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  1. Oh my

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    2. Skysagi


      Four years, my friends. Four years.

    3. Skysagi


      woops I accidentally underlined my text, not used to this format lol

    4. AVGB;KBGaming


      Very inactive, but still present, in some form...

  2. Skysagi

    Returning from hibernation

    A familiar face has returned! Welcome back, AlliedG
  3. Hello, KayakoChan! So glad to have you back. Hopefully you're alright now!

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      I should be good now, yesyes! I just have to make sure I don't pop another kidney, ufufu~!

  4. Happy Halloween, everyone

    And Happy Birthday, @Tsarmina

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      Happy Halloween!

  5. Hello, everyone. This time, I'm having yet another trouble with one of MOGHunter's Scripts. This time, it's specifically his Character Poses plugin (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-character-poses/) and, presumably, his Chrono Engine plugin is involved with the problem as well (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/) (Note: ABS Mode, not Chrono Mode). The problem is the following: I was testing a battle with two party members and I decided to test in case the character died. It turns out that the Character Poses plugin makes the character invisible and nothing is capable of making it reappear, even after the same character has already been revived. How should I be able to fix this?
  6. Skysagi

    It has been a loonngg while~

    Welcome back to the forums, LadyMinerva
  7. Skysagi

    Party Rotate Button for MV

    Hello, everyone. So, what I am looking for is a Plugin for RPG Maker MV that allows the player to swap the party leader or rotate the Party in only one button. That is really the only thing I need, but even after looking it up, I'm not certain if such plugin exists. If anyone can help, please do it.
  8. I had to make a Loading screen for Lortrec due to the size of the maps and the amount of time it would take to process them. But it'll be better like this.

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    2. Kayzee


      Fake loading screens are harmless? Oh no no no... I beg to differ. They are incredibly harmful.


      Say what you want about bugs but, while often much more avoidable with practice, they sneak up on the best of us. They are the inevitable result of complex systems interacting, and the only way to avoid them is more practice. They are minor things in most cases, easily dealt with or avoided and often just as easily fixed. Even at their most catastrophic, it's hard to fault a designer for every bug. Even if they break the game, at least that's all they break.


      No, the real harm comes from Anti-patterns. They are diseases of the mind, poisoning designers with horrible ideas, mutating and infecting more and more hosts. Every single game that goes down this path, every single coder that makes scripts to do it, every person enthusiastic about the idea spreads the disease. For every person that theoretically use them well, a hundred more do not. Bad design is bad design. You either stamp it out, or it will infect everything. Everyone will have their own idea of what that means of course but fake loading screens definitely is one meme I want dead.

    3. Rikifive



      Even at their most catastrophic, it's hard to fault a designer for every bug.

      It's not hard to fault them if you know, that they simply don't care about them. Silly little bugs, that caused way much more trouble than needed. Still persisting after being reported thousand of times, by thousand of players. Getting updates with new content, when existing one was failing sometimes. I'm not talking about complex-to-fix bugs. Adding new (paid) content was simply more important than quality. That's how I ended my story with one game.

      Fake loading screen? I can deal with it, as long as it will not be an annoying simple text on black screen appearing all over the place.


      Same as people are complaining on lack of save-anywhere feature. There was a looooong debate regarding this. For me, it may ruin the game's difficulty and allows players to 'cheat' to some degree. There was one RPG with hardcore difficulty, but being able to save after each step allowed me to keep trying running away from battles -- and because of that, the devs terribly balanced the game, because there were too many random things based on luck, but apparently nobody cared, as you could use saving as workaround. Actually saving was the preferred method of beating the game and the dev always could use that as an excuse for bad balancing. For the others on the other hoof, it's something extremely essential, because they like to play the game for 5 minutes a day apparently. :P I remember how there were no saves at all, back on NES- or save points on most of PS1 games. People seemed to deal with it, but now it became an issue? :P  Everybody has their rights and I guess it will be best to just leave it that way. There is always something some people will like, while the others dislike. People are complaining, that the game is too hard, while for the others it's not hard enough.


      You hate fake loading screens, that's understandable. Personally I'm tolerant to these, because there are much worse things, that can ruin the experience.


      But well, that's how you see it and I don't think we'll get anywhere from there. We'll have different opinions there then and we'll have to deal with it. ;) There's no point to spam this status update any longer.



    4. Kayzee


      I didn't think I was spamming, just blabbing a lot. But I guess it is a bit much for a status update huh? Okay I will say no more about it.


