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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Kayzee for a blog entry, Medium of Choice.   
    I have been making some comments on this status about my general apathy to movies. To be honest I find movies kind of dumb. It's not that I can't recognize that there are some brilliant films, or that the art of filmmaking isn't a fascinating subject, or anything like that. It's just that the biggest reaction I tend to get with movies, even really good ones, is "that was pretty okay", and the most excited I can get for one is "eh, maybe if a friend/family member wants to see it I will tag along". A lot of why is just because I think movies are too short and insubstantial to tell good stories, and another good chuck of it has to do with my distaste for the Hollywood formulas and tropes.
    Most of it though? I guess it's just that I plain don't have that much interest in the stories they are telling or the experience they are providing. For example, Avengers. I never saw it. I heard it's great, I have heard it does new things, I have heard it is really well put together. But I don't really care, because superheros don't interest me. This new Star Wars movie. I know nothing about it really. It might be great. I just don't care about it any more, and I am not sure I ever did. Sure as a kid Star Wars was one of those cultural backdrop things you just had to have seen, and I liked it well enough, but I guess it always felt just like that: cultural backdrop. A thing you had to know and experience to understand the world around you.
    A lot of the classic movies I saw as a kid seemed like that. Books too really. A good many of them I simply digested rather then enjoyed. The original Star Wars movies got burned into my mind and maybe I can't remember every last shot, but I think given time I could reconstruct at least most of them in my memory as if I was actually seeing them. Ideas from the mythology, like Jedi and Lightsabers, are an important part of out culture to this day. Actually caring about the plot though? Eh... Maybe when I was a kid and the whole big "good vs evil" thing was new or interesting, but even then I think books like Lord of the Rings and eventually games like the Ultima series was more what I was into, where I could really dig into the lore and such.
    But this is all only my personal perspective. Other people could feel the same way about games or books as I do about movies, thinking maybe that books get bogged down to much in detail and games can be too annoying to play through when they just want to relax and be entertained. I can't really fault them for that. Sometime it is frustrating though that so many people dismiss games as an artform, and even though I say a lot that I am not sure games are really the best story telling medium, a lot of my favorite stories happen to be told through games. It seems a shame that some of these stories will never retch some people just because they don't like the medium it is told in. And I suppose it is a shame that some stories will never reach me because I don't care about movies.
    Honestly though, my attitude to movies has spread more and more to most forms of "old media" for one reason or another, including games. I rarely read books, my TV isn't even hooked up, I have no real interest in comic books, the last video game console I owned was the wii and I never played it, and so on. I find myself more entertained reading fanfics, or watching youtube, reading webcomics, or playing free or cheep indie games. And I am finding it harder and harder to really care. Maybe it's just as a grow older and more antisocial I find it less and less necessary to keep up with everyone else. I find it more rewarding just to find random little things I like rather then read watch or play what everyone else is. Or maybe it's that in the Internet age, fandoms and social groups are splintering and fracturing into their own little mini cultures more and more, becoming more self absorbed. In the old days if you wanted to have "nerd cred" you better know the "nerd canon" of Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Hitchhiker's Guide, and so on. Now there are a billion popular "nerd" fandoms, many of which I don't know much about besides the name.
    Either way, I am pretty happy with what I like. I may go see the new Star Wars with my family but chances are I won't care too much.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to TBWCS for a blog entry, Stuff I am busy about.   
    For the course of this month, I tried to do something meaningful, as I think it is.
    I am doing a new CMS for MV...
    I also made a few plugins, but I will release them later so I will just tell what they are:
    Animated Title Blue Sphere
    It's another title screen I want to contribute to the community. What does it look like?
    What are its features?
    Animated Background (and you can change this to static, which I did)
    Animated Foregrounds
    Four Layer Foreground
    Horizontal Style Title Commands
    4 Title Commands (with Shutdown Command)
    Mouse / Touchpad supported for all buttons and arrows

    Aside from that, I will be releasing a plugin called Title Screen Designer EX, which would allow you to design your old title screen to a new desirable one. The plugin is intended for those who want to make their own custom title screen of their own.
    Lastly, I am still coding my Tales of Legendia GUI (FULL), means from all GUI look of Tales of Legendia. Here's the one I finished just yet:

