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    Check weapon's element

    Friend, With what limited skill I have, the solution I have is rather... crass. But I need an idea of what kind of elements you're using first. Give me an example weapon. Will weapons have multiple elements, or just one?
  2. Okay, so, I'm Crazy Rob. I've worked with the rpg maker series since the 2000 model, and I have yet to publish a full game. Trying to change that with a project that I started in 2k3 in 2009 and am redoing in VXA now. As first impressions are important, I'm trying to polish up a demo before I throw it out here and look like an idiot. My skills basically boil down to jack of all trades work and troubleshooting/modding scripts. I'm keeping this short and sweet so as not to bs anyone, because I can assume you get enough of that in your daily lives.
  3. Crazy Rob

    Karanum's Pathfinding Script

    Not a question, but rather an amusing thing I found. Using "walk_to($game_variables[x], $game_variables[y], 0)" with the x and y variables set to the x and y position of the hero, will allow an event to accurate chase the player. Kudos and thanks for the script!