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    When Bugs Roam Ur House got a reaction from Amysaurus in Amy's Artwork   
    Amazing!!! Your artwork has improved a lot
    I love the new style a lot. I think it will be very marketable.
    I hope you keep using it. You will go far with it.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Rikifive in New Admin   
    I agree.
    Nobody will get kazed anymore... 
    Well said...
    Oh, silly me then. 
    I do remember you (more or less x3), though I sincerely don't remember how I've managed to earn that title. That's why I was confused.   I guess that's because I've cleaned cookies in my brain, sorry for that. 
    Nevertheless, thank you, that's very kind of you! 
    ^ What he said!
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House got a reaction from Rikifive in New Admin   
    Yes lol  
    (Woops I forgot to check back)
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Rikifive in New Admin   
    Heh, thank you! 
    I'm slightly confused - was that aimed to me? 
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House got a reaction from Rikifive in New Admin   
    Congratulations Riki! And Seriel. 
    You're such a cute kid (if you remember me). I hope you will be able to keep up with the members hehe
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Rikifive in Procrastination - Monster Considered as OP   
    Having troubles with motivation when working on games (and not only limited to game-dev of course) is a common thing. Many indie developers struggle with this, sometimes it leads to abandoning the project completely. Let's use the 'Scan' skill and take a closer look at one of the most dangerous random encounters.
    Exp: Unknown
    Gold: Unknown
    Loot: Motivation Points | Motivation Boost (buff applied after killing the enemy)
    Primary Skill: Distraction
    Cautions: Applies 'Demotivation' debuff, that drains your motivation.
    Now let's get to the topic:

    1. When you're not doing what you've planned to do - what do you do?
    Personally when I want to work on my projects (either games, art or music), but I'm doing something else instead, then usually it's:
    - (most commonly) browsing forums (making posts and such)
    - (most commonly) replying to private messages (I'm receiving lots of them - hours of replying every single day)
    - (from time to time) watching Youtube (I'm pretty sure we all know that one)
    - (rarely) playing games with my siblings/friends (you all know that one as well)
    2. There may be things, that distract you and make you procrastinate - what usually distracts you?
    For me, it's:
    - receiving private messages
    - curiosity to see if something new is happening on the forums and such
    - running into a trouble
    - just pure lack of motivation
    - wanting to do something else / take a break
    3. What helps you stay motivated?
    Heh, not having internet connection worked for me once. There was nothing, that was distracting me, thus I wrote one of my games pretty fast. Also positive feedback and some contests (due to deadlines) seem to help there.
    What about you? Are you a real Procrastimancer? 
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to kaz in New Admin   
    I have decided to retire from the Forums due to some rather sad personal reasons in real life.
    Rikifive and Seriel have taken over as the Admins and I am sure everyone agrees that they earned this reward and will breathe new life into the forums.
    I will stop by and say hi- but my time running the forum (although enjoyable and fun) has come to a close.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Amysaurus in Amy's Artwork   
    Hopefully that's a good wow!   

    Here's a portrait I started working on today: 
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Rikifive in Profile Background   
    Due to recent changes, you're now able to upload your own background, that will be displayed in your profile page.
    It looks like this (look at the sky background):
    Now here are some tips and general information about that feature to help you customize your profile efficiently.

    Profile BackgroundA pretty background image of your profile page. It either can be a full image, such as photo or a tile (pattern).

    >>> Full Image
    A single image, that is drawn in the upper-left corner with the background color beyond the image's borders.

    The image preferably should have the size of 1920x1080 as it's the highest common resolution. If the image will have smaller dimensions, than the resolution, it will not cover the whole page, thus may look bad like in the image above. Tips
    Using images with transparent background, such as vectors can work well with the background color, which may prevent from getting a bad result. It's best to put most of the details on the left side, because users with lower resolutions may not see the right side of the image, due to being out of view. Trivia
    TV's can have even higher resolution, than monitors usually have, so there is still that possibility, that some members will see the image not covering the whole page. However, using higher resolution than 1920x1080 is rather rare and most of the games and some software weren't designed to handle such resolutions anyway, so it's better to focus on monitor-users. When using images covering the whole screen, the background color may be still visible for a short time before the image will load. When the image will be 1920x1080, then sometimes you will not even see the very bottom part of the image, because some vertical space may be taken by Windows task bar and the browser's interface. Enabling fullscreen mode in the browser will reveal the whole image. >>> Tiles
    An image (pattern), that covers the whole page. The image is not stretched, but multiplied.

