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  1. Story: In the early 1990s, there was a software company called EduWare that published crummy educational games for children. I specifically remember this one game called “Harry’s Happy World.†The premise was pretty simple -- you play as a grown-up named Harry, who has a job and a family. As you played, you needed to find ways to keep Harry happy while balancing all the things adults have to do. It was just like real life. Or, so I thought. The game was intended to teach kids the values and responsibilities of adulthood in a computer simulator. But, shortly after its release, the game was recalled from the market as hundreds of complaints were filed against the company. Since then, EduWare labored to keep knowledge of their failed project hidden from the public light, until they were sued and went bankrupt in 2001. Don’t bother web searching for their site -- it’s been taken down. The game began innocuously enough; bright colors, cartoonish characters, and some pretty hilarious dialogue. At first, it looked like just one big joke -- like real life. All you did was go to work, go shopping, mow the lawn, pay the bills ... Piece of cake, I thought. But then the game began to behave very strangely. It gave me some error messages, then graphic corruptions, and then the game crashed into a blue screen. Whenever I recovered the game from one of its crashes, everything about it just kept getting ... more twisted. More insane. Eventually, I couldn't handle it, so I just stopped playing. Later I learned that hundreds of children who played this game have reported nightmares. Some have been prescribed medication their entire lives for the horrifying things they witnessed in the game. I was one of them. Three weeks ago, while I was sorting through junk in my garage, I found the disk to “Harry’s Happy World.†Immediately, I wanted to break the disc in half and burn it, but decided against it. Instead, I cleaned up the disk and put it in my drive. Wouldn’t you know, it actually plays. Mostly. I have meant to upload this game for weeks now, but I’ve just always hesitated to actually do it. I want to forget it and move on, and yet I just feel like if I show the world this horrid thing that destroyed my childhood and has kept me on Prozac for twenty years -- that even caused me to attempt suicide two years ago -- it might help me to find some resolution. What I’ve uploaded so far are just fragments of the game -- the file was corrupt when I found it, so there are substantial portions missing. I’m still working on repairing the data, but I think there is enough here for you to play through and get a substantial idea exactly how fucked up this supposed “children’s game†really was, and why the company was shut down. Let me know if you would like to see the game in its entirety, and I will do my best to recover the rest of the data. This is my first and only warning: please play “Harry’s Happy World†only at your own risk. Genre: A children’s game, but seriously ... this is not for children. Demo Time: 10-20 minutes. Game Progression: * Story: 30% * Maps: 97% * Sound effects/music: 30% * Character sprites: 50% * Dialogue: 45 % A few of the important characters: * Harry: An upstanding citizen of Happy Town, his sole purpose in life is constant happiness. * Harold: Harry’s best friend and reclusive writer. * Helen: Harry’s wife. He lives to please her. * Haley: Harrry’s co-worker ... and something else. Credits: * AABattery for Single Save File script * Seer UK & OriginalWij for Fixed Picture script * Yanfly Engine Ace - Parallax Lock v1.00 * Hime for Custom Event Trigger script * Yanfly Engine Ace - Button Common Events v1.00 * Simple Diagonal Movement 1.0 by Shaz * Word Wrapping Message Boxes, by: KilloZapit * Galv's Move Route Extras * Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05 * Skip Title Screen by JV Master * Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace by Zeus81 * Backspace for Window_NameInput by Gambit * Map Effects v1.4.1 for VX and VXace by Zeus81 * Galv's Cam Control * Yanfly Engine Ace - Stop All Movement v1.00 Screenshots: Features: * Mood meter Indicates your happiness. When the game begins, Harry is happy. But when you’re an adult, things happen -- you step on a bug, you read a sad poem, your wife cheats on you -- that make your sad, and your mood meter drops. It is up to you to find ways to be happy. If you are sad ... the game begins to malfunction. Known Issues: * Sometimes the menu becomes screwy, background will vanish. * Some transfer points might guide to wrong location, since the game relies heavily on parallel maps. * Occasional demonic possession of your computer. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mtzlxulkya9qo6f/Harry%27s%20Happy%20World%21.exe?dl=0
  2. When I play my game on a full screen, the movies still come out at a 640 X 480 ratio. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  3. But there are no "map conditions." This conditional branch is decided based on whether or not a certain switch is turned on -- that switch is turned on inside of another common event, which is also running parallel process.
  4. I've set up a common event (it's a parallel process) that will, after a conditional branch is satisfied, transfer the player to a different map. After the transfer command, I also have listed a few more events -- two to change the actor graphic and a couple text boxes. However, the program ignores ANY commands that I give it after the transfer command. I'm not sure why this is, even though the Common Event is a parallel process, which means it is supposed to run on all maps at all times so long as the trigger switch is activated. But I'm certain that the Common Event doesn't simply turn off, because it will activate again when the next set of conditions are met. I've considered just putting the commands I want from that Common Event to an autorun event inside of the map to which the player will be transferred, but that's kind of sloppy to me. TL;DR version - why can't I set switches/commands after a transfer event?
  5. zork269

