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  1. Zattersmox

    Bullpup Shooting Engine English translation

    http://www.mundorpgmaker.com.br/topic/90666-rmtm-bullpup-shooting-engine-v18/ https://www.facebook.com/rasanteedev/ Found his facebook page via those forums.
  2. Zattersmox

    Bullpup Shooting Engine English translation

    Google translate's a bad idea. I've actually run the instructions for this script through it before, and (as translate normally does) the results were not clear at all. I'd also love to see somebody translate this in an understandable way!
  3. Zattersmox

    Super Simple Menu

    That's actually pretty cool. Maybe for a game that's not overly combat oriented, or a simulation of some kind =p
  4. I like it! It's simple, but it looks really useful!
  5. Zattersmox

    Need some sprites!

    While that's not really what I was looking for, those are really great o.o Thanks!
  6. Zattersmox

    Need some sprites!

    Multi-bump Edit: My bad, I wasn't looking at the clock X.X
  7. Zattersmox

    RPG Maker 2(PS2)

    While the rpg maker 2\3 were really nice, being on a console is exactly why those titles in particular were as unpopular as they were. You couldn't distribute games, of course, so in the long run there was kind of no point in using them. Seeing those two game exactly ported to PC would be amazing though! The models and animations were so incredibly simple that it wouldn't take much skill to add your own.
  8. Zattersmox

    Need some sprites!

    And I bump once more.
  9. Zattersmox

    Need some sprites!

  10. Zattersmox

    Small peek at intro + portraits

    Oh wow. This looks wicked cool! I really like the art style.
  11. Zattersmox

    Need some sprites!

    Okay, so i've never asked for sprites before, as I can usually kind of (badly) create them myself. However, this time i'm going to ask for help. I need sprites made of the following characters in RTP style: (There are group shots, and one big picture of the entire cast.) (They're pretty large.) It is a bit of a tall order, but anyone who helps gets the earliest copies of the game. If anybody's interested to know exactly what this is, or interested in maybe getting involved in the project, don't hesitate to post here or PM me about it.
  12. If I cannot change this world, I will create my own that feels as I do.

  13. Zattersmox

    Intro sequence, really odd.

    Been working on a lot of things. This game aims to be a combination of dungeon crawling/platforming, visual novel, and surreal horror. It's utilizing live action, GCI and 2D elements to bring something really fucking weird to the table. Anyways, here we meet two hitmen from Edgeworld, a place created by men who had no better to do than play god. The hitmen Gable and Arthur aim to leave Edgeworld and live among humans. These are two in a cast of twenty one characters who will all play a part in the sprawling, bizarre story that will begin to unfold when I release a demo. This really won't be a game for everyone XD (Note that the two sprites used are palceholders.)
  14. If you wanna get involved in an episodic, dark fantasy/comedy game, let me know.

    1. philteredkhaos


      I am intrigued...could you PM me a little info?

  15. Zattersmox

    Resident Evil Gaiden style battle?

    Hopeful bumping once more.