    The image should be nicely stacking (think of textures or bricks, for a more specific example), otherwise, it will look just bad. The image can be any size. A tiny one will work as well as bigger ones as long as their borders will be matching. Tips
    none at the moment. Trivia
    Tiles will look good in any resolution, for any user, as the image will be just multiplied. The background color is pretty much irrelevant when using tiles, unless they have transparency, though tiles usually don't have any transparent parts.

    Hope that helps! Remember, that the Forum Rules apply to background images as well. Abusing this feature will be awarded just like anywhere else once spotted or reported by other members. Don't make us sad.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Tsarmina in Opinions For An OC's Color Scheme   
    Yay! I love beautiful art
    Hmm, so imo, if you don't want her outfit to give away anything about her personality (which is curious choice ), I don't think either of them are quite suitable, though I like the one on the left more. The one on the right seems a little bit too little girlish to have much deeper meaning (no offense!), i.e. when I see it I immediately and probably subconsciously identify her as a somewhat shy but sweet and naive young girl. However, I think the one on the left is maybe a bit too serious/gothic lolita looking. (I think it's the dark purple.) The red part is really nice, though. It gives her a real pop.
    I might be biased because I favour lighter themes (especially blue lol) but that's just my opinion, feel free to take it or leave it I wanna add though that even if her colours don't reveal anything about her, her expression and her pose and clothing of choice do.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House got a reaction from Purple Phantom in Possible Character Designs   
    i like casual 3, casual 5, and casual 1 most for her personality 
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Takeo212 in Possible Character Designs   
    I vote;
    Casual 3
    Casual 5
    I agree that laid back and baggy clothing do go together - though that isn't an exact science I suppose. However, if you want your character to appear laid back and caring, light coloured loose clothing would do that trick. Atleast cosmetically.
    I think 3 and 5 capture that well, though you never explained the images purposes so I assume they're a "pick your fave concept".
    PS: 5's pose reminds me of a DBZ character xD
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to ashm in Possible Character Designs   
    Isn't that the answer itself ?
    Twin usually have similiar taste in fashion.
    and also
    Laid back and kind usually prefer simple cloth/design.
    Can't comment much since I'm not really an expert at fashion.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Glasses in Tiny World   
    You play as a <Character Class> who found himself/herself in some world. Uncrossable river, seas, mountains, there’s no escape and so he dives straight into a dungeon to search for an escape route from it.

    Knight - Sturdy warrior from unknown lands seeks to escape back to them.
    Archer - Nimble archer capable of piercing through toughest defenses with her arrows.
    Wizard - No one knows how long he lived by this point or how long this Elder will live.
    Rogue - It wasn't your imagination that some shadow just moved, it was this lady.



    30+ enemies
    40+ dungeon floors
    3-4 playable characters
    Bosses to wreck

    Ed Merritt
    Eric Skiff
    Mr. Trivel
    Yanfly - CoreEngine
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to OneCutStudio in Animated Seashore Work In Progress   
    Hi everyone. I was getting bored with the standard water tiles so I wanted to make something more appealing. It has been bouncing in my head for awhile to make tiles that animate crashing waves. It took me quite a few tries to get to the one you will see in the spoiler. I think this is the sixth iteration.
    Let me know what you think. I want to add some more life to RM games and show people what can be accomplished with the medium.
    Crashing Waves WIP:
    If possible I want to use this in my current project: Treasure Quest.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to charlesthehurst in May June Restaff Thread: Treasure Island   
    Avast ye salty sea dogs!  Me and my fine crew have plenty of booty for you this Restaff!
    First, let's give a hearty seaman's welcome back to OneCutStudio!
    He joins us again in this Restaff with a beautiful background and some gameover screens!
    Our lovely naivgator When Bugs Roam Ur House has done some mighty fine exploring, bringing with her some
    pirate tiles BlackBeard himself would be proud of!