    That's it for today and have a nice day.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to DeerGuts for a blog entry, I swear I'm getting things done.   
    Busy busy busy. Admittedly more with holidays and job searching than the game @_@ I'd love to sell the game, but it's only my first and I'm not sure if it'd be worth the risk putting off finding a job, and I'm not nearly in a position to commission someone for a soundtrack.
    Anyways, the intro is done and several scripts have a solid spot in there! Using MA's Message Options, I've made a nice little cutscene introducing more characters and adding said characters to the party. Need to work on battlesprites for the first enemies next, and possibly overworld sprites. Altogether it's looking nice. Up next I intend to re-do a little bit of stuff I had been working on late at night to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and then of course I need to move on to spriting more things! In the meantime though, I have some real simple concept sketches for NPCs. I've decided that everyone wears some sort of facial covering in this setting, usually a veil. Haven't figured out a cultural reason for it yet, but right now it's because it looks nice lol.The sketches themselves are a bit weird cause I decided to fiddle with some new brushes, but they're alright

    Unfortunately, I don't have nearly as much to say as I did in the first progress entry. I've been really busy with other things lately. Hopefully once the holidays settle down I'll be able to focus more, but as it is I'm stressed and have actual paying work to do. Though, that's not to say this isn't relaxing, I'm just too tired to work on it in the evenings at times. I love this project though. Hopefully that love will show.
    Happy holidays <3
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Kayzee for a blog entry, Why Violence is Kinda Boring.   
    So, Undertale has gotten extremely popular lately and has gotten highly praised. I think one of the things that it uses to sell it's self is the promise of being an RPG where you don't have to kill anyone, and how it really tries to show the consequences if you do. I think though, that it mostly ends up being good because of the sheer quality of it's writing and design rather then because of it's gimmicks. But there certainly is something to the promise of having an alternative to violence.
    It's not that I think violence is automatically bad, I really have no moral/ethical objection to violent games and media. It's a fantasy, and I think most people understand that violence is a tool that is to be used only in a last resort situation (if at all) without having to have a game or other piece of fiction spell that out for them. I do think that surrounding oneself with only mindless violent media without any thought or commentary thrown in is unhealthy, but I don't think most people actually do that. Anyway, I am pretty sure that unless you expose yourself to at least a little violence it becomes impossible to form any sort of educated opinion about it.
    But the thing is, violence, especially in games, is kinda played out. And I mean that both mechanically and narratively. Mechanically most games over the years have sort of settled into a set of comfortable easy abstractions that are easy to program and easy to understand and lead themselves well to violence of some sort. Everything from Mario's basic physics to simple HP meters and attack rolls abstract violence so well. You don't see many games like Façade where the whole game is just figuring out the right things to say to other characters, and to be honest those games don't really seem that interesting to me either except as a curiosity. But there are other games that are about building, or exploring, or puzzle solving, or even farming, that can be compelling without any violence at all. It's interesting I think to see games that use new and different mechanical systems for other things besides violence. But heck, it's fun to see ones that use different mechanics for violence too, like in Dwarf Fortress.
    Narratively we have seen stories that talk about or deconstruct violence before. Even Undertale isn't particularly new in this regard, at it's most heavy handed it sounds a lot like a repeat of Spec Ops: The Line in many ways, though I think it's much more effective in that you do actually have a choice in Undertale. There is only so much I think you can actually say about violence before it gets old and preachy and you just have to roll your eyes. It can be an important message to hear once, but if every game becomes like that it's boring. Then again it's also not interesting to ignore the problem if your game has violence in it. If you are doing something with violence, to simply refuse to talk about it at all is very cheep and makes the writer seem ignorant.
    That said, a bit of violence is okay to me. I understand not wanting to do anything real wacky and sticking with a normal RPG formula or doing an average story. I just that I don't want to see every single game be the same I guess. I have been working on a game lately and I thought it would be fun to do something sort of like Undertale and have multiple ways to approach encounters, but I wasn't necessarily trying to make a statement, I just wanted to experiment with different kinds of mechanics. I am not sure it's really any more interesting that most games but I was having fun programing stuff... Don't know if it will ever be done or will be any good but I liked coding what I did at least. :3
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to DeerGuts for a blog entry, Tinkering and Spriting Mostly   
    Howdy. This is more or less a development blog for my game. Currently its name is Wander, but that could be subject to change. Feel free to keep track if you like, I'm mostly starting this with the intent of being able to look back and be like "Wow look at everything I've gotten done!"
    So! Thus far game is still a bit directionless. I have ideas for a plot, but nothing solid just yet. Most of the past week has been spent spriting characters that are certain to appear and testing out scripts and other things. Some of the sprites may need revision, especially Heart's battler. It's a bit jaggedy, so I'll have to go back and fix that, but I was working on it at 3 in the morning so I think I can be excused if it's a bit rough.
    Other than that, I've mostly been fiddling about with the system and learning things about it, mostly about the battle system. I already knew a lot of basic eventing stuff, but I've never touched the battle system! Isn't that weird? Anyways, battle system is ???. It's not bad just a bit tricky. For a little while I couldn't get Heart to die, but for some reason putting one of the default monsters back into the list fixed it. If anyone can explain this, I'd appreciate it, cause I haven't got a clue.
    For testing out things I've just made a little test map with some of the tiles I've finished so far and the overworld sprites of most of the main enemies. You can run around and talk to them, one of them triggers a battle. One of them is supposed to swing his sword and stay posed with it out but I haven't quite figured that out yet. Right now he just swings and goes back to his first frame. There's also an easter egg area just cause I wanted to get that done and make sure it worked. It'll likely be removed soon.
    So, Progress so Far:
    Protag's walk sprites are all done
    Several enemy overworld sprites done
    1 battler finished
    Learned more about the system
    Have a nice little test area