      I am curious about this save-everywhere discussion. Personally I am okay with it as long as you can't save during actual combat and combat is balanced to be focused more on each combat being it's own challenge rather the having the challenge be getting to the end of a dungeon. Like in the SaGa series for example, you can save basically any time outside combat but each individual combat encounter is also much more meaningful or interesting then most RPGs. The SaGa series usually even completely heals your HP between battles so they can afford to get more involved.

  9. Skysagi

    Lortrec: Uprising [WORK IN PROGRESS]

    Hello, everyone. So, I have an important warning. Lortrec: Uprising is not dead, I am still working on it, but currently it is going through a long process of Engine update (I'm moving it to MV), but I promise all the time it is taking is for the better, and the final result of the Beta will be a good experience for the players. Hope you are still interested, as soon as I have enough content I'll bring up some better updates! ~Skysagi
  10. UPDATE: This topic can be closed, as I have solved this by myself. I found out the issue, and it turns out that MOGHunter's Chrono ABS Plugin is, for some reason, incompatible with Yanfly's Item Core Plugin. Enabling both Plugins in the same project will prevent the possibility of using basic attack and defense skills.
  11. Hello, everyone. So, after a while using MOGHunter's Chrono Engine ABS mode, I've encountered a problem that I was unable to solve: Basically, the Plugin does recognize the commands from the tool map, so using Skills, Items, opening the Skill Menu and the Item Menu work perfectly. However, the Attack and Shield commands simply don't work, and I'm not sure what is causing this error. I have tried everything I could imagine: Database, Events, Characters, Commands, Skills, etc. None of my methods have worked, and I am still unable to use the basic attack and defense commands. I have created a separated project so that it is easier to access the problem and make other kinds of attempts to solve it (nothing worked). The download link is below. Download the Project Here
  12. Oh well... Converting my project to MV is a LOOONG and time consuming process, but in the end it'll have been worth it.

  13. So, I was considering using the TBS until a while ago, but now I gave up that idea, and I feel like the only way to stop using turn-based battles is getting the best ABS script possible for VX Ace. I have also attempted to move engines, converting the project to MV to see how it would look like and well, I don't think it would compensate due to the massive amount of problems that appeared within the conversion. So, what is the only option left, basically? Getting the best possible ABS script available for VX Ace, and by "best" I mean the most optimized one, that won't cause major problems while running the game. Which one, in your opinion @Kayzee, would be the best one for the situation? It's basically a dead end.
  14. @lonequeso So, I actually checked all of these options/games. Well, even if it is grid-based, it's still also turn-based and kind of reminds me of Sideview Systems with a few differences. About the ATB, I've been using it since the beginning of the project and tried making combos/linked actions, but it is still not very fitting/satisfying when it comes to what I actually would like to bring to the project. Thanks for the opinion, though! @Kayzee Yes, I think strategy battles would be a very good option to bring into the game, especially a Tatical Battle System, kind of like what Fire Emblem does. I have actually checked out the currently available Custom Battle Scripts and I did manage to find some Tatical Battle Systems that work and, if I'm not mistaken, a Roguelike System as well. The thing I have with roguelikes is that, even though I've played and enjoyed that style (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spin-offs), it does feel interesting but not necessarily enough to implement it in Lortrec. Maybe it does work, but I don't really see it pulling off that well since the idea of having battles in Lortrec is only when necessary, where minor conflicts can be avoided, and only major encounters/boss battles are actually required. Tatical Systems, however, did catch my interest, especially because how well I can make it work with the game's mechanics; any add-ons to this kind of system will be considered, too. @lonequeso-2 I'll be checking these scripts out anytime, so I can see how well they can/do work with a TBS. @Kayzee-2 Multiple rows are actually a good idea, but I don't know how would that exactly work. The only alternative way of making turn orders work is with the ATB System, that includes different options on how "Active" it will be - but now I'm simply growing tired of ATB, because I still feel like the chains of turn-based do exist even if the ATB has been implemented, which sucks. Reaction abilities would be probably one of the best ways to save turn-based battles, including multitechs, but even that may not be available in a script - maybe it is, or maybe it can be done via events (which I doubt, but whatever), but if I'm not mistaken, not even that is available.
  15. Skysagi

    I have returned

    Actually, it would be something like Sky + Okami, like Skymi, Skykami, Skyokami, but it doesn't really sound good, so I'm sticking to Skysagi