this just for you the only thing on your list which I know anything about xD Oh and I hope it's legible.
  13. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    Yeah I have never found a digital art tutorial that tries to take a person through all of the steps, I thought why not! Thank you for checking it out Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hey I'm glad you found it interesting, and like how it turned out (even though I think a more extensive background would have made it nicer!) I agree I know that my way is definitely not conventional, but tutorials that show different styles can help people find their own by showing they can do whatever works best for them or at least that's what I'm trying to show haha. And most definitely, practice is the only way to get better and no one starts good at anything so just keeping away from subjects you dislike isn't the solution. I'm a terrible hypocrite about that though, I ironically struggle with the same things you do (plus feet... and animals. Wow that's a lot of things eh? xD) Haha I'm glad you found how relaxed it was a plus instead of being off-putting <3 thanks for coming and checking it out and I'm glad you like it. ALSO IMPORTANT EDIT: ADDED THE 1 MISSING STEP, STEP 15. Sorry about that >< I must have missed it...
  14. Neverward

    Comprehensive Digital Art Tutorial

    It certainly is, I realized if I was serious about digital art it would be mandatory. Some people say they don't like the tablet but it takes a while to get used to, like any new medium. They have some good ones for around 50-60 by Wacom who makes a ton of awesome tablets, and I promise that if you get one it will open up a lot of new doors and could expand your style. I still make traditional art all the time, both are good!
  15. Hey there! Welcome to my tutorial. I've never made a tutorial before however I'v been asked to so I thought I'd take a crack at it! I want to let you know now, this tutorial is not 'how to draw exactly this exact girl' but more just a collection of advice and tips for the steps you take while you draw something like this. It's in my own style, so it may not fit everyone's, but I hope that you will learn something from it anyway! I used Easy Paint Tool SAI for the majority of this piece, however when I was finished with the coloring I moved it to Photoshop by saving it as a PSD. I didn't mention it in the tutorial so keep that in mind! Are you too lazy for all of this? CHAPTERS: Section 1: SKETCHING AND LINING Step 1 - 9 Section 2: COLORING THE FIGURE/HAIR Step 10 - 14 Section 3: CLOTHING AND COLORING Step 15 - 21 Section 4: BACKGROUND AND EFFECTS Step 22 - 26 SKETCHING AND LINING This section has extra tips. The other sections might not until later. COLORING THE FIGURE/HAIR CLOTHING AND COLORING BACKGROUND AND EFFECTS FIN!
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