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  1. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :wub:

  2. Did a quick bit of testing, and adding new scripts into the equation does seem really situational. Since most scripts either don't fully work, or throw an error if they aren't initialized (done at start of new game), I'd recommend you avoid adding scripts if possible, but you might be able to get away with some scripts. Just make sure to test things out.
  3. Assuming both games are made in the same engine, you could accomplish this without much issue. If you set things up with the transfer in mind, you can simply copy your save file from game 1 over to game 2. When starting the second game, just start creating switches/variables/new items/etc where you left off on the original game. (If you had 150 switches in the first game, start at 160 or so.) This way, you can reference choices and story progress from the first game, as well as prevent things from getting screwed up by having a switch unknowingly active. This will transfer over your characters, inventory, active switches and variables, and your current location. To deal with the location, you have two options. Firstly, you could create a "transfer room" where the players must save in game 1. Then, set a map with an identical layout in the first town of the second game. This option uses the honor system, as if the players choose not to save in the "transfer room" they could end up somewhere unexpected, such as out of bounds, or late into the game. The other option is to have a switch in game 1 called "Transfer?". Then, in game 2, have a autorun common event that activates if this switch in active (which it only should be if a save is transferred). From there, you could teleport the player to wherever you want the game to start. One MAJOR note about this! If you decide to do this, both games MUST have the same scripts. If not, the save will likely either fail to load, or crash! I hope I explained this well enough. If your confused about anything, I could whip up a quick demo. Just let me know!
  4. What I have been up to lately.

    Cool to hear that you continued work on your dungeon system. I've been toying with an idea using your older released demo (kind of a mix between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and raising Chao from Sonic), and look forward to seeing how you've expanded on it over time.
  5. Happy Holidays Everyone! :) 

  6. Golem Sprite Request

    Thanks again for helping me out, they turned out wonderful!
  7. FaceSets & Bust Ups! (Taking Vague Requests)

    Hey! I was wondering if I could make a request? If so, could you could try creating a sheep girl. Design wise, she'd be pretty much the same as an elf, just with sheep's ears (and perhaps those cute swirly cinnamon bun looking horns that some sheep have). I hope this isn't too specific of a request.
  8. Pokemon RMN - Seeking Pixel Artists

    Thanks a ton! I've sent you a PM.
  9. Golem Sprite Request

    Thanks a bunch, both of you. It means a lot! @Shaddow If you end up having any questions, just let me know!
  10. Golem Sprite Request

    Hello! I'm hoping someone help me create a cutesy golem sprite for my project?Resource Type: Overworld Character SpriteMaker Format: VxAce (although MV is fine too)Art Style: RTP (Chibi) styleDescription: I'm hoping to create a magical-looking golem, something that looks kinda rugged/worn down, but still kinda cutesy. I have an image below to base it on.References: I'm looking to have the golem based on this little guy:Very cute indeed!~Thank you!
  11. Vectra's Eventing Empire

    Hey! Are you still accepting requests? And if so, could I put in a request: Description: I'm looking to re-create a simple minigame from the now closed Club Penguin. I've been feeling a lot of nostolga for CP lately, and was hoping to re-create a few of its minigames in my game. The minigame itself is called Thin Ice. The game itself is really simple, you move your character over ice tiles, which melt as you step off of them. The goal is to get to the end of the level (the red tile in the example video), but if you want a high score, you'll want to melt as many tiles as possible (with a bonus if you 100% a level). There's a few other mechanics that come into play, such as a tile that you can pass over twice, push blocks, a teleport tile, etc, but I'd imagine after you have the basic mechanic, those would be easy to add. I'm including a video below, but if you have any other questions, please do ask! Example (if possible): Here's a video of someone playing the game; Would you like GUI/pictures done by me?: If you're willing to, yes Art Style (must have a visual example(s))?: Similar to the video. You'd be playing the game on a retro arcade cabinet, so the art style is fitting. Also, although you certainly don't have to, I do have a player sprite planned, if you'd be willing to retro-ize it to fit the other aesthetics.
  12. Hey! Quick question, I'm using Yanfly's common event shop, and want to have certain shop items be hidden dependent on a veritable. (Hope this is the right place for this...) This is the notetag I have to set up <shop show eval> string string </shop show eval> How would I write a line of code to check if a variable is higher than (or equal to) x?