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  1. xDrahcir

    I'm Coming Back

    So, yeah. I've been away for a while, dealing with work and spending WAY too much time with FFXIV, so during Late July and well into August, I am taking a gaming vacation so I can work on two things I've procrastinated on for far too long: my book, The DragonSpark Chronicles, and my game. I've gotten 1 drawing done for portrait purposes in my spare time for the main character, and the other mains will be colored and finished sometime soon. Everybody, meet Drahcir. I know I'm not the best artist and whatnot, but I think it turned out pretty well, considering it was originally drawn on notebook paper while I was bored at work... Anyway, database entries are almost done, got a few other bugs I got to work out, and some other stuff to work on before I can start Storyline Mapping/Content. ALSO. Here are a few things I intend to add to the game when production kicks off: -Open World: No world map to explore, just a large land connected to each place. May include Fast Travel too... -Quest System: Mainly will be used to acquire Equipment and Items that can't be obtained normally, like Elemental and Status gear. -Multiple Endings: I will probably have at least 3 different endings to the game - a Bad ending, a Normal ending, and a Perfect ending. Will be decided by quest progression. -Post-Game Play/Secret ending: Only accessible if you obtain Perfect ending. Includes more quests, some gameplay changes and more story... --------------- Once I complete the 4 main character drawings, I will need someone/some people to help Spriting them based on their looks. I need sprites made for overworld and Animated Battlers. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Voice Acting auditions are still on hold for now until I can decide whether or not I want fully animated cutscenes or just use stills to tell a story. Because unless I can find someone who is willing to animate scenes that are at least 3~5 min apiece, then I may have to go with the latter, as I am not a very good artist/animator. Any questions regarding the above can be sent to me either by PM or to my email dragonwingstudios@gmail.com. I really want to make this game as innovative as possible, and it won't become a reality without your help . Thanks, xDrahcir
  2. ​Draconian Awakening Abstract: Join Drahcir and his friends on a mission to save their homeland from the Dreadnaughts! Genre: Fantasy RPG Average Demo Time: 15-20 Minutes Game Progression: Not close to completion, only a tech demo. Recruitment: I require the following: Artists, Pixel Artists, Animators, Voice Actors Story: A peaceful time has overtaken the land. No conflict, no worries, almost a seemingly perfect world. Well, for the dragons anyway. During a royal ceremony for the D'Laure kingdom, a large airship, known to the dragons as a Dreadnaught, arrives and begins an onslaught of destruction across the continent of Thyme. The dragons, growing fearful that their peace has ended, begin to fight against one another, throwing blame and suspicions around the world. One dragon, Drahcir, and his friends decide it is up to them to find out where the ship came from, and who in controlling it. Although, they might not like the answer they find... Setting: Current Year: 6277 AD or Cycle 850 (1 Cycle = 5 Years) Current Place: Thyme Continent, New Earth Kingdoms: D'Laure, Syfir, Eilure, Tharos, Shira Character Bios: Drahcir Krael Race: Syfir Age: 20cy Birthplace: ??? --A dragon born into the world with no family, Drahcir has made himself to be an upstanding young person. Thoughtful, kind, and generous, there aren't many people who dislike him. At the age of 4, he was adopted by Brutus Krael, a citizen of Phal Village in the D'Laure kingdom. With only a single memory of his parents, he wonders where they might be; could they be missing, dead, or... Xiphara 'Xipha' D'Laure Race: D'Laure Age: 21cy Birthplace: Krysta, D'Laure Kingdom --The heir to her namesake, Xipha has a large name to live up to. She was born to Sarah and Liam D'Laure, the current rulers of the kingdom. Due to her royal status, she often has questions about the outside world; what it's like to live as a commoner. This year is the year of her Ceremony of Choice, where she takes her first steps into adulthood by choosing a mate picked out from several places throughout the continent. Is it perhaps fate that takes the ceremony to the tiny village of Phal? Zeke Krael Race: Tharos Age: 23cy Birthplace:Teran Village, Tharos --Zeke is a temperamental hothead. Being the only Tharosian dragon alive with the power over earthen elements, he has been forced to spend his time working, studying, and the like, even though he'd much rather spend time having fun. Once his father brought Drahcir home, however, he almost stopped getting any attention whatsoever. This caused him to grow animosity toward his step-brother, but didn't really affect the way he acted towards him. There is one thing, though, that he will never be able to forgive... Cora Raines Race: Eilure Age: 19cy Birthplace: Krilla Village, Eilure --A sweet, innocent young dragon, it took some time for Cora to show friendliness to anyone she met, including Drahcir and Zeke. After escaping her home village at 6cy, they moved to Phal where her father owns the most successful trade shop in the kingdom. She always tries her best at whatever she is faced with, even if it seems to be too much for her to handle. Besides, she can always count on her friends to be there for her when she needs them. Credits: TIlesets: HF_1, HF_2, default (don't know owner) Audio: Mixcraft 6, default music, sfx Scripts: Screenshots: Item menu screen with some items. The tech demo map. Battle screen with custom HUD. Will change later. Features: If you know which scripts above do what, then check there. If not, here's a quick review: --Crafting system: Creating weapons from enemy drops and finds --3 Types of abilities with 3 ways of learning them --ATB Sideview Battle system --More stats for better damage calculation Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6ngubyqq86eelot/Drahcir1.exe - Official Tech Demo v0.1 Known Issues: There are some files that are incomplete or missing, such as the title screen and facepics, but hopefully they will be finished soon. If you would like to: --Report bugs --Apply for a position stated above --Suggest or critique, then please email me at dragonwingstudios@gmail.com, and I'll reply as soon as I can.
  3. Just spent the past hour rebalancing character stats and doing a bit more database work. *sigh* I wish database entries were less tedious to complete... -_-'

