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    Making and playing video games, of course. I also like anime like Hetalia and watching Let's Plays, particularly PBG, JonTron, or Pewdiepie, so feel free to chat me up if you're also a fan of one of them. I would love to talk about them. Besides that... I like Doctor Who, and that's kinda it. Most of my time is spent either watching, playing, or making video games. O.O
  1. I'm working on a detective/murder mystery game and I wanted to make it so the player could access a list of suspect's names, then click on the name to read a short description of the suspect plus maybe their face next to it or something. Kinda like in Ace Attorney where you can click on people's profiles and read about them. Is there a way to do this in the game or would I need a script for it? And if so, which script should I use? I'm stumped, so any suggestions on how to go about this would be great. Please and thank you!
  2. I'm working on a game in which the main character loses her memory and gets it back throughout the game through flashbacks. Some of these flashbacks go back to her childhood so I was wondering if anybody might be willing to make a child sprite and child faceset(s) for her? If you're interested reply to this post with a sample of your work (it can be anything) and your terms and conditions. From there, if I like it, we can privately message each other and work out the details. Much appreciated! I will also post her sprite and one of her facesets so give you an idea of what she looks like, as well. Thanks!
  3. Sort of like Mido from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I want to create an npc that moves with the player to prevent them from going somewhere until they obtain a certain key item. Does anybody have any idea on how to do this? I suppose you could say I'd like the npc to sort of mirror the player? In Misao I think there was something similar with a little ghost girl who followed you to the end of a room and if you tried to turn around you died, except in this case the character would be moving to the right when the player moves the right, moving to the left when the player moves to the left, etc. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Rosered

    Custom Picture For Hetalia Horror Game?

    Oh, really? I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, whoops! Sorry!
  5. I'm making a Hetalia horror game, but I need a picture that can be displayed on the player's screen for an event. The event in question is one that takes place in the beginning of the game, in which Prussia gets bitten on the base of the neck/shoulder by the villain, Angelo, a powerful sorcerer with fangs (though he's not a vampire.) Actually it's intended to be somewhat vague exactly what he is. He is essentially a human, but with some demonic attributes, I guess you could say. Below is a sprite sheet and faceset I made of him for reference (I did use some generator parts from other artists to create him). I would also be willing to send a copy of the game thus far (though it is by no means complete and may be subject to change) if it would help, so you can play through the event I'm talking about, just ask for it and I will send it to you personally. Naturally, credit will be given in the end credits of the game when/if it is completed to the artist. This is my first time requesting something like this, so please forgive me if I have messed up somehow. I've tried to follow the request rules as closely as possible. If there are any other details or missing information you would like to know just post a comment and I will gladly add it. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  6. Thanks! I'm glad you can use them. About the old man battler, I think I can make one, but I don't know when it will be finished. I'm currently in my exams, so it may take a little longer. Oh, and I'm fine with the faceset not being from RPG Maker. If it had been a battler you wanted me to edit I would've declined, as you didn't have written permission from the original owner. But since this is only used as a reference it's fine by me. Ah, okay, take as much time as you need making it! Thank you so much! Oh, but how will I know when it's done?
  7. Thanks a lot for making these battlers, I'm sure they will come quite in handy! As will the other resources you posted too. I was wondering if you still take requests, and if so, could you make for me a battler that's just basically an old man? Not evil or anything, just a regular old man. Sorta based off of one of the facesets/sprites I got from another website, I'll post those below this message. If you would I would much appreciate it and of course credit you in my game (of course I'm already going to be crediting you if I use your premade battlers and other battler requests but I'll credit you for making a special one for me.) I don't mind if you share it, either, I know you said you share all your resources so that's fine with me. Who knows? Maybe someone else will need an old man battler for their game? XD P.S. The graphics I'm using for the old man in my game came from another website, a Japanese website called eurs.blog65.com. I hope that's okay with you? It's sorta similar to that one faceset with the old dude with the glasses in it from the RTP except these are modified I guess? Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  8. Rosered

    How to make a Save point/Remove Save from Menu

    Very helpful! Thanks so much! For the life of me I could not figure out how to do this before.
  9. Nvm! Thanks so much! This guide really helped! Thank you, you're very helpful. But if you don't find it don't worry the guide that other guy posted actually solved my problem.
  10. No you see my issue is the opposite. I don't want the player to activate the event, I want the event to activate the event, exclusively. Thank you for your help anyhow.
  11. Rosered

    Granny's Lists - Animal Sprites

    If you've got a steam account, subscribe to SHIGEKICHI's Resource Pack and then import the graphics to your RPG Maker through Manage Projects. One of his tilesets has dog/pet bowls in it. Don'tcha worry Granny, we really appreciate all you've done for us, and the fact ur going to try to find the resources for us AGAIN. Thank you!
  12. Thanks. I may try these things. If anyone else has any ideas I'm open to hearing them.
  13. Hmm, duh! That's a great idea, I'm so stupid sometimes! XD Thanks, I will try it!
  14. Rosered

    Granny's Lists - Modern & Futuristic Resources

    Hey Granny, long time lurker, first time posting on one of your threads. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your resources compilations, it's extremely helpful and makes my games just that much better for having these good details and graphics. Thanks again, you're such a nice person. It'd take forever to find these materials if they weren't compiled here by you.
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