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    I am an artist. I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. My exploration of art eventually led me to painting, and different forms of crafting. I love making things that please the eye. I also enjoy creating sculptures with polymer clay.
    It is goes without saying, but I will say it anyways, that I like to make games using RPG Maker. I started making games using the old Don Miguel pirate copy of RPG Maker 95 when that came out. I have stayed with the RPG Maker family ever since. It wasn't until recently that I decided to join a forum.
    In addition to the interests above, I also enjoy shooting, directing, editing, and producing short films.
    I am a teacher by profession and also teach martial arts as well.
    You will most likely find me making contributions to the graphics resources and resource request sub-forums here. I hope to regularly release original resources free to use as a way of giving back to the wonderful RPG Maker community.

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  1. OneCutStudio

    Treasure Quest (BETA Demo)Update 7/19/16

    Hello everyone! Update time after a long hiatus. I have been developing this game little by little over the last few months. It is very near completion and almost ready for a full release. The biggest portion of remaining work is creating an original sound track. I might release it with the standard RPG Maker BGMs at first and later patch it with my own music when I'm done. All nine levels and the minigame are complete. Finally, the achievement system is mostly finished too. Stay tuned as I will be looking for people to review the game...and...a sequel to this game is currently in the planning stages. Look forward to it! -OCS
  2. OneCutStudio

    Plugin Help for Galv's CustomTitle

    Welp, now I feel like a dunce. Thanks, Galv. That did the trick. This thread may be closed.
  3. OneCutStudio

    Plugin Help for Galv's CustomTitle

    Thanks for the tip. I just checked my version of MV. It is the most current version: 1.3.4
  4. OneCutStudio

    Plugin Help for Galv's CustomTitle

    What do you mean by latest files? Is there an update I'm not aware of? Where can I get such files?
  5. OneCutStudio

    Plugin Help for Galv's CustomTitle

    Hello everyone, I started working on my game again and as such using scripts to increase its appeal. I need help with Galv's CustomTitle script. Using the plugin demo I was able to create the titlescreen to my liking, however I cannot duplicate it in my own game. Here is the issue I am experiencing: The animated sprites are not visible when the titlescreen first launches. If I open up the options window and then close out of it, then the animated sprites appear. Troubleshooting I've done so far: At first I thought it might be conflicting with other plugins so I turned them all off except this one. Same problem persists. I moved the plugin to the top of the list. I double checked all the settings to make sure they were set correctly, ie. positioning the layers appropriately. Battle animations will still play but over the transparent sprite. All the other layers are showing up fine. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, -OCS
  6. OneCutStudio

    Pixel Dojo MV [Tuts: 4]

    REQUEST/UPDATE Hey community. How are you liking the tutorials so far? Are they too long, too short, not enough information, etc.? I would love to hear some feedback. Plans for future tutorials: Pixel Artist studies: where we breakdown the work of professional pixel artists and try to emulate it. Tutorials on basic tiles all the way up to animated auto-tiles. Using a base for creating sprites. Creating your own sprite base. Possibly color theory and how it impacts pixel art. What would you like to see? Thanks, -OCS
  7. Tutorial 4 now available at the Pixel Dojo MV!

  8. OneCutStudio

    Pixel Dojo MV [Tuts: 4]

    Hey everyone! The fourth tutorial from the Pixel Dojo discusses tips for animating bird sprites and you can follow along with me and watch my process as I create an owl sprite from start to finish. The video is rather long, but you can fast-forward to get to the good bits. Thanks for your support. Tutorial 4 Link -OCS
  9. OneCutStudio

    Treasure Quest (BETA Demo)Update 7/19/16

    Quick update: I posted Treasure Quest to Steam Greenlight's Concept submissions. Unfortunately it is not getting much attention there. Even with fun gameplay and custom assets my game is lacking momentum and a following. I invite anyone to download and play the beta demo. Please leave comments and vote on Greenlight's Concepts if you support this project. As of now, I am currently losing steam(pun intended) on this project and have lost the motivation to continue working on it. Thanks to anyone. -OCS
  10. OneCutStudio

    Smaller file size for an Android game?

    I had a post similar to this recently. I was looking for ways to optimize games from MV for mobile use. I am hoping to do a tutorial on this sometime. MV prepares for mobile but doesn't exactly make you an .apk file. Follow the steps in the guide to do that or use the Intel XDK. Also make sure your phone is in developer mode. When you save your game's output file make sure your check the box to exclude unused files. You could also manually delete all the unused files in your game's folders before the output as well. One thing I noticed from putting an early demo of my game on my phone is that the audio doesn't loop properly, there is considerable lag, and touching the screen can be difficult at times. RMMV is a great program and the company gave us some great features but they could still do so much more for us! Good luck.
  11. OneCutStudio

    Galv's Event Start Types

    Cool. I can definitely find a use for this. Thanks Galv.
  12. OneCutStudio

    Treasure Quest (BETA Demo)Update 7/19/16

    Hello Community! Announcing the release of my game's BETA demo which you can download for FREE here: Mediafire Link The full game is mostly complete. All that remains is completing the achievement system and testing each level and system thoroughly. Read more about the game in the OP. I think this is a fun little game with some great replay value. If you can, give it a play and leave a comment. I intend to submit this game to STEAM Greenlight. Please show your support only if you want too. If this game does get Greenlit and becomes available on STEAM, I'm sure I will give away some free keys to this community! We do some awesome work here at RPGMakerCentral! Thanks, -OCS
  13. OneCutStudio

    Pixel Dojo MV [Tuts: 4]

    Thank you. I have a lot more tutorials planned, however right now I am really focusing on completing my game. Hopefully soon I can start rolling some more out.
  14. OneCutStudio

    Help with TDDP: Bind Pictures To Map

    Thanks for the suggestions. So far it seems to be working with the latest version of my game. It didn't crash the last time I test played through and was able to get back to the main menu. Mods, please leave this open for now but I'll let you know if we can close this. --- Jackus if you are interested here are the current plugins: