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  1. KaylieMarie

    Party Manager

    I've been wanting a script like this. Thanks Tsuki!
  2. KaylieMarie

    Voting is over

    I'll need to get some content made up to help out too! Maybe some wardrobe items for Hello Kitty
  3. KaylieMarie

    New tilles, gothic

    Ooh! Goth tiles!? I wanna see em!
  4. Facebook, blogger, this site... They should all have a like button, and LOVE button! :)

  5. KaylieMarie

    Basic Options Menu

    Amazing script Vlue! (:
  6. KaylieMarie

    Weapons do other skills besides 'Attack'.

    Thanks for this request, and the link! Didn't even think I would need something like this in my project. Now I've got loads of fun ideas for it!
  7. KaylieMarie

    Multiple Map Layers

    If this is what I think it is, this is pretty cool! Quick question (since I'm in school right now. Don't question why I'm online if I'm at school. Lol!) Do the copied maps retain their movement settings? I.E. If a tree base is impassible will it still be impassible when copied over? I hope that makes sense. If not, I'll just try it when I get home tonight.
  8. KaylieMarie

    Vote for levels!

    I want to see 15 levels in the demo!
  9. KaylieMarie

    Copy/Paste Map Data

    Some pretty cool disappearing and reappearing towns could be made with this script. Very nice!
  10. KaylieMarie

    Character Flash

    Love this script! <3 Just love it
  11. KaylieMarie

    XS - Icon Menu

    This is the best looking menu I can find for my horror game! Thanks Nicke!
  12. KaylieMarie

    XS - Map Hud

    could be handy for my horror game!
  13. KaylieMarie

    Variable Instance Bars

    Using for my horror game! Thanks Galv!
  14. KaylieMarie

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Ooh! Amazing horror game lighting effects, here we come!!
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