    First Mate Kotori-Chan joins us alone this time, swashbuckling her way into this release with a wonderful vestige
    of Captain Tsarmina herself!

    I managed to plunder some naval ships of their wonderful resources and have brought them for ye to enjoy!

    We also have two guest contributors this month!
    Joining alongside our crew is MagicRedFox, with some stylized pirate tiles!

    Deathtroth, Ganjacus and False Data brings us a musical collaboration, cause what kinda pirate don't enjoy a good shanty!
    Yo HO and a bottle of rum!  We hope you enjoy and make good use of this Restaff!
    You can plunder the resources yourself with the link below!
    Like always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to crazy=genius in The Pantheon   
    Ah im actually NH97 that snotty brat, i just change my alias. Anyway, it is sad if the pantheon to be disbanded, there is a lot new artist here i think. And you're awesome for preserving this far *applause*
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Brosephus in Art Style   
    So I've never been a huge fan of Anime/Cartoony stuff in general, and I'm not the van Gogh of Pixel Art. I've been thinking about adopting a more pixel-art style for my game - stuff like this:
    This feels actually plausible for me to draw. Right now, I can think of one drawback: 
    characters will feel more indistinct. What do you think?
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House got a reaction from Allusion in Let's Draw... Male vs. Female Anatomy   
    ••• I n t r o 
    ••• C o n t e n t s
    2 key rules for drawing a male body Comparing a female vs. male face -pt.1: Looking at the anime Bleach's female vs. male protagonist, turning a girl into a guy  Comparing a female vs. male face -pt.2: Differences in shading; the effects of makeup Comparing a female vs. male torso: More shapes Comparing a female vs. male limb and hand: Basic look ===========================================================
    2 key rules for drawing a male body:
    Comparing a female vs. male face - pt.1:  

    Comparing a female vs. male face -pt.2:
    Comparing a female vs. male torso:
    Comparing a female vs. male limb and hand:
    ••• S u m m a r y
    Males have broader features than females. This is because men have less Estrogen, making not only eye size differ, but also jaw, mouth, brow, and general bone size, + fat amount.  Males' features are more cuboid than females. Therefore, they're shaded more cube/ rectangular-like than females. Males' frames are ~3 heads wide, and can be simplified into an isosceles triangle or two trapezoids and a circle/ rectangle. A male's torso should form an equilateral triangle from the shoulders to the navel. Males' legs tend to be less curvy/ smooth. Similarly, their hips tend to be less curvy and more slim than females'.   

    Hopefully this helps someone.
    Last updated June 3rd, 2014.
    Last updated September 21st, 2015.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Milte345 in 70's Cars/Vehicles Tilesets and/or Sprites   
    Huh, what a coincidence, thanks, and can't wait to see it.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Dainiri.Art in D'Art Lets Draw   
    So I just randomly decided to make Lets Draw Videos, I'm kinda enjoy it too.
    Forgive the no-sound issue hahaha! My next ones will not be as boring as this.



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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to littleyuri in General Art Workshop!   
    Thank you ;-;
    Want to post your practices/studies/unfinished work here as well? (To give this thread a little jump start.)
    Here's today's set of gestures.
    Struggled in simplifying today. Don't know why.

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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Yuugami in The Photo Booth- show your face people!   
    I'd show off my absurdly good-looking face here for a Valentine's Day gift to y'all, but I won't.
    You can just find my old picture somewhere in this thread.
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Tsarmina in Tsarmina's Laboratory   
    The steps between the shading example are amazing! You make it so refined so very easily! I really love it >w< Your anatomy sketches are also equally impressive! I can see the improvement too, but even before your art was like, super-duper beautiful.  
    Does this mean you're not drawing as much anime-style anymore? I noticed in your more recent artwork it's taken on a more 2.5D or 3D style. c:
    Yeah, I agree there is something charming in the anime styled face. ^^ (Well, unless it was to become real; then I would be scared.) But I can see the benefits of the realism practise too
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    When Bugs Roam Ur House reacted to Tsarmina in Tsarmina's Laboratory   
    Apparently I forgot to put this up from the Sept-Oct Restaff! Whoops! D: