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    New Admin

    Heh, thank you! I'm slightly confused - was that aimed to me? Yes lol (Woops I forgot to check back)
  2. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    New Admin

    Congratulations Riki! And Seriel. You're such a cute kid (if you remember me). I hope you will be able to keep up with the members hehe
  3. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Amazing!!! Your artwork has improved a lot I love the new style a lot. I think it will be very marketable. I hope you keep using it. You will go far with it.
  4. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Finding own art style . Feedback ? (once again)

    I think you draw well. They all look great. I like the 2nd the most though.
  5. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Do this Poll! Tell me about Yourself.

    I was just talking to a member about wanting to better know the users here. I mean, beyond than just seeing their avatar, or reading their profile-- sometimes you just really want to know more about them, especially if you keep seeing them. But for most people, we're taught that asking random questions is odd. We're taught to wait for a "right time" to approach, or wait for some magical amount of time until we think we know this person well enough. .... So here is the random poll i made up! It's the second one i made for the RPG Maker community. You can choose to leave questions you don't want to answer blank. I feel like this might also be a good way of getting everyone together on a topic. First couple questions will be general ones. I'm going to read every reply i get, just like the first time i did this. : )
  6. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Possible Character Designs

    i like casual 3, casual 5, and casual 1 most for her personality
  7. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    70's Cars/Vehicles Tilesets and/or Sprites

    You're in luck!!! I've been working on a 1970s themed game for awhile and made a bunch of private resources for it. However, it's very unlikely that I will complete the game. I have various tiles and sprites made for if. Unfortunately, I'm in England right now for vacation. But i can PM you what I have, when I get back to Canada (~Feb 20th). Please credit me if you do, however, use the resources. I never got around to making 70s-style cars, but I do have modern-type vehicles available in a Restaff release here.
  8. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    Ohhh, that's odd then! I'm not sure why it's not working then. I agree about the making 1 account for 1 picture kinda thing. But glad you found an alternative. And yea! I can see the photo when I click on your link. But not directly on the forum. You remind me somewhat of a vague acquaintance of mine ( :
  9. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    Nice ring! Kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or something. The attachment button might not be working because your photo might be too big in file size (plus you can only keep a certain amount-- in MB file size-- of attachments, overall, for each account). A nice photo of yourself could be 1MB in file size, for example. I use "tinypic.com" to upload pictures sometimes. And from there, use the image code they provide to post pictures on forums. You can only either use the embedded attachment function, or image hosting sites, to post personal pictures here. ( : In the time spent trying to find alternatives, I think it will be much easier and faster for you to use image hosting btw.
  10. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    LOL it's actually a very old Tony Hawk hoodie from back when I liked Tony Hawk, got it in 6th grade and I'm in 11th now. It's pretty nice, and it still fits well, especially noting I've grown about a foot and have gotten a lot bigger overall since then! Wish I had a kick-a$$ robe for one of my costumes, though... Lucky! I've only grown ~3-5 inches since Gr.6. (i'm 2nd year University) And... Try ebay! I got a skirt for a (Halloween) costume there for $2 lmao. It's believably nice enough to even wear casually.
  11. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    No problem! And same, lol! :/ I always curl my eyelashes cuz they're weird and sparse and straight. I actually use 3 different mascaras cuz they're so hard to work with. |:/ Lately I've developed weird bald patches along my eyelashes though.... Lol, I think it's a sign to cut down on the curling...
  12. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    @LadyMinerva: Wow, you're really, REALLY, pretty!!! Do you curl your eyelashes? And I love the big-framed glasses look I have a pair, but they're fake lol. @JBYT: I wish I had dat robe. o_o Dat robe.
  13. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    "The Incarnations of an Artist"

    ^ I agree, I wasn't sure that I'd understood the message/meaning behind this text, but I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who got that impression. (!) Hahaha; I'm still not sure if there's more I'm missing than that though.
  14. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    commissions Amy's Pixel Place

