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  1. Thanks very much. I appreciate you guys' input. Now that that's settled with, time to get creative φ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ
  2. Already on it. I'm approaching the story in a series of arcs, each with a central conflict with different groups trying to achieve the same thing, and it's choosing who to side with and how the objective is achieved that will determine which flags are raised. I'm currently working on the "Pilot" arc, or rather the introduction part, where the MC is being shown the ropes on surviving in the city. I'm tweaking something like that using Events, all the while making sure that the different scenarios and their lasting effects don't overlap with each other. Hmmm... Good idea. I'll whip up an outline for a couple of arcs I want to explore with and will try your suggestion soon, but in the meantime I'm still designing a few maps. Will get back to you on that soon. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to use some of the XP's background and character tilesets in the VX Ace Project I'm working on. Partly because I'd much prefer that my PC and NPCs look adult-like and not chibified, and also because there are some items in the former that I'd like to include for aesthetics. I know both XP, VX and VXAce are from the same developer, but they are still wholly different applications. So, I have to ask, is there a problem in exporting their tilesets and importing it in VXAce? Also, I had installed the XP and VX versions in my old laptop before it crashed but fortunately have back-uped their tilesets beforehand, while I'm sure I still have an installation of the latter in our family's old desktop. Does that count also as a factor?
  4. Thanks. Much appreciate it if you do Point taken. I guess I was expecting a little too much there, but was worth a shot. I'm rubbish at anything that involves numbers and programming. Dialogue and character interaction are exactly what I have in mind for this game. It also ties in with the Notoriety system I want to apply because, whether the player likes it or not, he will attract the attention of the Powers That Be of the city and his actions and behavior will determine which one of them would include him in their operations and who else would want to get rid of him altogether. In short, a whole cast of characters, plenty of sidequests, and tons of branching dialogue...
  5. Hehe, thanks. I had been looking for that 'Edit' button for a while now. Couldn't see it before, must've missed it. I see you have redone the topic in T and D so I changed the title of this- and we will use it as your welcome thread! Hello and welcome to the forums. Hehe, thanks. Much appreciated. Hope we all get along
  6. I've started tinkering on RPGMaker again ever since I worked on this little pet project of mine. I was supposed to make a series of short stories set in an urban fantasy setting, and I had jotted down almost all of the stuff that I wanted to include in it. Lore, characters, affiliations, overall themes, and whatever plotlines that seemed crazy enough to work. And, somewhere along the way, I realized that I wasn't making a story pitch anymore, instead I think I've made enough for a freaking board game. Enough to base an entire world on. So, I decided to try making a game based on what I've established for my works. Nothing solid yet though. Just making a few choice locations, characters, and scenarios so far then see if I can use them for an actual game later. If anything, I want to make this game-project as open-ended as a wide open sandbox RPG, stressing on exploration and community-building in a world where making and keeping connections (similar to Persona 3's Social Linking) is the only way to get through. I would also use it as an exercise in playing with, deconstructing, reconstructing, discussing, and lampshade-hanging several Eastern RPG tropes and mechanics that I've grown up with. I can't promise anything concrete yet, but so far the game would involve a silent protagonist, a newcomer to the big city, integrating himself in the living, thriving metropolis as well as the magic community hidden in it. Also, there is no plot. I repeat, no goddamn plot. No world-ending event, no evil overlord, no demonic invasion. Nothing that would ever need the help of a "chosen one". There's just you, the city, and all the ways you could ruin it, rule over it, or leave it as is. In other words, you can cause all those things mentioned earlier if you want. I would also like to explore and use these certain mechanics in the game: *A "mana pool"-system. Would work as a second form of currency, except that it would deplete until it fills your HP and MP bar to full. Can only be replenished by doing side jobs and missions with the magic community. *An equipment- and statbuff-based progression system where the player relies more on customizable buffs and weaponry instead of character classes and leveling up. The player uses the mana from said mana pool for this, as well as the next two mechanics. A "reputation/notoriety" meter that would gauge how much the player is well-known/loved/feared/respected in the magic community depending on your choice of behaviour and friends. You could gain or lose certain items and characters depending on how lawful/chaotic/whatever you are. > I think I can make this work using Events. A magic "Favor" system connected to the previous one, in which you gain the favor of certain lower-myth creatures, fellow magic-users, and even God-like beings if you ever get the latter's unwanted attention to learn new forms of magic. > again, Events, and maybe some tinkering in the Item and Equipment pages. *A "journal" option in the menu where we can keep track of events, past jobs, and connections. *I'd like some help from any of the programmers here in the RPGMaker forum if they can help whip up some of these marked mechanics like this for me. Thanks. I'm using this exercise as a way to work out a certain world view I've developed these past few months during my depression. I'm also hoping that this would also help me get me back on my feet again and help me deal with whatever life throws at me again. That's what I have in mind for my game as of this time. I'd love to hear some comments and critiques, if any
  7. Uh, hold on, my mistake. I should've put this in the Theory and Development forum instead. Hehe... *sigh* what a way to start... Anyway, anyone knows how to delete this? Thanks.
  8. I've moved the original message from here over to the Theory and Development forum. You can check it out here in this link: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/18504-an-exercise-in-world-building/ Again, I'm here to say hello Hope to hear more from you guys.
  9. Good day. I'm new to this community and would like to introduce myself. It's been my childhood dream to make my own video game and I hope to realize that with RPGMaker. I've discovered it a few years back and did some experimenting before post-college responsibilities came crashing in. I've recently gotten back to it as an exercise in world-building for a series of stories I'm writing about lately. I'll make some posts soon once I've made something conclusive, and I hope to read you guys' feedback. Thank you. Hope to hear from you all soon