    1. BrassKnucklehead


      I think making animations is one of the most fun database jobs, but it also is the most tedious thing I have ever done in my life x.x

  4. Yay, I finally got my main character designs drawn up. Posted on my DeviantArt page! http://dragonwingstudios.deviantart.com/

    1. xDrahcir


      Colored versions soon ;)

  5. I can easily remember when I first started using the RM's. I made only one complete game on RM2k3 called The 7 Dragons. It was a little bland, had a boring story, too fast paced, but it was my first game, y'know? But even so, I was proud to have finally completed a game that actually went from start to finish. That was about 4 years ago. That game was a great starting point for me, but it was also almost my end because of a little section of the interwebz that I never want to go near again... The first community I joined was RPGMaker.net. And what a load of S**T that place was. Their admins were okay for the most part, but the real annoying ones were the other users. Everyone there always seemed to act above everyone else just because their games were made better. Every one of the help topics in their forum was answered with "Google it." or some other snide remark, most game submissions were denied for not being too heavily mapped, and other stuff like that. Take my above stated game for example. Was denied SEVERAL times because the screens I posted had parallel mapping structure. You tell me an RPG that didn't have a parallel room in it somewhere, whether it was a dungeon or an important room. And once I changed it to make the admins happy, they finally submitted it. Oh but it didn't end there. Once it was in, I made sure to say that it was my first game and that I only posted it there so I could get some advice on how to better improve my RM'ing skills. And the complete opposite was what happened. One of the several assholes of the site decided to review it, giving it a 1 star rating and completely attacking the game and me for being stupid/horrible/etc. Seriously. He only reviewed it to attack me, the comments saw to prove that. But it has since been deleted, and I've never. Been back. I had almost lost hope in finding a community where people were actually nice and helpful to others about this stuff. RPG Revolution was okay, but my account kept getting deleted, and I never got anywhere on RMRK. But now, some 3-4 years later, here I am, in a well-cared for, pleasant community where I believe my skills can improve, and hopefully someday I will be able to release a game I can be proud of. ---------------------------------------- Here are the final demos of the last two games I tried to make and couldn't finish due to time restraint and loss of project files. Hope you guys like 'em! Parasite Eve :Reboot-- http://rpgmaker.net/games/3221/ The DragonSpark Chronicles: The Last Spark-- http://rpgmaker.net/games/2460/
  6. xDrahcir

    Custom Battle HUD Change

    O.O' Im a bit overwhelmed by the amount of customization this allows! Thanks so much!
  7. Production is ever so slow... So much database to fill ~_~

  8. xDrahcir

    Voice Actors Needed!

    After carefully looking through the characters for the game, I have concluded that I need at least 14+ voice actors. If you would like to audition for a part, send me 3 voice samples for me to look over: one in your regular voice, and two either reading dialouge or in an accented voice. If I think I can place you, I'll send you a bit of dialogue to read in the style of the character I want to set you as. Just note that if you decide to do the voices, it may be a while before any work is available due to the lack of other resources I need to keep working on the game. You will also be prone to spoilers of the pre- and post-story depending on which character you are. To apply, send your 3 voice samples to DragonWingStudios@gmail.com. I will review them and get back to you ASAP. -xDrahcir
  9. xDrahcir

    Hey there :D!

    Sup guys? As you can see, my name is xDrahcir, and I've only been using VX Ace for a little while, but I seem to have it down pretty well. (used VX and 2003 for a while ). Anywho, I've got a really big project planned that's going to take a whole lot of effort and input from the community, but problem is, I don't exactly know where to post it at... >///<'