    Wow, your sprites look awesome!! I never knew/ don't believe I've ever seen you do pixel art! Hahaha, the detail on them is really great though! You would think you could easily see these in a game or something. Really clean and colourful and the shapes and style are really lovely! Good luck on the shop, I think and hope you will do well. ( ;
  15. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Competely; you can learn so much from the real thing, and really trying to learn it. : ) And yea, there is quite the difference! Hopefully it might encourage some people to want to have a go at studying real people. I do miss drawing more anime-like sometimes. But I guess everyone's always changing, and it just goes to show that "improvement" and "style" can be pretty subjective. Thanks.
  16. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Ahh, i see! Did you use to draw realism? Or was it usually just semi-realistic? Is it something you still practise often? o.o I started practising realism only recently, as a self-improvement method. I like to use/practise it as much as i can! ( : I also practise it on simple, geometric shapes, to get a better idea of how to shade bigger objects. Once i can understand how the object behaves in real life, i then attempt to draw/stylize it in my own way. ( : I really like the results i get from doing this. I regularly practise drawing real human bodies a lot, yea. I also often practise shading 3-D shapes in different lighting conditions. Every time i colour, I also like to shade the basic shapes in a figure as realistic as possible, before filling the whole object out. It helps me see if i don't like the lighting, or if patches are too dark or too light. So yea, i'd say i often (try to lol) practise realism. This is what i mean by shading the "basic shapes" of a figure btw : Also, in case you're curious, these are the before and afters of how i drew anatomy after looking at real people. :
  17. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Wow~ you are quite brutal on yourself! ^^" I don't know if I would be up to that kind of self-bashing. (Trying to work on self-confidence issues, ehehe) I think it's really neat that you brought everything back together by actually practising from real people. I've never done that before c: And it seems kinda cool to actually try. Thank you for your advice and help! ^u^~ No problem! I'm glad that you do indeed find it helpful. And I feel honoured that you think of it as inspirational! Haha, the thinking I suck part is mostly just a mindset thing I set for myself. As in, I just told myself I'm going to draw like a novice, and treat my drawings as such, instead of necessarily believing myself to be one (if you know what I mean). It let me set aside my ego and assumptions and respect "realistic" art for what it is; being, that when things looked unnatural, it was because I didn't even know what they looked like naturally to begin with-- the realest drawings and photos are from reality itself, not your imagination. I do greatly encourage that you draw from real people sometime. Real arms, and legs as well. People can say whatever they want, give you all sorts of tips and advice, but imo it really is the only trick there is. ( : People draw well because they know what they're drawing. You will suddenly learn, and understand, many things as well. You'll begin to understand why, and when, things look unnatural.
  18. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    It's moments like these I wonder what you do in your spare time. XP Just kidding! That's....a very extreme idea, I guess you could say Probably will never get to that level of absolutely guyishness, but we're getting there. Slowly. XD I was halfway through my next portrait before I saw this, but I'll definitely give it a shot Errr not the bearded woman But I have to admit i've been curious about getting into drawing more middle-aged people. I've been googling methods of making anime people look older, but somehow people only seem to understand youth and then a sudden jump to like, elderly people. I would really like that perfect balance! It'll be fun to try out. (and maybe painful.) ~~~~~~~~~~ New material! This is Eleine. I was trying out a new eye technique. I'm not sure how much I like it at the moment.... I agree, i noticed for awhile that you were drawing guys, and i would love to see more of that Don't be discouraged. Fair enough if you like drawing girls more (I do too!!), but if drawing guys is something you truly do want to get better at/enjoy, there really is unfortunately no other way than buckling down, tackling it head-on, and trying your (darnest) best. You'll only ever get out what you put in. My sister tells me all the time that she wants to draw [this], or can't draw [that]; but why not believe that she can? ( ; I think, as well, that as in artist especially in the field of video gaming, much less North America, there will be greater opportunities that will be very hard to come by, or that you might never get, or that you might have to pass over, if you avoid drawing men. Not to freak you out or anything, but i think just some food for thought. As for the old people thing; honestly, what's helped me the most at improving my drawings has been pretending/admitting that i'm an idiot!!-- That i'm just a biased moron, i suck, and I have no idea what the heck i'm really doing in terms of art (!): I realized that looking at other people's art, or anime, isn't making me learn the basics. Things didn't look right, or "natural", because i sure as heck didn't even know what they looked like naturally to begin with. I just thought i did. So I practised drawing stylized versions of real people. I looked at, and measured skulls. And it worked, it truly made the most God-saving help to my drawings. Hope to have given you some ideas
  19. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Attempting some birch trees...

