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  1. Just wanted to keep the thread alive - the demo itself won't be further updated (at least for now) because the focus is on the game production, so we can deliver the final product. All reported bugs were adressed to as well.
  2. First, thanks for the feedbak! Yes some bugs were roaming aroin but I have (hopefully) gotten rid of them. Text has been reviewed too. Some balancing issues were changed, and the rare enemies (like Hellbuzzer, the fire-casting insect) will be rarer. I'm trying to decide if the new demo should take players further in the game or stop where it is.
  3. I am proud to announce that Arpeegeemaker is now a collaborator of this project! Cheers!
  4. Sughayyer

    Actor Effects for Party

    I made a snippet to work as an add-on for Tsukihime's Feature Conditions script. This will give you full control of what you want (provided you read Hime's instructions). However it's not working as expected (I'm probably doing a very stupid mistake). I have already asked for Hime's help, so as soon as I get a response I'll post it (of course, all credits go to Tsukihime).
  5. Very interesting. It's so good for fun, it could be a smartphone game. But the free actions make it VERY exploitable - at the second lap I already knew I couldn't lose the game. On to the bugs: When you get a bonus such as +2 MP, the HUD doesn't update. Other than that keep the good work!
  6. Sughayyer

    Is there a "dictionary" for RPG Maker scripts?

    I think you should start with the tutorial Slipping into Ruby. I can't link to it right now, but you can find it in this site. It's a good first experience (plus, you'll write your own script in the proccess! Cool!)
  7. Sughayyer

    Purchase only shop

    Well, here it is! Enjoy! I'm also posting it at the Completed Ace Scripts.
  8. Sughayyer

    Purchase only shop

    Finished it. I'll just clean up the code and I'll post it.
  9. Sughayyer

    Scrolling choices

    http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22233-choice-set-up-position/?hl=choices I just typed choices at the completed ace script forum search bar.
  10. Sughayyer

    Simple Animated Battlers (Resolved !)

    Ta-daaaa now it works. Remember to use both this version of Rhyme's script AND SoulPour's
  11. Sughayyer

    Simple Animated Battlers (Resolved !)

    OOOps I screwed it up. I'll check on it again. Don't forget you must put SoulPour's script below this one.
  12. Sughayyer

    Actor Effects for Party

    Hey not to hijack the topic, but I think Tsukihime's Conditional Features can take eval. Even if they don't, we could use a code to condition switches and tie them to the desired features. It's not hard, and has a broader range.
  13. Sughayyer

    Actor Effects for Party

    If we could somehow predict all desired effects we could create a very customizable version of that script. It might benefit the whole community!
  14. Sughayyer

    abs Project Difficulty

    The thing is, it could in theory be fully evented - even ranged attacks - like the old rm2k era. But Falcao and XAS already have thesr features built-in. But I give in to arpeegeemaker that this creative use of scripts/workarounds should be promoted.
  15. I'm not talking about prettynes, I was talking about mechanics/gameplay.