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  1. A1 and A2 tiles of a modern city anyone?

  2. Sick. Again.

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    2. rescuerabbit
    3. Kayzee


      How are you sick? Maybe this will help! *sprinkles fairy dust on you* Better? :3

    4. rescuerabbit
  3. What's up neighbours

    1. Tharis


      Long time no see Rabbit how's it going?

    2. rescuerabbit


      Going good, for some reason my chat was blocked but it's cool now. How are you?

  4. Mkay help I need XP tiles for VX? :(

    1. Wingflame


      I think there is a converter for it somewhere . you can google it ^^. although idk anything about if u can use it or not, i heard it somewhere that u need to own xp to use its tile or something.

    2. taarna23


      Yeah, you need to own XP. Near future release of my tileset builder will support XP tiles, but it won't automatically convert them to fit. It'll just make them easier to integrate. I would also suggest you image-edit the XP tiles and bump up the saturation, or they don't fit will with VX/Ace.

  5. What's Yellow's compliment?

    1. SpookyMothman


      Red - Green

      Orange - Blue

      Yellow - Purple


      ... I think.

    2. EraYachi


      That is correct, sir.


    3. ���
  6. Gimp is ugly and has no friends.

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    2. INDOJIN


      Paint.NET is my favourite store on the Citade-, I mean, it's my favourite image editing software.

    3. SpookyMothman


      Making sprites and tiles and stuff with Illustrator would be pretty rad, I think.

    4. TheHarmp


      Gimp has me as a friend, and I don't care for looks, It's the personality that matters.

  7. Anyone bored enough to chat with me?

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    2. yoda


      guys, i lost my wallet today. documents and money gone. in work they say if i miss any day more i will be suct. can i be more unlucy?

    3. MurgianSwordsman


      You could have a meteor fall on you...just you, and nothing else. But, that's rough to hear.

    4. yoda


      :D yes im so sad, need to go to police tomorow, and bank to block my card:C
  8. I need someone to chat with. ._.

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    2. rescuerabbit


      @zalera_95 Nothing I'm just bored I guess.

      @Stryke a pm would be better.

      @SoulPour777 I tried this one where you chat with a dog but he didn't seem to like me all that much.

    3. ShinGamix


      chat chat chat

    4. rescuerabbit
  9. Looking for someone I can chat with. x.x

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      Wouldn't they just start getting mad at him and tell him to buy something and get out? that happened to me once back in 09.

    3. Heartfeltcurse
    4. Tharis


      My mom always taught me not to speak to strangers. =P

  10. Happy new year 2014. Just came in Bulgaria. ^^

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      7 hours left here as of.... 5 minutes from now

    3. The Yank

      The Yank

      dino rabbits got nerfed

    4. rescuerabbit


      Why do you gotta go there? :(


  11. Computer for formated, didn't back up data. FML

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    2. Cecillia


      I have Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, and Cloud Drive XDD They save me so much space.

    3. INDOJIN


      Yeah, cloud storage is definitely what you need.

    4. yuuhi


      u can restore a formatted disk its data :P... aslong u didnt kill them clusters :P wich u didnt if u formatted only

  12. Anyone wanna chat? :(

    1. orathan


      Homework comes 1st before anything else related to internet XD

    2. rescuerabbit


      I'm sick so I'll have around a week off school. Yay me. :D

  13. Anyone wanna chat? :(

  14. Starbound prevents me from doing any work on my project.

    1. Wren


      This was true of this weekend. 40 hours in 3 days...

  15. Anyone cool wanting to chat? I'm bored as hell.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Galv


      I'll vouch for Tharis, he is pretty cool

    3. Tharis


      Why thank you, you are pretty awesome yourself haha!

    4. Titanhex


      Tharis is pretty cool. I vouch for him.

      I on the other hand am zesty and dangerous. c:

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