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  1. I have a few tasks that are critical to finishing my game, but unfortunately my last programmer disappeared. This is a rather unorthodox visual novel made in RPG Maker MV, that has been in development for about a year, but has recently screeched to a halt. All work is fully paid on a per-task basis, rates to be discussed in private. The only requirements are that you are 18+ and have experience making / editing RPG Maker MV plugins. This is a list of the tasks that need doing: A plugin that would allow for custom cursor graphics; Every existing plugin for this - that I've tested - either has conflicts with TDDP's mouse system, or in the case of QTouch, the cursor graphic resets when you point outside the window. Would also accept simply fixing the bug. Increasing the width of choices, VN-style. I've tried Galv's, but it causes conflicts with other plugins, especially those by Hime. I remember reading somewhere that someone else had the same problem. A plugin or possible edit that enables menu choices to send the player to maps, which would be used for special screens. For example, this would be used for a Gallery or Achievement collection map, which relates to the next task: Possibly the largest task, a plugin that allows persistent variables across the downloaded build, used for an 'achievement' or 'gallery' system. Again, I haven't been able to find a plugin that works for this. It could be as simple as certain variables writing a true / false value into a .txt file, somewhere in the game files, then checking for the value any time that variable is called, to make sure that achievement couldn't pop twice. Like "If this variable's number is set to false in the .txt file, then set it to false, else do nothing" while the Event would handle the rest. Feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to discuss it. There's no pressure or time constraint, but I would like to be able to get a new build out by the end of September; Due to the problem I mentioned at the start of this post, I haven't been able to post a new build in over 2 months. All the art & writing is my own work, and I can do that just fine, but I need the basic features & gimmicks working before I can release a public Alpha. You can also e-mail me at TripleTreatGame@gmail.com
  2. ScreampunkArts

    Plugin for voiceover etc.?

    Yesterday at 10:04 AM
  3. ScreampunkArts

    Mouse System Buttons 2.5 update

    " Added ability to start events even if the player is no facing the event" How do you disable this? It's extremely annoying. Everything else works fine but that part is doing my head in. Anyone still trying to work this out, I figured it out: You just put a comment containing MOUSE START at the start of your events, and it appears to disable the directional check (or lack of).
  4. ScreampunkArts

    Unselectable Items & Specific Window Font Size

    Perfect! Thanks; thread can be closed now. I hope others benefit from this for non-combat games.
  5. ScreampunkArts

    Unselectable Items & Specific Window Font Size

    Excellent; thanks! I'll cross out that part of the OP. I really appreciate it~
  6. ScreampunkArts

    Knocking enemies into the air?

    No one?
  7. ScreampunkArts

    Knocking enemies into the air?

  8. You are an absolute lifesaver. I use Kread-EX's Animated Battlers which chokes my processor like crazy, and it's worse as I use my own hand-drawn battlers. Your script fixes all the animation problems. Here's a short video of what I'm now able to do thanks to your script (warning - loud): http://youtu.be/lldLpQLWgUg
  9. ScreampunkArts

    Proximity Events

    That's a lot of scripts to extract; lol. I'll give it a try, though, thanks!
  10. ScreampunkArts

    Yanfly's New Game+

    Thanks a bunch; that's a huge help!
  11. ScreampunkArts

    Yanfly Battle System

    I figured out a workaround myself, but thanks anyway~
  12. ScreampunkArts

    Yanfly's New Game+

    How does the variables part work? The switches part I understand, with "1,2,3" being obvious, but "1..6", I don't understand how I'm supposed to set that up. For example, if I put up these switches: 1.AlisonHappyEnding 2.LyraHappyEnding 3.ShizukaHappyEnding 4.RaigaHappyEnding 5.DaiyuHappyEnding I realize I'd put in the script: "1,2,3,4,5" to preserve those switches into a new game, with the secret story branch involving the character Tropic only appearing at one opportunity if you've got all the other girls' happy endings. But if I were to set up a variable like: 1.GameEnding and you need to have finished it 5 times to unlock Daiyu (with her story choices being only available via conditional branch if that variable is 5 or above, otherwise the choice menus without Daiyu's will appear instead), I'm not sure how I'd put that in the script.
  13. ScreampunkArts


    [1] Can variables go into negative numbers? [2] I'm working on a love story where you get various choices throughout the story that add to a Variable of a character, counting as "points" toward their romance. At some point, though, I want the game to branch off into multiple paths as the character with the most points is then "locked in". How would I set up an event where the game checks for which variable is the highest among a select number, and then chooses a priority if some are equal? For example - Alison & Lyra end up with the same number of points when the check happens. But Alison takes higher priority over Lyra, so the event would trigger her path instead.
  14. ScreampunkArts

    Make updates to your game (DLC)

    This is something I'd like to know as well. I'm working on a game I plan to make commercial, and I'd like to sell DLC at a later date.
  15. ScreampunkArts

    Victor's Animated Battles

    That's ok, I settled on using Kread-EX's system. Does exactly what I want it to with no unnecessarily frustrating setups. Thanks anyway. =)