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  1. Snacktaveous

    Reversing Controls Plugin

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is exactly what I was looking for (Sorry it took me so long to respond, I didn't realize that anyone had responded and so quickly!!!)
  2. Snacktaveous

    Reversing Controls Plugin

    Hi all! I haven't had much luck finding a good way to invert movement controls while keeping them as functional as usual (common eventing had enough hiccups to abandon for what I wanted) Can anyone out there whip up a plugin that reverses movement controls. If it's much of a catch, I need to be able to turn the reversed controls off and back on in a loop using a timer for a dungeon I'm working on. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm interested in creating a character class that is the worst type of team player (their attacks do lots of damage to enemies but also hurt teammates, and their attack goes up with each additional KOed party member) Would anyone know how to create a skill for battles where a party member throws other party members into enemies? What's most important is that I'd like the "throw party member" attack to damage an enemy (of course) and also damage the thrown party member (less damage, though, and reduced further by their defense). Bonus points: If anyone knows how I'd set up the situation where that character powers up whenever a teammate dies, that'd be super gravy. Any takers on how I might go about setting this up? Thanks, RPG Maker community!
  4. Thanks, devonm0! It took a while but I managed to complete everything you said to do for the battle event pages to work correctly. That was my first time playing with random variables in a battle system and it was fun. Page three towards the end took a while, but I created a separate project dedicated to making sense of things on a smaller scale. Six pirates show up and Sharkules successfully eats them. I added in a line of text "Aaaaah! Kill the shark!" Every time sharkules eats a pirate (on page 2 on each conditional branch after the shark uses its devour attack). While playtesting, I found that the text would still be shouted, even after Sharkules was dead and no longer eating the two remaining pirates (the event's condition "sharkules' hp 50% or below" would admittedly still be true in that situation, but he's busy being dead, so it's funny that the text is still shouted.) My pirates only have a basic attack, which was pretty great for helping cut down on extra copying and pasting of attacks split between shark/heroes on page three. The perfectionist in me wants to have the pirates turn around and face Sharkules once he eats a pirate. Obviously he's the real issue for them in the battle. One thing I didn't end up doing was mentioned in your final paragraph, to change the first pirate's conditional branch to remove the dummy state portion. I was stuck on the idea that the player might kill that specific pirate before the shark could eat him, so I'd just have all pirates be the same as insurance. Still, I am more than willing to admit that my inability to wrap my head around the reasoning for that could be preventing something really cool from happening in the fight. As is, the shark just immediately eats a pirate, which I'm cool with Your response was quite fast and awesome. One million kudos!