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  1. Heads up to anyone looking to buy MV/Ace/VX/XP/2003, humble bundle has them all at ~80% off, but the sale ends in like 12 hours!

  2. Hey! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a (hopefully simple) script request. Pretty much, I'm hoping for a script that a % chance (possibly stored in a variable to allow for mid-game % changing) to have an item used within battle to be refunded (not used up), ideally with a message in the battle log saying "Got a Freebie!" or something of the nature. A couple other cool features might be allowing to have items with different refund % (as notetags or listed in the script itself), or having equipment that could raise the odds, but I wouldn't worry about it if it proves to be difficult. Thank you!
  3. Ao no Kiseki Battle System Turn Length

  4. Bump-a roo!~
  5. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with making a change to Saba Kan's Ao no Kiseki Battle System (The core script, most likely). As it is, the script causes a turn to pass after every action, which messes with states and turn based events. Could someone please help me add in a more consistant turn counter (either after every participant in battle has made an action, or after a certain amount of time) Thank you!
  6. Hey! I've run into a bit of an issue with Yami's Enemy Character Set script. Namely, it doesn't work with the "Appear Halfway" event command. While hidden, I can't target the enemy, but their sprite is still shown. Could someone please help me fix this bug? Thanks!
  7. Game Log

    By any chance, would anyone still have this script? I haven't been able to track it down anywhere, and it seems to have gone down years ago.
  8. Hey! In my project, I'm using Hime's Learn Condition Formulas script, which allows you to set formulas that determine if an actor can access a skill. Could someone help me create a condition that will only allow access to a skill if the actor already knows skill 170? Thank you!
  9. No problem! Use this script call in an event (event page 3, bottom option is script). $game_party.menu_actor = $game_actors[4] SceneManager.call(Scene_Equip) This will open the equip menu for actor 4 in the database. Just change the 4 to whatever actor you want.
  10. Set Variable Depending on Active Face

    Awesome, this is exactly what I has trying to do! Tried it out, and it works great. Thanks a ton, to both of you!
  11. This is pretty nifty actually, I could see it working well with creating an auctioneer system, or a shop where the buy-able items are displayed on shelves, as opposed to a menu.
  12. Hey! I was wondering if anyone could help make a a small script. In my project, I have a separate message sound play depending on who is talking, determined by a variable. Normally, I have to manually set this before every text box of every event, but I was hoping I could have this variable automatically set depending on who is talking. Pretty much, I'd love to have the script check which face is being used (before the text actually starts to scroll). If the face (filename, index) is defined in the script, set the variable to X, otherwise don't to anything. I hope I explained this in a way that makes sense. Please do ask if you have any questions though. Thank you!
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