    To Do:
    More battlers (Eye, Mouth, Left, Right, mmmaybe Wander. Maybe)
    More tilesets (Cliffs, furniture, walls, etc)
    NPCs (Bar patrons, townfolk, shopkeepers, cats)
    Fix Left's animation
    Remove idle frame from walk animation somehow. (Sidenote: If you know how to edit Modern Algebra's extra frame script to remove the idle animation from the walk animation, please let me know I'd really appreciate it!)

    Progress Pics

    Hoping this goes smoothly overall. I mean surely there'll be some bumps in the road, but hoping it'll go alright otherwise. Thanks for reading <3
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Tsukihime for a blog entry, The simplest solution is still often the best solution   
    In this devlog I discuss one of the mistakes I made while writing a plugin called Disabled Choice Conditions.
    By starting with an overly complex specification (at the time, it sounded alright), I ended up running into issues that required me to add even more complexities on top of what I wrote initially.
    And in the end, it just became really complex, with very little flexibility.
    However, going back to the drawing board, I discovered a solution that was very simple, but was far more flexible than the other solution I came up with.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Knighterius for a blog entry, Tales of Pandamonia: The Sacred Dungeon Theory and Development   
    Salutations to anyone reading my first entry to my new clean blog!

    This is the game that I have currently been devoting my time on and have been loving every minute of it. I did, however, way back when, stop my progress and stumped myself in a hole of nothingness as year 11 got the best of me and drowned me in literary metamorphosis, cell division, half life (not the game lol), calculus and redox reactions. Although now, now I come baring gifts from all this hardship, I am as though depicted as Daenerys Targaryen and through the fire I bare with me powerful Rpg mayhem!
    Id, Ego and Super-ego
    My game loosely follows Sigmund Freud’s concept of the three parts of the psychic apparatus.
    Id: This represents our innate comprehension, our natural reasoning, our instinctual actions that originated before our tabula rasa.
    Ego: This is the balance, it’s the ability to articulate both Id and Super-ego and then rationalise a decision using the two. Wikipedia actually worded it very beautifully “mediates between the desires of the id and the super-egoâ€.
    Super-ego: This is our sense of what’s good and distinguishing it from the bad; this counterbalances the Id, as is the reason why it is seen as critical as I will prove shortly if you decide to keep reading.
    Since Id closely follows who we are in nature it can be defined with the story of The Scorpion and the Frog.
    Once there was a scorpion that needed to get across a river. He asked a frog nearby if he would take him across on his back.
    “I can’t do that!†the frog cried, “How do I know that when we are half way across you won’t just sting me?â€
    With this the scorpion replied, “That would be foolish, silly frog, then we’d both drown,†this statement made the frog agree and with that the frog began to take the scorpion across the river only when they made it half way across, the scorpion stung the frog.
    “OWWW! Why did you do that the frog cried†as they slowly began to sink.
    Solemnly the scorpion replied, “I’m sorry...it’s in my nature.â€
    Now, it can be proven that the scorpion’s Super-ego was weighed out when his Id became overbearing and in turn this proliferated the exceeding events which lead to the death of both of them. The Ego was unable to balance between the two and it can further prove that nature could in fact be stronger than what is perceived as morally right. So if there isn’t a consistent balance of each then the consequences can be dire.
    Most of you would already know what a doppelganger is, however, I shall just state that a doppelganger is an apparition of a person. If these “apparitions†were to exist, perhaps they could be defined as the split between the three parts of the psychic apparatus...
    Applying these Theories