    How to leave creepy text files in computer

    Could anyone demonstrate how exactly instructions to create and then write inside of a .txt file could be scripted into Ruby? Can't say I'm a script aficionado - I've just been relying on other downloaded scripts. Thanks.
  6. I downloaded Resource Hacker and followed a tutorial to change the icon of my .exe file for my game. Now, whenever I double-click on either .exe (Resource Hacker saves another file called "Game_original"), neither file will open, just sits and waits with the loading cursor. If I try to playtest the game in the RPG Maker editor, it will freeze. I do hope I didn't just ruin my game. This is months of work I just can't replicate. EDIT: Just fixed it. If you're reading this and you've stumbled on the same problem, here's how I did it: Create a new RPG Maker project. Copy all of the resource files and the project file for your game-in-progress and replace the new project's files (essentially all of the files except the corrupt .exe). Store the older files someplace else, then open the freshly replaced project. The .exe file and playtest should work! EDIT EDIT: Now I wonder -- this is probably impossible, but -- would it be possible to change the game's .exe icon midway through the game? In my case, I'd like the game to crash itself at a certain point, but when the player tries to log back in, he notices the game icon is not a bright smiley face ... it has become a skull.
  7. The size of text boxes goes screwy at one point in my game, in which an event is altering the y-axis of a picture's position (the picture is on layer 22). I have a suspicion that the alterations of this picture's y-axis is screwing up text boxes, but I have no idea why, since it doesn't happen at any other point in the game. As you can see, the text box is just fine ... ... until the icon on the left side rides up the y-axis, and then the next text box looks like ... ... and when the icon rides back down the y-axis, the next text box looks like this ... So here's a snapshot of the code inside the event. I have no idea how to fix this. All help is appreciated! EDIT: Issue resolved! It appears that my choice of using variables 21 and 22 was conflicting with Yanfly's advanced message box script. I just set the script's variables to 0 and that eliminated the problem.
  8. I'm trying to activate an event after a certain number of steps have been traveled by the player (he steps on a bug and that ruins his conscience). This is obviously very simple - just create a parallel process event, set a variable called "steps" equal to the game data "Steps" followed by a conditional branch which activates when that variable reaches the desired quota. However, the game data "Steps" seems to include every step made by the sprite in every map through the course of the game. I just want the variable to include only the steps the player has traveled on the current map. How do I do this? Thanks.
  9. Great! I set the counter as a common event, running as a parallel process, and it works like a charm! Thanks everyone.
  10. So the premise of my current project is this: the player begins with a full "mood" bar, but as time goes on and the game is played, the mood bar steadily decreases. Once it hits the bottom, the sprite has become so depressed that he commits suicide in a gruesome and creative fashion. Game over. My intentions were to set a variable, called "mood," at 450 (which is the Y-coordinate of the icon that marks the player's level on the meter) and then set a conditional branch, so that every 1 second (or some interval of time) the variable decreases by 4.5 and makes the icon fall steadily lower on the meter. But it isn't working. The conditional branch will end as soon as the second is over, but if I set it to loop, the game crashes immediately upon starting. How do I accomplish this? Thanks for your help.
  11. zork269

    Creating fake error pop-up

    Well, I figured it out. I think... Ahead of time, I created two copies of the error pop-up, both exactly the same except one has "YES" highlighted and the other "NO" highlighted. RPG Maker switches back-and-forth between these in the game. In RPG Maker, I created an event on the map and set it to "parallel process" and triggered by a player touch. When the player moves onto the tile, it turns on a switch called "GLITCH" that activates several other events. This event also fades out the music, plays the "critical error" sound effect, and shows the picture of the error message over the player. It also turns the player's sprite to the left, the reason for this I will expound upon shortly. Off to the side, I create an event, and when "GLITCH" is on, it is a parallel process with two conditional branches: one to check if the left button is being pressed, the other to check for the right button. Depending on which button is pressed, it will switch between the two pictures of the error message - one with "YES" highlighted, the other "NO." Both conditional branches have self-switches for "A" and "B" which lead to other pages in the event. This makes the event run in a cycle, instead of just ending once left or right is pressed, I guess. Two more events, one to the player's sprite's left, the other to his right. At first these are below the character and do nothing, but when "GLITCH" is switched on, they turn to the player's level (so he is blocked by them) and are both activated by the ENTER button. The event on the sprite's left controls whatever happens when "YES" is selected, while the event on the right controls whatever happens when "NO" is selected. This is why I make the event automatically turn the sprite left, since "YES" is the first option selected. I also placed two more events, one north and one south of the player sprite, that effectively block the player from moving in any direction while the error event is happening. Because the error message covers the sprite, you don't see him turning left and right, though I've considered just setting it to transparency as well. To think, not a single bit of script was implemented. Though I wish I could use an event to move all these other events around, so the player doesn't need to walk over a specific map tile for the "error" to pop up. No mouse script involved, but I'm satisfied without one.
  12. zork269

    Help with battle event

    Hm, the script doesn't do anything at all. I'll go to the thread and post there.
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