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  1. Topic title- But does anyone know if one already exists or if it would be simple enough to make one?
  2. Its means to update your games files not rpgmaker itself, meaning the project you made was made in rpgmaker before a 1.3.0 update. hopefully the link provided will tell you how to update the project you are putting the script into
  3. marcusB

    Freeze issue on map

    What autorun does is it pauses everything to run the event, use conditions on the top left so the autorun will only start when those conditions are met, parallel process means the event will run alongside side every other event, it works like autorun but no pause for the event to finish. If a autorun event plays it will also pause parallel processes too I'm pretty sure. So make all autorun events into parallel with or without conditions, or make conditions for all autoruns
  4. marcusB

    Actor and battler state tints

    *Cough* *Cough* Bump *Cough* *Cough*
  5. This might work if you do some serious eventing like variable changes equal to stats and comparing them to the stats of enemies encounter-able in the map area then turning off a switch or something disabling that enemy encounter, you'd have to make all enemies encounters chosen and such by eventing to make disable-able monster encounters, This would probably take a long time. You'd probably be better off requesting a script or searching through a master list for any existing ones, I feel like I've seen a similar request for a script before maybe its out there somewhere
  6. marcusB

    Cutscene Event Won't Start

    Is the switch to let it activate turning on properly? If it is working the only other thing I can think of at the moment that may be making it not work is there is another autorun event that hasn't been cancelled or deleted, you could try setting the trigger to parallel then restrict menu access and see if that works. Oh and I see there's a second event page maybe something went wrong and its flipping to the second page before using the first?
  7. marcusB

    Skill formula syntax error

    Technically I didn't solve it, I had to settle for a way I didn't want to use but this is the formula ((b.addState(16), b.isStateAffected(15)) ? 999999 : 0) I assume you wanted to do the same thing I wanted to do right? have some enemies have a percentage resistance to the state it adds? Yes thats what I wanted to do but turns out adding a state using the formula adds it fixed, meaning regardless of if they are resistant to it it will still add the state making it just a skill that does alot of damage. I can share what I had to settle for to have a death magic, Make a new element in the terms tab called death or whatever you want Make a skill called death or whatever you want Set skill type to HP damage then the skill element to your death element Make the skill formula 999999 In the enemy's effect tab make the element rate for your death element 0% or 100%, 0 meaning they will not take any damage and 100 meaning they will take damage Please note the way the skill is it is either the enemy will always die from the skill or they will never take damage from it, so I made it so only low tier weak enemies and specific strong ones will be affected by it I've tried four different ways to make enemies have some resistance to the death but it all failed, I'm still awaiting some answers regarding a death skill I'll PM you if I get a answer or figure it out
  8. marcusB

    Skill formula syntax error

    Nevermind I was messing arounnd with it and fixed it, Sorry I keep making so many new posts
  9. marcusB

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    Would swapping these around work? !b.addState(15)) b.isStateAffected(15) ? 999999 : 0 would this work and if a enemy is resistant to the state would it fail to add the state?
  10. marcusB

    3rd post: TP in menu show

    Ok, I'd rather not make someone make a script as any games I make with it will never see the light of the internet XD, thanks for the reply
  11. marcusB

    3rd post: TP in menu show

    There needs to be some easy way to convert scripts without having to re-write it all, they should have kept the old scripting system from ace cause theres way more scripts for ace then there will ever be for MV now. Is the scripting language different between the two?? should it still work?
  12. marcusB

    Help with skill formulas

    Help the formula has evolved arms and blew up and made a rip in time and space and when I get near it my nose bleeds and I dab atleast 20 times in a quarter of a second, is this normal or should I consult a script to override this? My PC can't run javascript or any type of coding language so it'll have to be something else, help me recreate this predicament to find the solution, Try to replace all blocks in a 50 block radius to bedrock then equip your arrows and bombs and press A+B consecutively to send a bomb on your arrow at speed of of a yoshi cart then use the cut exploit on the overlapping bridge part on rainbow road to finish the laps faster then as you are on the last lap drift sideways into the victory road and use Venusaur's solarbeam move till the PP runs out and you have to drink 218983+e21 bottles of skooma and zoom across tamriel. Hope this helps
  13. marcusB

    Actor and battler state tints

    I don't know if theres already one or whatever, would apreciate it if I could get pointed if there already is one, But like when a specific state is applied to player or enemy it will tint whoever is applied, Like you can put a RGB colour code in the state tag that tints it towards that colour at a specific opacity Idk, This would be for a non comercial game, just for a rpg for me play on my own time
  14. marcusB

    I need help with a formula

    Thank you very much I will check if it works!
  15. You would get nothing if you lose but it increases by a chosen amount depending on the enemies and only the ones you kill It pretty much would the same as choosing how much money a enemy drops after battle and get to choose a variable and how much it goes up by
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