    My game follows the basis of these two components and links them together. Abbadon, the demon with a dagger in his smile and angel eyes has sought refuge in his final chamber eons before where the game takes place. Little did he know that this chamber was in fact his own living hell to suffer in for eternity. Accompanied by his lover, Sheol, they devise a plan to increase their strength and unshackle the magic that keeps them locked inside their tomb. Through insanity they watched their reflections and their shadows and finally realised the way to experience an evolutionary divergence into more powerful, superior beings. Using blood magic from a human sacrifice they found a way to split their Id, Ego and Super-ego into their reflections and more so into their shadows, taking a piece of their strength. However, Abbadon and Sheol knew that by giving these creations life they would grow stronger individually without the usual impact of each other and then when they were strong enough they would merge again and overcome the powerful magic that sealed them in.
    So these shadows and reflections become their “doppelgangers†in a sense, as the chamber slowly begins to degrade and the three main characters have to stop Abbadon and Sheol before they merge.
    So that’s the basis of my game! There’s lots of other cool stuff in there as well which I’ll explain in other entries. This includes, parallel universes, character back stories and definitely some battle teasers!!
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Vox Dia for a blog entry, Rant #1: Online Dating   
    Oh-huh-hooo yes. One of the 9,000+ things I abhor. Online dating is like a long distance relationship. Wait. Online dating IS a form of long distance relationships. Why do I hate it so much, you ask? Well, pull up a seat and grab a thing of popcorn because this is one hell of a story.
    It all started about a year ago. There was this girl (I won't name names) I was dating. At first, it was a nice close relationship until she moved somewhere else. I, being the loving whelp, always asked if she was okay, if she needed anything, etc. All I get are plain answers. Few months later, next thing I know, she goes off dating two other people at once! Ain't that a kick in the head. Hurts, right? Surely enough, one of them found out and dumped her on the spot while the other guy held on. After a few more months, some stuff happened, I can't remember what, and he dumped her as well. After that, she comes crawling back to me, I decline, and she tells me to tell the other guy that she still "loves" him. Pfft. Jesus Cristo, what a persistence, I'll say. Jeez.
    Anyhow, moral of the story: Always think what might be happening behind the screen. This goes for anyone currently dating someone online or something like that. I also feel bad for those affected by the realization that they've been violated and misused after everything they've done for that person. People don't seem to realize how disoriented and emotionally-damaged others who fell victim to this realization were and still are affected. This world is tainted with materialistic scum. If you don't get them what they want, they'll strike at you ever so silently. This is downright horrible to the core. These people have HEARTS. And the scum chose to shatter them. When I found out I was betrayed, I turned into a lonesome beast. A hikikomori, if you will. I never wanted to feel alive. I didn't eat properly, I flucked in school, my productions sucked. I went from happy, optimistic, and upbeat to rancid, antisocial, and suicidal in a spit second. Luckily, I refused to greet the noose because there was a small amount of joy. Of hope. A shining light gleaming through my heart. I became me again, only different. I when from Richard, the antisocial and possibly sadistic author, to the lovable Dia, the optimistic, crazy-fun scene girl who is obsessed with art, music, games, and food. I just want to spread amessage. What's really going on behind that computer? And of course, I don't wish to discourage anyone currently in a long distance relationship. Thanks for reading. Love you guys! ^3^
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