    No problem. And thanks as well!! Haha, i'm deeply flattered by that. I haven't drawn in awhile, but i will once i find my tablet pen!... : D lol It's easy to overlook small things, or not notice some things sometimes. Especially when everything else looks really great.
  20. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Attempting some birch trees...

    Wow! Geez, those look awesome!! :D I love the style and detail you put into them. The shading on the foliage looks fantastic, really perfect and beautiful! I can honestly say that i really wish i had the skills to do something like that, and that if i ever made a game, i would want something like that lol. I think i might say that the trees could look even better if the bark was a bit darker, and if the shading went around the trunk a bit more, though. Perhaps something like this? It could be better, but I'm sure you'll get the idea: All my opinion though. Also, imo, don't forget that the trunk is a cylinder and that we're looking down on it a bit. So the slits in the trunk might look a bit nicer if they were curved, instead of straight lines. (!)
  21. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Do this Poll! Tell me about Yourself.

    I'm really surprised by how many people have experienced hardship(s) recently. I also read a couple of the polls that weren't posted from yesterday, and was surprised in hearing some of the stories. Wow; I have/had no idea how rough it is for some of the members here. I'm sorry to hear of the pain some have been experiencing. I hope that you keep making games, and fighting for, or doing whatever else, makes you happy. Believe in yourself; take a breather. You are the only one living your life, so make it the best, and happiest you can. I hope things work out for those who are having a difficult year-- keep on going. Stay strong; you did not come so far into your journey to just quit. Remember what you are clinging, dreaming, crying, hoping, and have been chasing, for.
  22. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Tinkering and Spriting Mostly

    Wow, these look awesome!! Seriously, super nice pixel work, holy cow!
  23. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Let's ART

    Wow! So awesome, i really really love the cartoon-y, retro, artistic feel you have with the tri-colour style. It looks really unique and stylistic, i'd adore (and could completely see) your style being sold on some stuff/brand in a department store, or being on a movie poster/ game/ promo cover! Legitimately. I really love how bold and cool it looks. Moody, charming, and cool!
  24. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Fare Thee Well

    Oh my god!!-- NOOOO; Aw, man; Knight.... Ah man.. It'll be extremely saddening and shocking for me to see you leave. To me... you were probably my best, or one of my best, friends here. You are such an amazing, amazing, sweet guy. You were there for me through thick and thin, through periods when I was so low, talking to me-- and then, praising me, so much, on so many things. Encouraging me-- and all your words and thoughts were magic. I remember each time you came by my art thread. I remember how every time I talked to you, you had always been a true friend to me; how you were willing to have personal conversations with me. I've always reserved myself from online relationships, but you are the only one with which I can say you deeply struck me. You are so special, Knight. : ) I sound like I'm getting married. I'm very sorry to hear that you are going through that emotional trauma. It's sad to hear that your girlfriend would do that to you, someone who should raise you up, instead of bringing you down. You deserve so much more because you're really a great guy! I can't imagine that you've done anything wrong to deserve feeling that way. And it is certainly not from your personality or character, imo!! But I hope you've been talking to someone about it, and about how you feel. I find those things really help, and helped me. But also give yourself time to grieve; heartbreak is never easy-- and it shows just how much effort and ability to love, you put in. Good luck as well with school. I'm sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your current environment as well. Hopefully we can chat sometime on Skype, if you have it.
  25. When Bugs Roam Ur House

    Inclusivity in Gaming

    While I can agree with you, of course most people would like to see their gender in everything. : ) We all like to feel included. And if we looked at the games made for different genders, there're common differences. "Girl" games typically lack of Action, for example. LGBTQ seems to often be limited to Sims. Maybe the "everything" is just these groups trying to be included into what they're excluded by; i.e, "how come Johnny's games are about driving cars, while Susie never leaves the kitchen?"; some people might've never noticed the gender differences (I noticed) above until I mentioned them, for example. Because you can't ask for what you already have. You don't feel thirst if you always have water. But when you're thirsty? Man-- you're going to be looking around, asking for some water. And you might get shoed away, given a water bottle, or given a faucet. I would never know you might want male-only titles. But to criticize or make light of someone else's reality and problems because they don't exist in your own, doesn't mean they don't exist at all. No one's reality is more legitimate, wrong, humourous, or-- unrealistic over another's.