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  1. Missing scripts would not be a point here, since I'm a scripter myself (just lacking creativity and ideas). So what I'd like to discuss here are the good and "evil" sides of parallax mapping and what you all think about it.
  2. Hey there, long time no see.... I'd like to start a discussion about whether parallax mapping is better than normal mapping... First I'd like to state that I do know that the possibilities with parallax mapping are sheer endless, but on the other hand, in my opinion it would just let the game's size explode, since every map could take multiple big image files... By using the RPG Maker VX Ace you can define a mass of tilesets, so I think this would be good enough for almost every case. What are your thoughts about this?
  3. Happy new year =)

    1. Crescent


      Happy New Year! :D

  4. hey everybody... finally got myself to visit this site again... how have everbody been? :)

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    2. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      agreed JS is kinda lackluster =P

    3. lonequeso


      So Java is decaf?


    4. Szyu


      Java is something else... doesn't have anything in common.. or at least not very much.. JavaScript is supposed to be run client side for web based applications, and java is a complete interpreter language, designed to run on any platform for any purpose... But I don't like JavaScript that much although I use it sometimes for client-server communication with html and php...

      But in my opinion using javascript for rpg maker can be very useful for resource use or for online features,...

  5. new Version is out: - added customizable crafting sounds for each category - changed layout
  6. New Update: Fixed a bug where saving and loading a game can cause trouble with identifying what items are in inventory.
  7. Update: Fixed a bug where custom categories will not be displayed correctly. Given link in OP has been updated.
  8. Thanks guys for the replies I chose to make my axes out of potions because.. uhmm... because MV told me to. And Leaf axes were out If you run into trouble with the plugin, please let me know
  9. aaaaand my crafting system plugin for MV is out :)http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/35530-szyus-crafting-system/

    1. Chaosian


      Who makes axes out of potions. :D

    2. Szyu


      These are the hardest axes... no wait... Leaf axes are even harder...

  10. Szyu's CraftingSystem plugin for RPG Maker MV v1.0 Introduction A simple crafting system, to craft items, weapons and armors based on recipes and recipe books. Download Link to mediafire Screenshots How to Use For detailed explanations on how to use the plugin, check the plugin manager's help button for this script. Terms of Use You are free to use this script for commercial and non-commercial projects. However I'd like you to inform me of the projects you are planning to use it in, so I can keep track of where my scripts are used.
  11. Szyu

    Array-based "database" script?

    Easiest thing that comes to my mind would be defining a new class that holds the data and then Marshal.dump it and later Marshal.load again for retrieval.
  12. How well would 8-bit music work for vx-ace games? What's your opinion?

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    2. Szyu


      Ok then what type of music would you recommend for default style?

    3. philteredkhaos
    4. philteredkhaos


      I don't know. I use 8-bit/Chiptunes in my games. SOME people complain, but whatever. If the majority of comments are about how the music is awful, then I'll change it. Otherwise its my design choice and haters can flock off

  13. So many people claiming a "ghost"-account just because of halloween... I don't get it :/

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    2. Rikifive


      lol I'll correct that XD That was made in ~2 minutes gimme a break! XD

      Yup, I always had a hornie-horn. =3

      That's where my magic was coming all the time, duh! =3

    3. xoferew


      I remember when you were just a chair.

    4. Rikifive


      Corrected! Better? =3


      Yeah... I miss these silly times with silly wooden jokes...

      Everything has changed...

  14. Could anybody possibly tell me how to change the language?

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