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  1. Polidoro

    Title screen request

    i'll do this right now. can i get ANY other specifics that you want though? You looking for a happy looking screen? dark? @-{ Second Post ) Posted 30 minutes later eh edit:sorry for the double post. botched the whole 'edit' method. Listen, Derpman, i spent a good 5 minutes on that screen and I gotta say I literally hate every pixel of it. If you like it, great! If not, no hard feelings, please do me a favor and give me some more direction and I'll whip you up a new screen.
  2. Polidoro

    Special weapon to damage enemy?

    Glad i could help
  3. Polidoro

    Special weapon to damage enemy?

    elements my dude, elements... leave your current system to let the player know they need to use 'x' weapon if you want (maybe tweak it a bit) but what you want is mainly your boss to have 10000000 resistance to EVERY element in your game (including physical) except for the 'X' weapons element. you can even make it a dummy element that the player won't ever see but the engine will recognize it. i know this isn't that detailed but hopefully you get the idea. sorry if im horribly wrong. haven't messed with the maker in ages
  4. Tomorrow (5/22) i'll be away for 30 days. just dont want anyone feeling ignored by me or thinking im never returning. :P keep creating mothasuckazzz

    1. Faye V.

      Faye V.

      Adios! hope you come back.

  5. gotta go on a 40 min round trip, drive highway and city, with horribly metal grinding brakes, a warrent, a suspended license, and a ticket already for driving while suspended which is actually my second case of it.... if you guys dont see me around here anymore this is my 'suicide note' without the suicide. augh, the things i do for love. good luck on your projects everyone, i love my wife, wish me luck!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

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      Didn't know that about the new chargers. That's horrifying.

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      Prayers headed your way :)


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      Oooh Minister prayers, those are always good to have! ;)

  6. If you take Dinh's idea your enemy graphic may appear before the animation. If that is the case, just make your enemy graphic be blank, then in the battle event run the animation then follow up with changing the enemy graphic to the proper graphic you want. Small 'dummy' tricks like this can be used for all sorts of things with the engine. (Dummy as in a 'dummy event' a place holder, a temperorary empty space, an invisible but present entity, etc. Not dummy as in the method or user is simple or stupid haha)
  7. Polidoro

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Oh good shit! Did he make you the sprite of him playing it too like you were wanting? Also, I gotta ask, how would it look if you were to put one of them holes with the flora in it, directly under one of the vines+leaves tiles you have on the walls. I feel like that could look really nice but not sure.
  8. Polidoro

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Very nice improvements buddy. Look at the new one compared to the very first one... feels good eh? Nice job man, you're getting the hang if it.
  9. Polidoro

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing an update
  10. Polidoro

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Its getting there. The small silver patches of rubble are meant to be used either in a top right hand corner or used with the other tiles next to it on the set itself. You can tell by the way the top and right edges are cut off on the tile. Some other details you can do are animals/bugs. Maybe add a small mouse that has a random move path set to it. Another idea is lighting. Its rare that classic RPGs ever explain where all the interior lighting is coming from but you're trying to set your game apart from the rest right? I'm not saying to go all out with shadows and overlays but adding a few torches and/or lamps here and there as light sources can help with the player immersion. A screen tint and very light dust/dirty fog can really add some atmosphere to a map when done correctly. Just some ideas to toss around. Keep expirementing and trying new things. That's the best way to get better. Remember, as long as the map makes sense, there is no right or wrong way to make them. As long as you're having fun doing it, you're doing things right. Keep going though. Every update looks better than the last. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with mapping. You definetly have tale t.
  11. Polidoro

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Some tips from me> Deffiently fix up them walls with the proper tiles. Also, the far right wall that goes the whole height of the map is unnecessary. The pseudo-top down perspective of the engine is a bit confessing to get the hang of but just know you only need 'roof' or 'border' tiles for side walls. Another idea would be to make it slightly more naturally formed. I know its mined out section of a cave but the 'perfect rectangle' shape of the room kills realism. Only opinions but if you want a slightly more realistic approach, I would add some variations to the latter walls such as indents and the like. But like I said, only opinions here. Adding small details can really boost the overall look of the map. Things like patches of dirt and pebbles or a broken down wall. Little details like can really transform a map from being a ''constructed area, with zero mess, only existing to be presented to the player'' to a really impressive ''area of a living world with dynamic denizens that are alive, have been alive, and will stay alive long before and long after the player shuts the game down.''
  12. Polidoro

    Unveil — Survival Simulator (Now Moddable)

    Sounds good man. I typed that post tounge in cheek because I didn't want to come across as graphics are sound disrespectful to your project. It truly is a work of art. I totally agree with your downsides to parallax mapping too. It would deffinetly add a shit ton of production time. I'll toss some samples together tommorow and send them your way though just so you can get an idea. Maybe some smaller or interior maps would work? But yeah, to do the whole project could be more headache than its worth. I didn't even think about the possible performance issues with all the simulators and systems running in the background. Who knows though, ideas may be sparked. Like I said, I'll hit you back in the near future and see what happens. Thanks for the quick response brotha- Well... scratch all that. I havent used my computer in months. Got on it today to work on a project and sample map for you. Realized one of the reasons why I stopped using my computer; if I use my browser or Photoshop for more than 5 minutes or so I get a good old IRQ Not Less Or Equal To error via blue screen of death. But I can play borderlands and diablo for as long as I want with no problems ever. Damnit......
  13. Polidoro

    Unveil — Survival Simulator (Now Moddable)

    Looks 10 times better with each update. You're systems are extremely extensive and well designed. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a demo one day. Do you have any plans for changing the map style? Please please please go with a beautiful parallax method. Everything else is damn near perfect but when I see the maps it kills me. Of course they may just be test maps and place holders but I would love to see some rich mapping put to use for such a beautiful project. If mapping is not your strong point I would love to help out in any way I can. If you're interested, I can send you some screen shots or playable parallax maps I've made. It would up the production value of your project tremendously along side your amazing in game systems. Of course this is just my opinion and by all means I mean no disrespect. Let me know if I can help at all and good luck with the rest of your project. PS> I really like the new project name. I loved Cognition as well so I feel like you could call it 'Project Dog Spit' and I would still love it haha. Awesome work buddy. Keep it up. I can't wait to see how it all ends up! You're a motivation to us all.
  14. Polidoro

    Theo - Database Manager

    I gotta say, I don't fully understand the use of this script however, I can tell that it took a very intelligent and hard working coder to make it. So very nice work . Looking forward to looking into this a bit more. Keep up the great work buddy.
  15. Polidoro

    Appraisal Shop

    Very very very cool. Haven't looked at the script yet so forgive me for asking but is it possible to set the unidentified icon based on a specific weapon. Say regular U.I. items get the normal chest you have in the screen shot but then on 'rare' U.I. items, their icons are gold chests etc??? Know what I means?