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  1. Feli

    Battle Summon

    This script is compatible with the battle script "Mog Battle Hud"?
  2. the change did not work right ... because I define the variables by the leader, so to move the window, q would change leader also ... I've been testing and saw that the window allows up to 13 lines, leaving her more satisfied thank you
  3. I created the variables to display the attributes of the characters, for example: $game_party.members [0].hit I changed the name "job" to "accuracy" and added the value of the variable .. for example, 0.95 is shown to character id1, and exchanging the leader through the menu shows 0.96 to character id2 .. how have you teach me how change the heroes in own window? ah and you think if you put 30 variables (3 columns) would be ugly?
  4. wow! Thank you very much! You could add an option to change party members by pressing L and R? As in the status menu?
  5. i get change... only create variables which show these parameters and add... is more easy.. only i have a doubt... how can increase the max number of variables (10) for 15 or more? nice script... help so much
  6. very good... i can change the variables by parameters? or other command? i can add more variables?
  7. Ok... thank you Sughayyer (thank you by portugueses answer too )... i can look... but a need a modification of equipment menu too... obs... the link of yanfly scripts no run...
  8. I need all of special parameters (hp, mp and tp regenerations not are need)... and i using the default status and equipment menu
  9. yes... thank you but i already look this script... i am looking for a more simple script... which no modify all status menu... but thank you