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    Horror Game scripts

    For some reason this website wont let me quote people so I am going to have to go straight ahead. About #6, You could copy and paste and event through the hallway and if you only want it to happen once then you can have them all set to run when walked upon when switch "Hallway_Event_1" is on. Have an introduction event turn the switch on when the game starts. have your hallway event do whatever you want it to but if you don't want it to come back, at the very end of the event add a command the turns switch "Hallway_Event_1" off. The event will not come back until the switch is turned back on. Hope this helped! I have also included a demo that can be played and opened in RPG Maker VX Ace ONLY. You may use it to take examples. (I also now realized you could also use self switches I think). (The file might have references to a game called "Dead House". That was just a game I was starting to make but I decided "forget it." and used it as your demo). Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?w5p75u3xrttr65j